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India Space Congress 2023 drives collaboration, harnesses potential of Satellite & Space application for Empowering Socio-Economic Development

The India Space Congress 2023 in association with SIA-India united with respective Governors of 3 states concluded with the aim of harnessing the potential of satellite and space applications to drive socio-economic development across India.


"India Space Congress 2023 marked a significant milestone with the attendance of governors from Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Mizoram, showcasing the higher authority's recognition of the congress's importance. With the theme 'Redefining the Space Sector for Empowering Socio-Economic Development," remarked Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, President, SIA-India in his concluding day Keynote Address. 


His Excellency, Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati, the Governor of Mizoram said, “The impactful role of the Space-Based Information Support for Decentralised Planning of Mizoram in promoting inclusive and sustainable development. The adoption of space applications in Mizoram holds immense importance in driving inclusive and sustainable development. These technologies empower local communities, optimize resource allocation, enhance infrastructure planning, and strengthen disaster preparedness. By harnessing the power of space-based information, Mizoram is poised to achieve significant progress in various sectors, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for its residents”

Air Marshal Surat Singh, Director General Air (Operations) mentioned, “The significance of space assets in warfare based on the Gulf War of 1991. In that conflict, space assets played a crucial role in monitoring, controlling, and softening the battlefield for 39 days, despite only 100 hours of ground fighting. Space assets must be protected from cyber-attacks through hardening measures and the application of quantum technology. The Indian Air Force views space as an extension of the air domain, considering persistent ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) and high-precision PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) as highly important.”

Shri Sunil, Additional Director General, Prasar Bharti emphasised on the commercial objectives, “Satellites are Leading innovation for B2B and B2C Video creating new revenue streams, and enhance the overall value proposition. By embracing new technologies, business models, and partnerships, companies can stay competitive and capitalize on the increasing demand for video content across various platforms and devices.”

India also needs a clear spectrum assignment mechanism. Simplifying the spectrum access process improves allocation and utilization, benefiting telecommunications, broadcasting, and other industries. This promotes growth and contributes to overall economic development by streamlining channels like the Department of Space and the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC). SIA-India looks forward to having spectrum policy that assures assignment through administrative license.

India Space Congress is an annual flagship event organized by the SatCom Industry Association of India (SIA-India). It brings together leading professionals, visionaries, and experts from the space sector to share insights, discuss advancements, and foster collaborations in the field of space and satellite technology.

India Space Congress 2023 to usher in Innovation, Collaboration, and Socio-Economic Development

A mega gathering of distinguished luminaries from government, industry and academia to share insights and expertise are expected to attend the flagship event of The SatCom Industry Association of India (SIA-India) that brings the 2nd edition of India Space Congress 2023 to be held from July 10-12, 2023 in New Delhi.


ISC is partnering with Invest India to provide space entrepreneurs and startups an unparalleled opportunity to pitch their visionary ideas directly to invaestors and forge invaluable connections within the industry. This initiative aims to empower and catalyze the growth of space startups, propelling India's space sector to new heights of innovation and prosperity...


"ISC 2023 ignites a visionary platform to envision a transformative future for space, prioritizing socio-economic development. It propels innovative solutions that advance the space industry, fostering economic growth and societal progress. As India signs the Artemis Accords, the world anticipates intensified collaboration and sustainable space exploration. India Space Congress 2023 marks the beginning of a new era in space exploration, policy formulation, technological advancements, space diplomacy, and international collaboration, all aimed at driving collaboration and socio-economic development," expressed Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, President SIA-India & CMD Ananth Technologies Ltd


The Congress anticipates a massive turnout of over 700 delegates, consisting of industry leaders, policymakers, defence experts, top consultants, diplomats and visionaries. This transformative event will feature more than 50+ sessions encompassing multiple tracks and themes, creating an immersive environment for knowledge exchange, breakthrough collaborations, and groundbreaking advancements.


Anil Prakash, Director General, SIA-India mentioned that a distinguished lineup of VIP speakers who will enlighten the conference with their expertise and insights, Hon. Hari Babu Kambhampati, Governor of Mizoram, Dr S. Somanath, Secretary of the Department of Space and Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat, Hon’ble Member of NITI Aayog, Dharmendra IAS, Chief Secretary of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh among others that also include Thomas Bleeker, Head Aerospace, Nertherlands,  Hazem Moakkit, Vice President of Spectrum Strategy at Intelsat, Dr Mike Short, Chief Scientific Adviser at the UK Department for International Trade and George Weinman, Senior Director of Blue Origin's Space Systems Development. 


Notable supporters for ISC 2023 include The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), NITI Aayog, the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, India Post's Ministry of Communications & Technology, Australia India Chamber of Commerce (AICC), IIT Tirupati Navavishkar I-Hub Foundation (IITTNiF) and Lovely Professional University (LPU).


ISC also invites Indian authors to submit their original research papers, case studies, and thought-provoking articles focusing on leveraging space technology for socio-economic development. These contributions will shape India's space sector strategy and fuel private sector participation, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and growth.