Apurv Abhay Modi's passion for innovation propels him to the forefront in content and tech industry

Apurv Abhay Modi MD and Co-founder - ATechnos Group of companies, has been appointed as the Co-chair of the ICT, Electronics & Telecom Committee of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) for the Presidential Year 2023-24.-

On his appointment, Apurv Abhay Modi said, “India is on the way to become world’s most highly growing digitally driven economy and in the same time becoming a co-chair of  ICT, Electronics & Telecom committee of PHD Chamber  of commerce make us proud as well as give us a chance to build  footprints on global map with worldwide network of PHD chamber”

Apurv Modi is a successful young entrepreneur who has significantly impacted various industries, particularly in the mobility and mobile tech sector in India and International market. He is doing exceptionally well in Media Broadcasting, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Green Energy, and health tech. His passion for innovation in content, creativity in production, and development in Virtual Events, Games, Gamification, and Enterprise Gamification has propelled him to the forefront of the tech industry, where he strives to improve people's lives worldwide.

With a strong vision for the future, Apurv's group of companies focuses on creating affordable mobile internet products and services that allow the masses to access the latest technology. As the leader of the group's businesses in consumer electronics, technology, and B2B channel engagement, Apurv has successfully built a diverse portfolio of ventures that exemplify his visionary approach.

Apurv started his entrepreneurial journey with Channel Distribution, Content Distribution, laying the foundation for his ventures. However, recognizing the potential of tech-based services, he expanded his business interests and ventured into augmented reality and virtual reality game development. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of mixed reality experiences.

He has successfully enabled business arms in Enterprise Services, E-commerce Services, and Brand Management Services, further diversifying his group's offerings and reinforcing his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Apurv also receives exclusive "Director General's Honour" from the Punjab Police, Guest of Honour from Health-A-Thon, and Appreciation award from Startup India. Additionally, Apurv’s entrepreneurial prowess was acknowledged at India’s First Mining Startup Summit.

Festive Spirit Fuels a 61% Surge in Women Applicants in India

With the festive season on the horizon, the job market in India is witnessing a notable shift. Apna.co, a leading jobs and professional networking platform in India, witnessed a significant 61% YoY increase in women applicants during July-September 2023 compared to the previous year. The increase in women applicants indicates a growing demand for women professionals across industries, as companies tend to experience heightened activity during the festive season, especially in sectors like e-commerce, retail and hospitality.

Over 1.2 lacs job openings were recorded in August and September 2023 across key Indian cities, reflecting a surge in hiring demand ahead of the festive season.

Leading companies like Bajaj, Axis Bank, Paytm, Flipkart and Reliance boosted hiring for roles such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and business development.

Job Landscape Highlights

According to insights from apna.co, the job market landscape underwent a significant transformation from 2022 to 2023, particularly in the top five job categories: telecalling, accounts, business development, marketing, and delivery. The festive season saw active participation from leading companies like Bajaj, Axis Bank, Paytm, Flipkart and Reliance, who offered attractive incentives to secure top talent, highlighting the dynamic nature of the job market and apna.co's role as a key facilitator for both job seekers and employers.

City-wise demand revealed unique patterns such as  in Delhi, there was a preference for roles in Sales & Marketing, Customer Support & Sales, and Accounting Technicians positions, while Mumbai displayed high demand for Finance & HR, Sales & Marketing, and Business Development roles. This diverse demand underscores the platform's ability to cater to a wide range of job preferences and employer needs across different cities.

Job Application Surge

During the period of July-September 2023, apna.co witnessed a 25% increase in its user base compared to the same period in 2022. This surge highlights the dynamic shifts in India's job market, with job applications experiencing an impressive 36% increase during this timeframe.

User and Employer Growth

According to apna.co, the platform witnessed a substantial increase in employer engagement during July to September 2023, with 78,000 new employers joining the platform, a significant rise from the 42,000 in 2022. This growth was accompanied by a notable increase in job postings, reaching 213,000 compared to 170,000 in the same period in 2022. These trends underscore the platform's significant role in connecting job seekers and employers in India's dynamic job market

Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO, apna.co commented - “We've observed a significant rise in women applicants and changing job seeker preferences over the past year. At apna.co, we're committed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse job market while connecting job seekers with unique opportunities. Looking ahead, we anticipate further transformations in the employment landscape as we continue to empower professionals and bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. We are dedicated to shaping a brighter, more diverse, and inclusive job market for all as we pave the way for the next generation of professionals in India.”

