Media cannot present another side equally strongly if it doesn't exist: Kalli Purie

Kalli Purie at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi
Kalli Purie at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi

Speaking at the recently concluded India Today Conclave in New Delhi, Kallie Purie, India Today Group Vice-Chairperson and Executive Editor-in-Chieof India Today said that the media cannot play the role of the opposition. These comments came in the backdrop of the election commission announcing the schedule for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections which is set to further raise the political temperature in the coming months when media will be subject to larger scrutiny and attack.

“If the opposition is in disarray the media cannot be blamed for it. We cannot present another side equally strongly if it doesn't exist,” Purie said.

“We are observers in this boxing match. We are not the players. If one side is weak or doesn't show up, we cannot jump into the ring. This is not fear. This is a matter of rules, roles, and competence. We are the medium. We are not the message,” said Purie adding that their role as media is to take people as close to the primary source of information as they can.

Delivering another “thank you” note after the keynote speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Purie said, “Recently, I had the good fortune of walking from the old parliament to the new parliament. They are just 30 steps apart. But it's like walking between two Indias. The one I was born in and the one I will pass on to the next generation. I love them both.”

“But they are a world apart. The new parliament is pristine, organised, efficient, full of light, and holds a lot of promise and hope for the future. The old is musty, dusty, full of our rich history, the corridors whisper of our triumphs, great debates, and remembrances, embodying the soul of our ancient nation and young democracy. Walking between the two is a surreal experience. You enter in one century, and you come out in another. It is the story of your leadership, Prime Minister, in 30 steps,” she said.

“Both of them have their own charm, and I believe both are essential if we are going to be a great nation. I hope that you will be able to bridge the two as only you can. The great Indian spirit in an enriched, enlightened new avatar,” Purie concluded.

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