Corporate Houses should allocate more of their CSR Funds towards Animal Welfare, says Ashish Rego

Ashish Rego, Somesh Mathur, Tinte Foundation, Animal Shelter,
Ashish Rego, Somesh Mathur and Animal Lovers of  Tinte Foundation

Bollywood's celebrated Background Music Creator Ashish Rego calls out to Indian companies to have a humane view towards animals, particularly on the state of the stray cats, dogs and other domesticated animals and birds in urban cities. 

Speaking at the inauguration of Tinté Foundation's Animal Care Centre in Madh area in Malad West, Mumbai can accommodate around 60 pets at a given time, Ashish Rego calls out to Corporates, "We would like to let the Corporates know that the way to help Humans is through animals. And if you can help animals, you indirectly help the Mankind, being humans. Animals give us the message of 'How to Give'. The Humanity within us is invoked by serving these animals and the amount of love and affection shown by animals towards Humans is just priceless."

CSR Activities in India

According to Company’s Act 2013, it is mandatory for every Indian Company to set aside a percentage of their annual profits for Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR activities.

Annually, over Rs 25,000 crores are set aside by all the listed Companies as CSR funds for activities ranging for upliftment to allocate more of their funds and resources for the Welfare activities such as eradicating hunger, poverty, promoting education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality and improving maternal health, ensuring environmental sustainability which includes improving the flora and fauna and the state of wild and domestic animals, etc. 

Statistics show that hardly 0.5% of the CSR Funding by the Corporate Houses is allocated towards animal welfare. Even if the Corporates just double that allocation towards animal welfare, though fractionally, but this would definitely make a big impact towards welfare of the stray cats and dogs. 


TINTE is an acronym of THIS IS NOT THE END. This is just the beginning of a new life of strays that are brought here.  

Tinte Foundation is spread across 2,400 square feet area in Madh area of Malad West. Presently they have facilities to provide care and help to 60 strays. With the setting up of this shelter which could be a role model, Ashish aims to create an awareness throughout the country to set up such shelters for furry strays.

Somesh Mathur the noted Bollywood singer pointed out that though the stray cats and animals aren't humans, they have a large heart. Therefore he has decided to support his friend Ashish Rego who has decided to dedicate time and efforts towards the Welfare of Animals. Presently the Foundation is self funded by Ashish Rego and other animal lovers. 

Ashish is supported by Dr Chirag Shah who has returned from the USA, having worked as a Vice President in an International Bank

"We often see many cats and dogs who are left helpless on the streets. I want the new generation to see us work towards the Welfare of Strays and learn from it. I am not doing it for me.... I am doing it for the Gen Next."

"This foundation was established a year ago with setting up a small centre in Amboli, Andheri where we received many cases and hence the need for a larger space which we have now provided for the service to stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals – mostly dogs and cats – that can be taken care of," he added.

Ambulance provided by Samasth Mahajan Sanstha
Paresh Shah of Samasth Mahajan Sanstha in the Foundation's Ambulance having Medical and OT facilities for the injured animals

To serve the Animals isn't only our 'Dharma'...  it is our Duty! 

The Bollywood duo Rego and Mathur particularly appreciated the support of philanthropist Paresh Shah who is appointed as a Honorary Animal Officer by the Maharashtra Government, and is a Trustee of Samasth Mahajan Sanstha that aims for the Welfare of Jal, Jungle, Janawar aur Jan (Water, forests, animals and Humankind) across the country. 

The Samasth Mahajan Sanstha provides justice whenever injustice is meted out towards animals, and carry out all efforts towards service to the Animals. The NGO has provided 12 Maharashtra Super Speciality Animal Ambulances that have Operation Theatre and other facilities for animals in Mumbai city and has 2 Veterinary clinics all services are provided Free of Cost around the year (no holidays). 

Dedicated Helpline for Animal Welfare

Samasth Mahajan Sanstha is an NGO that provided a new lease of life to over 58,000 injured or sick strays and animals in the last 2 years in Mumbai and surrounding areas. Paresh Shah is one of the Trustees of this Sanstha (foundation).

