Enlightening master classes, power-packed sessions at the 15th Nasscom Global Inclusion Summit

15th Nasscom Global Inclusion Summit

Just as diversity stands as the torso, it must be supported by the two essential legs of Equity and Inclusion.

These words by Rostov Ravanan summed up the core of the 15th edition of the nasscom Global Inclusion Summit, jointly hosted by Nasscom and Nasscom Foundation, that just concluded in Bengaluru..


Over 600 delegates from all walks of life gathered to celebrate diversity, understand the inclusive leadership nuances and question the status quo of ways of thinking.  


The event hosted keynotes, multiple workshops and master classes addressing subjects such as inclusion of deaf people, empowering people with disabilities, neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the workplace, etc


Paving the way for a robust inclusive culture primed for extraordinary growth, this summit has been instrumental in promoting real-life actions, such as embracing assistive technologies, sharing best practices, fostering mentorship, and cultivating industry diversity. It served as a dynamic platform, offering immersive experiences to deepen our understanding of inclusion alongside tangible real-world initiatives. Progressive leaders, educators, LGBTQIA+ representatives, persons with disabilities, and individuals from diverse backgrounds converged over the two-day event to deliberate on transformative steps and solutions needed to drive intentional shifts in work cultures and catalyze changes in employees' mindsets, behaviours, and capabilities


The two-day event showcased a dynamic array of power-packed sessions, enlightening masterclasses, an immersive inclusion experience center, a human library, and engaging conversation formats. It exemplified the tangible milestones necessary for building an inclusive workplace with measurable outcomes. Additionally, the summit featured various workshops and keynote addresses delving into diverse themes such as ‘Inclusion of Deaf People in the Workplace, Empowering People with Disabilities, neurodiversity, breaking the power culture, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the workplace, Moving ahead in the line – Global Best Practices for Empowering Gender Equality and Advancing Women's Rights, Developing Deeper Sensitivity for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging etc.


During the keynote, Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, nasscom foundation said “A recent survey highlights that 77% of employers recognize the importance of diversity and are committed to establishing an inclusive environment that promotes the flourishing of all individuals. Noteworthy strides have been made in cultivating acceptance, resulting in an increase in the LGBTQIA+ community's sense of safety and empowerment. Similar endeavors extend to other dimensions of diversity, including Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and beyond.  In this transformative era, we believe in actionable inclusion, fostering an environment where everyone thrives. At the 15th edition of the nasscom Global Inclusion Summit, our efforts are firmly focused on achieving this transformative goal and strengthening it further by underlining the need for Real World Actions for mainstreaming inclusion."


During his address, Rostow Ravanan, Chairman and CEO, Alfahive Inc. and Chairperson, nasscom foundation said that "Embracing inclusion and diversity is not only a positive approach, but it is also the pathway to creating equitable and inclusive organizations. Just as diversity stands as the torso, it must be supported by the two essential legs of Equity and Inclusion. While we have made heartening progress on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, it has yet to fully permeate as an institutionalized, internalized, and mainstream way of life. The 15th Edition of the nasscom Global Inclusion Summit serves as a remarkable platform to recognize companies who have implemented impactful DEI programs and serve as a catalyst for change to drive progress towards a more inclusive, equitable and diverse society."


With the theme of 'Real-World Actions for Mainstreaming Inclusion', the event featured industry stalwarts including the likes of Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, nasscom foundation; Rostow Ravanan, Chairperson, nasscom foundation; Rajesh Nambiar, Vice Chairperson, nasscom and Executive Vice President, Chairman and Managing Director, Cognizant India; Sanjay Dawar, Managing Director, Global Strategy & Consulting, Accenture; Sunita Rebecca Cherian, Chief Culture Officer & Senior Vice President Human Resources, Wipro; Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, National Technology Officer, Microsoft India; Ray Simon, Head of HR for Global Engineering Centres, Capgemini Engineering, etc.


With over 600 delegates and 37 speakers, the event experienced incredible success as the attendees and speakers walked away with a whiteboard full of thought-provoking ideas and new perspectives on mainstreaming inclusion. The event's culmination was graced by the presence of renowned screenwriter Gazal Dhaliwal, who passionately explored the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, there was a captivating musical experience by the legendary band Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ), renowned for their influential presence in the Indian music scene for over 25 years.

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