Jayalakshmi, an electrical engineer from Thrissur is the 1st Runner up in Mrs Keralam Gold Category

Mrs Keralam Gold Category
Jayalakshmi crowned at the 1st Runner up in the Mrs Keralam Gold Category

Among several married women from diverse backgrounds showcased their talents and shared their stories at the The Crown of Glory beauty pageant held at Kochi.

Jayalakshmi, an electrical engineer, working in the IT sector at Bangalore for the past 25 years, won the first runner-up in the Gold Category at the GNG Mrs Keralam – The Crown of Glory beauty pageant held at Kochi.

The beauty pageant was organised to celebrate the spirit and essence of married women across Kerala. It is a platform which provides a unique and empowering opportunity for married women to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Jayalakshi, was born in an ordinary family in Kollam district, is the daughter of late Madhusudan and mother Ratnamma. Jayalakshmi, born in a family with no artistic tradition, always excelled in studies.

Jayalakshmi said that her desire to do things outside her comfort zone, while juggling with family and work, prompted her to participate in this race at the age of 48. The constant encouragement of her husband Divakaran (Ullampuzha Mana), working in the IT sector, children Ashwin (engineering student) and Aparna (ninth standard student), had always inspired to start trying new fields. Through this success, Jayalakshmi intends to give a message to married women to believe in their own abilities and follow their dreams.

The beauty pageant is being organised to create a National and Global platform for all the aspiring women in Kerala. This is a space where married women from diverse backgrounds can unite to showcase their multifaceted talents, share their stories, and inspire others. Mrs. Keralam Pageant is a stepping stone for married women to break barriers, redefine beauty standards, and embrace individuality.

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