Celebrating India's uniqueness across multiple spheres, National Geographic premieres ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ as a special feature

National Geographic to premier 2 short films

Showcasing the milestones of India's inspiring journey, India on a Mission and India- The land of Timeless culture will depict the country's rising dominance on the world platform. National Geographic will premier these two short films - ‘India On A Mission’ and ‘India: The Land Of Timeless Culture’ explore India’s rich art and culture, science, and tech prowess, spreading across the globe..


This Independence Day, the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with National Geographic, celebrates ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ with two patriotic and captivating short films, ‘India On a Mission’ and ‘India: The Land Of Timeless Culture.’ Premiering on August 13 at 8.30 pm, the films aim to take the viewers on an inspiring journey highlighting the marvels of our beloved country...


The two 10-minute films bring to light the remarkable journey of us as a nation, with ‘India On a Mission’ exploring the most rapid and striking advancements in creating intricate technology ecosystems within the country. It narrates the stories of innovation in space technology, deep ocean exploration and defence technology and its manufacturing. While the film ‘India: The Land Of Timeless Culture’ traces the ancient roots of many iconic Indian living traditions like classical music and dance, modern medicine, and geo-surveying methodologies. Together, the stories highlight our nation’s contributions to the world through several branches of science as well as architectural and engineering marvels.


“At National Geographic, we harness the power of insightful storytelling that can inspire, inform, and educate viewers. It is a matter of pride to witness the remarkable growth of our nation, which is emerging as a prominent player in the world economy today. Through these films, we are celebrating the uniqueness of India across multiple spheres, which is bound to instill a sense of pride among Indians across the world,” said a spokesperson from National Geographic.   


“We take immense pride in India's remarkable progress, embracing its diverse culture and unparalleled accomplishments in space, defence, and wellness. We are elated to have collaborated with a credible brand like National Geographic, which has beautifully captured the very essence of the achievements and growth since Independence. Through this, the masses will witness our extraordinary journey and gain a profound appreciation for what it truly means to be Indian”, said a Ministry official. 


Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav films will premiere on National Geographic in India at 8:30 PM on 13th August 2023

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