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Fostering legal education, civic engagement, informed debates at among the youth National Youth Parliament, 2023

Engaging in meaningful discussions and debates, the attendees delved deeper into crucial socio-legal and political issues, highlighting our society's fundamental challenges and opportunities, the event served as a transformative platform that witnessed the convergence of 90 bright participants from 27 universities

The unprecedented event was hosted by IILM Law School on October 27 and October 28, 2023, at the IILM University campus in Gurugram, Haryana. It featured extensive dialogues, with the first day dedicated to Lok Sabha discussions on the Bharatiya Nyaya Bill 2023 and the second day incorporated on the All India Political Party Meet regarding the Uniform Civil Code. 

The event allowed the participants to simulate parliamentary proceedings, enabling them to role-play as members of parliament and contemplate a broad range of social, legal, geopolitical, and economic challenges. 

''The essence of the National Youth Parliament lies in its "learn by doing" approach, allowing participants to enhance their skills in public speaking, debate, presentation and research. IILM University and IILM Law School express their gratitude to all the participants, mentors, and sponsors for making the 2nd National Youth Parliament 2023 a resounding success. We are committed to inspiring and nurturing future leaders who, through informed and active conversations, will bring about positive change in society,'' said Dr Asha Verma, Pro Vice- Chancellor, IILM University Gurugram. 

The occasion was also graced by the esteemed presence of Honourable Shri Dhanpat Singh, Election Commissioner Haryana, who emphasised the significance of youth parliaments in educational institutions. 

''Youth parliaments nurture leadership, public speaking, and negotiation skills, preparing students for future roles in society,’’ said Shri Dhanpat Singh. 

The competition was open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from any discipline and furnished certificates of recognition to all participants. Furthermore, students were also awarded prizes in three categories, including- ₹20,000 for the Best Speaker, ₹15,000 for the First runner-up and ₹10,000 for the Second runner-up.