In an ever-evolving employment landscape, apna.co's commitment to inclusivity and empowerment shines through. With a remarkable surge in women applicants and significant growth in job applications, user base, and employer engagement, apna.co is reshaping India's job market. These milestones signify a path toward empowerment, backed by a vibrant job landscape and support from top companies. apna.co continues to be a beacon of hope for job seekers and employers, fostering a brighter, more inclusive job market landscape for the next generation of professionals in India

apna.co was founded in 2019, apna.co is India’s largest jobs and professional networking platform dedicated to helping India’s rising workforce to unlock unique professional networking and skilling opportunities. apna is on a mission to enable livelihoods for billions in India. With more than 40 million users in 70-plus cities and counting and more than 500,000 employers that trust the platform, India has a new destination to discover relevant opportunities. 

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Fostering legal education, civic engagement, informed debates at among the youth National Youth Parliament, 2023

Engaging in meaningful discussions and debates, the attendees delved deeper into crucial socio-legal and political issues, highlighting our society's fundamental challenges and opportunities, the event served as a transformative platform that witnessed the convergence of 90 bright participants from 27 universities

The unprecedented event was hosted by IILM Law School on October 27 and October 28, 2023, at the IILM University campus in Gurugram, Haryana. It featured extensive dialogues, with the first day dedicated to Lok Sabha discussions on the Bharatiya Nyaya Bill 2023 and the second day incorporated on the All India Political Party Meet regarding the Uniform Civil Code. 

The event allowed the participants to simulate parliamentary proceedings, enabling them to role-play as members of parliament and contemplate a broad range of social, legal, geopolitical, and economic challenges. 

''The essence of the National Youth Parliament lies in its "learn by doing" approach, allowing participants to enhance their skills in public speaking, debate, presentation and research. IILM University and IILM Law School express their gratitude to all the participants, mentors, and sponsors for making the 2nd National Youth Parliament 2023 a resounding success. We are committed to inspiring and nurturing future leaders who, through informed and active conversations, will bring about positive change in society,'' said Dr Asha Verma, Pro Vice- Chancellor, IILM University Gurugram. 

The occasion was also graced by the esteemed presence of Honourable Shri Dhanpat Singh, Election Commissioner Haryana, who emphasised the significance of youth parliaments in educational institutions. 

''Youth parliaments nurture leadership, public speaking, and negotiation skills, preparing students for future roles in society,’’ said Shri Dhanpat Singh. 

The competition was open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from any discipline and furnished certificates of recognition to all participants. Furthermore, students were also awarded prizes in three categories, including- ₹20,000 for the Best Speaker, ₹15,000 for the First runner-up and ₹10,000 for the Second runner-up. 

Raffles Udaipur's meticulously tailored family bonding adventure, a romantic retreat on Udai Sagar Lake

Raffles Udaipur, Rajasthan

The Jewel on Udai Sagar Lake beckons as the ultimate festive season sanctuary 

Nestled on a private island in the heart of Udai Sagar Lake, Raffles Udaipur proudly announces itself as the quintessential staycation destination for the upcoming festive season with its new ‘Celebration of the Festival of Lights’ package.  

As a symbol of Raffles Udaipur’s commitment to creating unforgettable memories, this mystical oasis welcomes you with a shower of fragrant rose petals upon arrival. This gesture marks the commencement of your enchanting journey, promising a stay filled with festive celebrations, luxury, and unmatched hospitality.  

Raffles Udaipur, Rajasthan2

The personalized butler service ensures that your every need is not only met but anticipated with care and precision. The suites redefine luxury, offering an opulent and immersive experience that complements the breathtaking beauty of the lakeside sanctuary. At Raffles Udaipur, the culinary journey is nothing short of extraordinary. The world-class restaurants and bars are orchestrated by masterful chefs, offering an array of authentic Rajasthani flavors and international delights.  

Emotional wellbeing is paramount at Raffles Udaipur, where the Raffles Spa awaits as your sanctuary of tranquillity for you to immerse yourself in holistic wellness treatments and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Raffles Udaipur caters to families and children with a carefully curated selection of activities. From boat rides on the pristine lake to exploring lush gardens and embarking on culturally enriching tours, the offerings cater to adventure seekers and those seeking leisurely pursuits alike. Children will delight in the dedicated play area and engaging activities designed to keep them enthralled throughout their stay. 

