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Gen Z is looking for immediate gains with long term financial security

Investments for Gen Z

Universal Newsline explores some of the most popular investment platforms in India that are favourites with the Gen Z, each with its own strengths and ideal user profiles: 


Investing Made Easy: Smart, Accessible Platforms For Gen Z's to Look out For Investment Gen Z, a generation known for its adaptability and influence, faces a unique financial dilemma. 

A Deloitte survey reveals a concerning trend: 51% of Gen Z individuals worry about living paycheck to paycheck, highlighting a potential lack of financial stability. Intuit's Prosperity Index Study further emphasizes that 3 out of 4 Gen Z's prioritize quality of life experiences over saving for the future. While Gen Z's desire to embrace a fulfilling, self-driven lifestyle is admirable, navigating the balance between immediate enjoyment and long-term financial security is crucial. Could online investment platforms offer a solution that allows this generation to thrive today while building a solid foundation for tomorrow? 

1. Per Annum

Per Annum is tailored for investors seeking both security and diversity. Their focus on institutional-grade investment products with low entry barriers opens up a range of opportunities previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals. Their portfolio includes P2P debt investments, revenue-based financing, bonds, and SIPs – delivering the potential for consistent returns and the flexibility to tailor investments to your risk tolerance. Per Annum's impressive track record, with over 500,000 investors and an AUM of over Rs 2000 crores, makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a well-established platform.


2. Angel One

Angel One is a top choice for investors seeking a comprehensive trading and investment platform. With its low-cost brokerage structure, including zero brokerage for the first 30 days and no account maintenance fees in the first year, it's a cost-effective option. Angel One offers a wide range of investment options, including stocks, IPOs, F&O, commodities, mutual funds, and even US stocks. Traders and investors benefit from robust research tools, advisory services, and a user-friendly mobile app. Additionally, Angel One provides offline support through its network of branches and offers access to various trading segments, including commodities and forex.


3. Groww

Groww attracts investors with a global mindset. The platform's zero brokerage fees and free account opening for US stock market investments are major draws, allowing young investors to dip their toes into international markets. Their fixed fee per order model can be advantageous for certain trading styles, especially those who may not engage in frequent, high-volume trades. Groww is ideal for beginners and those seeking international diversification to expand their portfolios beyond Indian markets.


4. 5paisa

5paisa appeals to cost-conscious traders with its flat fee of Rs. 20 per order across various segments. Investors seeking control and personalization will appreciate features like add-on packs and APIs that enable a customized trading experience. 5paisa empowers active traders with its focus on value, comprehensive market resources, and the ability to build their own trading terminal.


5. LenDenClub

LenDenClub delivers a streamlined investment experience designed for ease and risk mitigation. Its completely digital process, zero opening fees, and emphasis on fund diversification make it an attractive option for those new to investing. The platform leverages data analysis to help investors make informed lending decisions, minimizing guesswork. LenDenClub is ideal for those seeking ease of use, minimal barriers to entry, and a commitment to risk mitigation through diversified lending. 


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