Indo-German collaboration: Upskilling Certification Linked to Nursing Employment in Germany

About 2,000 students in the inaugural year would be selected to go to Germany to study the Upskilling Certification Linked Cpirse to Nursing Employment, that would educate students to undergo intensive full-time training meticulously crafted to meet German standards, thereby opening up Career Opportunities in Healthcare Sector...

The goal is for 50 Indian healthcare professionals to be sent from India to Germany each month, with intentions to raise this quota in the future.

Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES) proudly announced the groundbreaking event, ‘Upskilling Certification Linked to Nursing Employment in Germany’, which took place on August 19th at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. The event served as a catalyst for fostering collaborations between Germany and India while prominently spotlighting the wealth of lucrative career opportunities within the health sector, particularly in the field of nursing.

At the inaugural stage, IES has set the ambitious goal of selecting 2000 students from diverse regions across India in its inaugural year. The selection process is based on comprehensive counselling and rigorous psychometric evaluations, with a primary focus on B.Sc. Nursing students. IES plans to gradually expand this number in the subsequent years. Upon successful selection, students will undergo intensive full-time training meticulously crafted to meet German standards, conducted within Indian centres. After obtaining certification, all candidates will receive robust support in securing desirable employment positions in Germany's healthcare industry.

The event witnessed a confluence of esteemed guests and experts hailing from both India and Germany, reinforcing the commitment to forging stronger bonds between the two nations. Among the distinguished attendees were Mr Raj Vangapandu, President of Indo-Euro Synchronization, and Mr. Venkat Reddy, Managing Director of Cross Culture Careers. These luminaries shared their insights and perspectives on the expansive potential for collaboration and growth within the dynamic healthcare industry.

Mr Lukas Rogge, Head of Global Business Operation, Calmoroi Germany said: "It's truly my pleasure to introduce an innovative solution targeting the healthcare professional shortage, focusing on India. Our skilled team is committed to addressing Germany's pressing deficit of 1.8 million healthcare professionals. Through collaboration, we're facilitating the transition of up to 50 Indian healthcare professionals per month to Germany, with plans to increase this number. This initiative span locations and begins with language training in India, forming a solid foundation for seamless integration.”

Further he added that we're creating a legacy of shared expertise and international collaboration in healthcare and technology. Our vision extends beyond healthcare, aiming for a long-term partnership with India that drives mutual growth. This partnership underscores the power of innovation and collaboration, promising a brighter future for healthcare, technology, and humanity."

Venkat Reddy, MD,  Cross Culture Career said that today marks a pivotal moment for Germany's medical sector. We are introducing a transformative initiative to recruit and integrate skilled healthcare professionals from India into Germany. This is a milestone for German healthcare, as we endeavour to bridge the healthcare worker gap. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate skilled Indian professionals into the German healthcare sector.

“Germany stands as a beacon of promising career prospects for nurses, extending its allure to both domestic and international candidates. The nation's robust healthcare system and the escalating demand for skilled healthcare professionals converge to create an environment of rich growth and development opportunities for nursing professionals. Key features of nursing career prospects in Germany include high demand, diversified roles, competitive compensation and benefits, avenues for career progression, and a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity,” he added.

In reflecting on the resounding success of the event, Ms Om Sri COO, IES, remarked, "Our event has unlocked doors for aspiring students and professionals seeking fulfilling careers in Germany's healthcare domain. We are truly elated to have established a platform that bridges the gap between raw talent and boundless opportunities, all while nurturing Indo-German partnerships."

Furthermore, she underscored IES's robust network with esteemed German employers in the realm of hospital chains. This strategic network empowers students by providing essential employment linkages, setting them on a path towards sustainable placements. She affirmed that IES has synergised the formidable demand from the German industrial sector through collaborations with esteemed German universities. The outcome is a well-crafted avenue for skilled and eligible nurses to embark on an empowered career journey in Germany.

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