Raffles Udaipur, Rajasthan3

Embark on this joyous journey with the newly launched festive package, the "Celebration of the Festival of Lights," crafted to enhance your Diwali experience. This exclusive offer includes – 

Gracious accommodation for two 

Daily buffet breakfast at The Dining Room 
In-room platter of traditional Indian sweets upon arrival 
A sophisticated afternoon Hi-Tea at The Writers Bar 
A mixology or cooking session with the chef during the stay 
A complimentary diya-making activity 
An enchanting experience of lighting diyas and crafting a floral rangoli on the eve of Diwali 

Booking Dates - 5th October 2023 to 15th November 2023, for a minimum 2-night stay.  

This festive season, elevate your staycation experience by choosing Raffles Udaipur as your destination. Whether you seek a romantic retreat, a family bonding adventure, or simply a respite from the ordinary, Raffles Udaipur has meticulously tailored experiences to cater to your desires.  

Located in the romantic and historic city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, the hotel is reminiscent of a grand country estate that brings a private oasis experience on an island. Set in the midst of Udai Sagar Lake that is home to migratory birds and bountiful flora and fauna Raffles Udaipur, with its evocative experiences gives a reason to discover the city of Udaipur, anew. A scenic 20-minute drive from the airport, followed by a gentle and calming boat ride, transports guests from the real world to the surreal. The 101 rooms and suites offer unhindered, breath-taking views of the lake and captivating sunsets. Bespoke dining venues and programs offer unparalleled gastronomy. The leisurely romantic walks in the outdoor spaces are serene, making it a haven for travellers who are on a constant quest of peace and rejuvenation. Legendary Raffles service coupled with discrete and charming promises to make guests in residence feel the extraordinary emotional luxury that the brand is committed to.  

Founded in Singapore in 1887, Raffles Hotels, Resorts and Residences are places where ideas are born, history is made and stories and legends are created, a lifestyle loyalty program providing access to a wide variety of rewards, services and experiences.  


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Naresh Nandan Prasad's SMALL COGS IN A LARGE WHEEL is an inspiring new book for Civil Servant aspirants

Small cogs in a large wheel

SMALL COGS IN A LARGE WHEEL the book articulates the memoirs of extraordinary journey of an esteemed former IAS officer Naresh Nandan Prasad that would interest civil servant aspirants. 

The book provides a sincere recounting of Mr. Prasad's life devoted to civil service and serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to serve their country in this role. This detailed memoir of a life devoted to civil service offers a well-articulated memoir of a life in the civil service. Amitabh Kant, India's G-20 Sherpa, calls it "a must-read for future generations of civil servants and anyone interested in the lives of civil servants in India."

In his memoir, Prasad retraces his journey from his early days at LBSNAA to his extensive career as an IAS officer serving in diverse Indian states and his subsequent roles at UNIDO and WIPO. He infuses his recounting with humour and provides penned portraits of memorable incidents and cherished memories with colleagues and friends. Prasad's narrative tells of a life rooted in hard work and humility and his unwavering dedication to effecting positive change in the world.

During the posthumous release of her father's book, Urvashi Prasad, Director, Office of the Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, New Delhi, stated, “My father excelled in every role he played during his lifetime. This book primarily chronicles his professional journey as an Indian Administrative Service Officer and subsequently as an international civil servant. However, what stands out in every chapter are the personal values and traits that distinguished him as an exceptional human being.”

Amitabh Kant further commented, “This is not merely a recounting of Naresh's career. It reflects the role of a civil servant in India and the sacrifices required to prioritize service above self. This book covers the fascinating path traversed by a civil servant with vividly narrated anecdotes from some of the most historic events the country has seen. These events are described by Naresh in a slice-of-life manner. This memoir is a must-read for future generations of civil servants as well as those who are interested in getting a peek into the lives of civil servants in India.”

Anil Swarup, Former Secretary, School Education (2016–18) & Coal (2014–16), Government of India, appreciated the book's depiction of the challenges civil servants face. He stated, “The book beautifully illustrates how to deal with these difficulties. Naresh Prasad's hardworking personality is a testament to his commitment ‘The memoir brilliantly documents the path travelled by a civil servant. It contains vibrant anecdotes from some of the country's most historic events and is vital reading for future civil servants and those intrigued about their lives in India. Naresh's honesty, passion, simple language, and humour make the read a true reflection of his personality.” 


The book's publisher Westland Books, that boasts a versatile range of books across various genres has launched the extraordinary journey of an esteemed former IAS officer Naresh Nandan Prasad's memoir titled ‘Small Cogs in a Large Wheel.’ The publication, brought to life by Westland, is available in bookstores since October 13, 2023. 

