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A community for seniors over 60 - SilverWings App from SeniorWorld

Fostering interaction between seniors to express and exchange viewpointss, now there is a social, wellness and fun community app platform for seniors over 60, 'SilverWings' has been introduced by SeniorWorld, India’s leading company focussed on making a positive difference to the lives of the elderly since 2015.

Rahul Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of SeniorWorld, shares his vision for the platform, stating, "With SilverWings, we aspire to give our beloved elders the wings to soar even higher and live their lives to the fullest - inspiring each other and younger generations along the way. The app has been designed based on the feedback received from our 3 Lakh plus seniors community on Facebook, which has one of the highest engagement scores among all FB communities” 

Social connect and engagement is a key need for the elderly with a staggering 65% urban seniors expressing loneliness as an issue. To address this, SilverWings has built the social aspect of the community around 4E's: express, engage, explore, and enjoy. The App publishes engaging articles and snippets every day, which provides seniors with an avenue to express and exchange viewpoints and experiences. Additionally, the app also fosters interaction between seniors who share common interests such as music, poetry, hobbies, travel etc making for more meaningful connections.  


Furthermore, seniors can attend technology classes to become more tech savvy, explore new experiences/hobbies, host events to share their expertise or even embark on group holiday tours with like-minded seniors. Most importantly, SilverWings ensures that seniors enjoy themselves with its wide array of fun sessions, games & quizzes etc. Says Mrs Mahajan- a single 68 year old SilverWinger from Noida "SilverWings is my daily dose of tonic for engagement and fun” 

With 70% seniors grappling with chronic disease, SilverWings offers a range of benefits to support their well-being. Seniors can enjoy daily fitness and meditation sessions, participate in live talks with doctors from renowned hospitals, access informative articles on health and wellness, set up medicine reminders, and conveniently keep track of their vitals in one place. Says Mrs. Sharma from Bhopal "SilverWings yoga is easy as it is specially designed for seniors. My husband has started doing chair yoga and the medicine reminders are very useful." 

To take care of safety, the SilverWings App has a digital SOS emergency button. With just a touch, the App automatically sends a distress message to designated emergency contacts with crucial information like the GPS location and medical history, and also initiates sequential and repeated calls to them, expediting the help they need. 

"The creation of the SilverWings app has been a labour of love," says MP Deepu, Co-Founder of SeniorWorld. "We have thoughtfully crafted this app using inclusive design principles and it is currently available for Android devices. It would be wonderful if everyone participates in this collective journey by helping their elderly family members install this app. It may possibly be one of the best things that you can do for them.” 

SeniorWorld vision is focussed on helping seniors lead more engaged, healthier and independent lives since 2015 by offering specially designed phones for seniors under the brand easyfone and assisted group holiday tours for seniors.