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Surge in Leisure travel this monsoon

Conventionally, it was  during the monsoons, that leisure travelers would easily get bookings in their favourite hotels in tourist places and at a heavy discount. Of late, particularly during this rainy season there is an upsurge in bookings for leisure destinations during the monsoon season, it is evident that travelers are embracing the freedom of traveling any time, any day.


This monsoon has showered a new life into the earth, giving travel enthusiast a perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush beauty and serenity of nature. As monsoon sweeps across the country, global hospitality technology company, OYO, shared some interesting travel trends. As per the company, there is a 32% uptick in booking demand during the monsoon season as compared to last year.


The surge in travel demand is primarily driven by leisure destinations, highlighting a growing inclination among travelers to embark on vacations during the rainy season. Conventionally, vacations have been primarily associated with the summer season, but this trend indicates a shift in preferences, with individuals now seeking delightful getaways amidst the monsoon showers.


With 124% increase in travel demand, mountains are the clear favourite this monsoon. The top mountain destinations that have captured the imagination of travelers this monsoon are Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Lonavala, and Ooty. With their serene landscapes, picturesque views, and pleasant weather, these destinations have become sought-after choices for those seeking a rejuvenating getaway amidst nature's lap.


Beach destinations also witnessed an uptick of 112% compared to last year. Among beach destinations, Goa and Pondicherry emerged as the top choice, followed by destinations like Digha, Alibaug, and Kollam, indicating an increasing desire among travelers to explore offbeat destinations this monsoon.


Spiritual destinations also witnessed increased traction during monsoon, with Varanasi, Puri, Tirupati, Amritsar, and Haridwar emerging as the top choices.


With the  Traditionally, summer has been the peak travel season, but the current trend showcases an interesting shift in preferences. People are now seeking to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the monsoon's charm, underscoring their yearning to create cherished memories whenever wanderlust strikes. 

Pachmarhi Monsoon Marathon 2023 targets enhanced participation

The 5th Edition of Pachmarhi Monsoon Marathon expects 1,000 participants set to take place on 23rd of July. This target is double of the participants in the last edition.

During the monsoon season, the Queen of Satpura in Madhya Pradesh adorns herself with a captivating wet cloak, enchanting all those who seek natural beauty and tranquility in her presence. Amidst this picturesque weather, numerous adventure enthusiasts are eagerly preparing to go on a journey to this hill station, seeking both thrills and awe-inspiring experiences.

There will be 4 marathons on course for 3 age categories and the registration will be open for the first 1000 participants only. 


Set to take place on July 23, the Pachmarhi Monsoon Marathon attracts runners from all corners of the country. Organized collaboratively by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board and Adventure & You (AK connect), this event will witness the spirited participation of both the young and the young-at-heart across four different categories.

"This marks the fifth edition of the marathon. When we commenced this event five years ago, our goal was to attract approximately 500 participants. This time around, registration is already underway, and we are nearing the 1000 participants mark. To ensure optimal facilities and infrastructure for all participants, we will close registration at 1000," mentioned Yuvraj Padole, the deputy director of the MP Tourism Board and the event's organizer, while expressing the marathon's commendable standing among professional athletes.  


He further added, "It is particularly exciting to witness the overwhelming response to the 42-kilometer full marathon category, introduced last year, in addition to the 5-kilometer, 10-kilometer, and 21-kilometer runs. This exhilarating event not only invigorates tourism during the quieter monsoon months but also creates employment opportunities within the region."

The buzz surrounding the marathon, set to take place in the Narmadapuram district, has already begun. Officials are working to further enhance the natural beauty of Pachmarhi, adding vibrant elements to make the event even more spectacular.