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AIIA performs dozens of live surgeries for over 200 participants across India

The Shalyatantra Department organises Shalyacon

The All-India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) proudly honours the legendary Sushruta, hailed as the Father of Surgery, on the auspicious occasion of Sushruta Jayanti-2023, every year Sushruta Jayanti is celebrated world-wide on July 15. To commemorate this remarkable figure and his invaluable contributions to the field of surgery, the AIIA's Department of Shalyatantra is organising a prestigious event called Shalyacon.

Live surgical demonstration was performed on the occasion of the seminar on 13 and 14th July.  On the first day of the session, nine live surgical demonstrations were performed including Laparoscopic surgery and General surgical procedures. This allowed participants to witness and learn from live surgical demonstrations. Additionally, a Scientific Session provided a platform for researchers and experts to share their knowledge and insights followed by a cultural programme. On the second day of the session 13 live surgeries were performed.

The National Seminar on Shalya Tantra and Sangyaharan, organized in association with AAIM (Bharatiya Sangyaharak Association, Varanasi), commenced on July 13, 2023, and will continue till July 15, 2023. The seminar aims to promote the wisdom and practices of Sushruta and facilitate insightful discussions on the advancements in the field of surgery where 180 participants registered  across India.

Prof. (Dr.) Tanuja Manoj Nesari (Director, AIIA) holds the viewpoint that our institution emerged victorious in the field of surgery because of the vision of the dignitaries and the immeasurable effort of faculty members. She further extends appreciation to AIIA Scholars.

Dr. Deopujari Jayant (Chairperson, NCISM) was the chief guests for the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Dilip Puranik (President, Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal, Pune) and Dr. Mukul Patel (Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar) were the Guest of Honour for the event. Prof. (Dr) Tanuja Nesari (Director AIIA), Prof Dr Yogesh Badwe, HoD Shalyatantra welcomed all the dignitaries and briefed about seminar. Dr D.N Pande, President AAIM (Bhartiya Sanghyaharak Association, Varanasi and other senior faculty members were present at the occasion.