IN-SPACe to focus on development of space ecosystem as India emergence as the world's space hub with global partners

IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre) deliberated with global partners in the space sector on the potential of Indian Space Policy to catapult India's capabilities as a friendly space-faring nation. The deliberation was conducted as a panel discussion as part of the ongoing 74th International Astronautical Congress at Baku, Azerbaijan. 

The panel discussion deliberated on the essence of the Indian Space Policy that seeks to institutionalize the private sector participation in the space sector with the Indian Space Research Organization focusing on the research and development of advanced space technologies and IN-SPACe .

The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Pawan Goenka, Chairman, IN-SPACe and the speakers comprised Valery Aksamentov, Director International Programs. Space and Launch, The Boeing Company from the United States, Victor Joseph, Associate Scientific Secretary & Director, Technology Development & Innovation, ISRO, Enrico Palermo, Head Australian Space Agency, Marshall Smith, Vice President of Exploration and Acting CTO, Voyager Space Holdings, United States. 

Dr. Pawan Goenka, Chairman, IN-SPACe said, “The Indian Space Policy has significantly broadened India’s opportunity for further enhancing its stake in the global space economy. At present, the 60-year-old space sector is becoming a sunrise sector in India with more than 200+ space startups contributing to growth of the commercial space sector in India. IN-SPACe has been striving to create a harmonized collaborative environment that will help position India as a significant player in the global commercial space sector.”

Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) is an autonomous nodal agency under Department of Space, Government of India formed on 24 June 2020 to promote, enable, authorize and supervise nongovernment entities (NGE) to undertake space activities. These activities include manufacturing of launch vehicles and satellites, providing space-based services, establishing a ground station, sharing of space infrastructure & facilities; and establishing new facilities under DOS. 

IN-SPACe is currently functioning with three directorates viz., Promotion Directorate (PD), Technical Directorate (TD) and Program Management and Authorization Directorate (PMAD) and one division i.e. Legal, Finance and Administration Division with its headquarters at Ahmedabad. 

Expect to see innovative, exciting Airport hospitality services that redefine passenger comfort, says Vikas Sharma of Encalm

Airports are increasingly becoming destinations in their own right, offering a wide range of hospitality services to cater to the needs of passengers. Vikas Sharma of Encalm Hospitality lists the four trends that are redefining travelers comfort at airports and delivering special experiences in the arena of Airport Hospitality.

Meet and greet services

With travelers becoming more aware and open about their needs and requirements, Encalm’s Atithya services provide exclusive meet and greet services that are specially curated to ensure travelers’ well-being and luxury. These services offer travelers a hassle-free and personalized experience taking care of everything starting from baggage handling to buggy service, porter service and exclusive lounge access. Travelers can enjoy a stress-free journey as they are guided through the airport and ensuring a seamless transition to their destination

Airport lounges are becoming more luxurious and exclusive

In recent years, there has been a notable transformation in airport lounges services. Airport lounges have evolved significantly over the years, transforming from simple waiting areas into luxurious havens of comfort and convenience for travelers. If you travel frequently, be it for business or leisure, you must spend some hours availing the benefits of airport lounges. These luxurious lounges have premium lounging facilities, Wi-Fi services, gourmet food, drinks, spa treatments, newspapers and magazines. Flyers can just sit back and relax in luxury and home-like comfort while they wait for their flights. Encalm is India's premier lounge service provider, boasting lounges at key airports such as Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa Mopa airport. Encalm lounges redefine airport hospitality, where comfort, relaxation, and indulgence are the golden standards. Encalm has recently unveiled the ENCALM PRIVÉ lounge, exclusively for premium business travelers at Delhi International Airport. 

Business Centers: Catering to the Needs of Business Travelers

To cater the needs of busy professionals on the go, there are business centers available at airports. If you are a business executive, freelancer, entrepreneur, or want a comfortable and convenient space to work or do meetings while travelling, then business centers are perfect thing for you. These business centers provides an array of facilities like workstations, high-speed Wi-Fi, tea and coffee, printing, photocopy, scanning services and boardroom.

Enhancing Airport Experiences: Spa Services by Airport Hospitality Brand

These days, airport hospitality brands have been providing spa services at the airport in order to give a calming and pleasant experience to the guests. Travelers who are more engaged with their personal and mental wellbeing should definitely try these spa services as they are a getaway for individuals who are looking for ways to rejuvenate themselves during their travel. A few minutes of massage and therapy can nurture, heal, detox, cleanse, and rejuvenate mind and body. It helps to disconnect from the external world and reconnect with your inner self with few moments of calmness.

These are just a few of the trends that are redefining travelers comfort at airports. As airports continue to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting hospitality services in the years to come.