If any of the Universal Newsline readers witness any inhuman treatment meted out towards animals, they may call on 

Samasth Mahajan Sanstha's 24 hours Helpline 022 51995399, 022 51995699. 

This service is available across Mumbai (Walkeshwar to Virar, Colaba to Kalyan)

"Whenever any stray cat or dog is injured or if it needs medical attention it is brought to us. We have some pets who were facing inhuman treatment from the neighbourhood inhabitants. We have created a platform to provide medical assistance and support to these innocent furry animals," Paresh Shah informed the media persons adding that immediate medical help or even surgery can be performed in the Animal Ambulance which is provided with a Veterinary Doctor.

Maharashtra Governor applauds exporters for almost 6 percent growth in Exports at the Export Excellence Awards

Shri Ramesh Bais, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra presenting an award to an awardee during the event
Shri Ramesh Bais, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra presenting an award to an awardee during the event (Pic credit PIB)

Speaking at the Export Excellence Awards at Mumbai organised by Federation of Indian Export Organisations - FIEO (Western Region), Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Shri Ramesh Bais appreciated the efforts of Exporters as the FIEO awards entered its 9th successful year while conferring awards to 56 Top Performing Exporters were felicitated during this 8th & 9th Set of Export Excellence Awards, across various categories like Highest Foreign Exchange Earner, Women Entrepreneur, Emerging Exporters, Banks & Financial Institutions and Service Providers.

Mumbai based Kevin Mehta of Kevin India Company who are manufactures and merchants traders of pigments and pigments powders, expressed his excitement on receiving the prestigious award from the Governor, "We are exporting to around 48 countries worldwide, though the Pandemic was a stumbling block, Kevin India has adhered to prompt services and shipments in time that has won the hearts of our clients. We export over 160 products like solvent dyes and basic dyes that are used in textiles, inks, leather and soap industries. We are entering the argo-chemical and pharmaceutical exports too this year."

Kevin Mehta of Kevin India Company
Kevin Mehta of Kevin India Company, recipient of Export Excellence Award by FIEO

Having exported pigments of over 100 crores the last year, Kevin's Company mainly exports to UK, US, Philippines and even to China where they ship Phthalocyanine pigments. They are setting up plants in Ankleshwar and Vapi in Gujarat having a capacity of 150 metric tonnes of green and 150 metric tonnes of blue. 

Amongst the Western Region Awardees of the Federation, it felicitated top performing exporters from the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

The Exports Excellence Awards for the 8th & 9th Set were conferred by Shri Ramesh Bais, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra; Shri Deependra Singh Kushwah, Development Commissioner, Chairman (MAITRI) and Export Commissioner, Govt of Maharashtra; Shri Ashwani Kumar, President, FIEO and Shri Paresh Mehta, Regional Chairman, FIEO (WR) along with Dr Ajay Sahai, Director General & CEO, FIEO.

Addressing the gathering, Shri Ramesh Bais, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra stated, "Total exports of Goods and Services in the financial year 2024-25 started with a strong growth of 6.88%, which is estimated to be US$ 64.56 billion in April 2024, as against US$ 60.40 billion in April 2023.” The Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, stated, “The state of Maharashtra is one of the largest contributors to India's exports and is continuously increasing its share in world trade through export promotion and trade facilitation initiatives. Maharashtra is the second highest exporting state from India with exports worth Rs 5,56,400.42 crore i.e. 15.37% in the financial year 2023-24.” He further mentioned the need of skill development in the field of Exports and stated the need of Universities and Education Institutes to develop educational programmes in this sector”.

Paresh Mehta, Regional Chairman (WR), FIEO mentioned, “Awards are always a great source of inspiration and motivation for a company irrespective of big or small," while FIEO President Ashwani Kumar stated in an optimistic note, “We have started this financial year on a positive note and it is a remarkable achievement looking into global headwinds flowing from Ukraine & Russia War, further Hamas-Israel conflict, crisis in the Red Sea and related logistics challenges and high interest.”

- Paresh B. Mehta

Photo Credit of Shri Ramesh Bais, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra presenting an award to an awardee during the event -  PIB 

Pic credit of Kevin Mehta. Paresh B Mehta