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Remarkable women entrepreneurs at ABWCI & WIN's - Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Anecdotes of Impact

Inspiring talks by accomplished women pioneers narrating their journeys filled with determination and fearlessness, by by women leader Naina Ruhail (Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon), Pushpanjali Chawla (Author and Entrepreneur), Aastha Goel (Author), Pooja Bagrecha (Founder, Amayra Jewellery) Sonal Malhotra (Entrepreneur) and Harpreeth Suri (Influencer) was the highlight of this engaging event moderated by Stuti Jalan (Founder WIN)...

The Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) and Women Inspiring Network (WIN), an inspirational storytelling network organized a panel discussion titled "Breaking the Glass Ceiling – The Anecdotes of Impact." The initiative under the aegis of the G20/W20 Secretariat and ABWCI’s initiative  #WomenInVyapaar  brought together remarkable women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to share their unfiltered stories. The panel discussion was a W20 Jan Bhagidari event powered by Women Inspiring Network (WIN) with support from Think through Consulting (TTC).   

Dr. Ambika Sharma, CEO of ABWCI, "We are thrilled with the response to our debut panel session for #WomenInVyapar. Every woman who graced our panel was the epitome of empowerment and leadership, and the women of today who are heading on the journey to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are grateful to each of them who shared and inspired us with their motivational stories of their journey. We hope to organize more such discussions where women inspire other women and create an environment that encourages gender equality and inclusive business practices." 

Stuti Jalan, Founder of Women Inspiring Network (WIN), said, “It was an encouraging affair where the women spoke their hearts out and inspired other women with their inspirational stories. We are proud that WIN was a part of such an engaging initiative by ABWCI and offer our humble gratitude to the team. We are sure that initiatives like these will bring a ray of hope, encouragement, and desire among women to be the leaders of their dreams”. 

Harpreeth Suri, Influencer, shares her thoughts, “I was a part of this fantastic Panel yesterday discussing Gender inequality, economic empowerment and work life balance etc. These were some of the most important topics that were put on the table during this insightful discussion. Women across the panels shared their inspiring stories, which led to soo much learning for all. It was a great learning session that definitely gave all an insight into the lives of today’s women who is in command and yet she has real struggles & challenges and we also shared our experiences of overcoming these and our journey of breaking the glass ceiling”. 

The event witnessed prominent women entrepreneurs and leaders from diverse sectors like Naina Ruhail (Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon), Pushpanjali Chawla (Author and Entrepreneur), Aastha Goel (Author), Pooja Bagrecha (Founder, Amayra Jewellery) Sonal Malhotra (Entrepreneur) and Harpreeth Suri (Influencer), who shared their inspiring stories of determination, growth, and resilience.  

The panel discussion not only provided a platform for sharing anecdotes and experiences to the women leader but also contributed to the shared vision of the G20/W20 Secretariat, ABWCI, and WIN to promote gender equality and women's participation in the economy.  

The event also marked the launch of “I AM WHERE I AM”, an online dialogue series that aims to amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs who have broken barriers and achieved excellence in their respective fields