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ASCI upheld complaints against 40 ads in April 2013

Processes first time ever a SMS ad complaint

24th June, 2013

In April 2013, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 40 ads. Health & Personal Care and Education were the main categories that continued to make misleading claims and come under the scanner of the CCC. Health & Personal Care sector leads with a whopping 52 per cent ads (148 out of 287) complaint upheld in the first four months of 2013.

ASCI is proactively strengthening its awareness to cover ads in every media form. One such step was taken in the month of April when, for the first time, it received and upheld a complaint against an SMS ad sent out by Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. for McDonalds. (Details in the CCC report below under ‘Others’ category).


The CCC found the following claims in Health & Personal Care product or service ads released in (newspapers) the press to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violated the Chapter I of the ASCI code. Some of the Health Care products or services ads also contravened the provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act. Complaints against the following ads therefore were UPHELD –

·         Naaz India Company: Naaz Fat Cut Granuals in their advertisement claimed that they are a ‘new invention regarding obesity’, ‘result of 10 years of hard work of doctors’, ‘no side effects on body’, ‘body does not become over weight or underweight’, ‘skin becomes tighter, youthful, beautiful &doesn’t loosen again’, ‘stomach becomes flat for sure’, ‘government recognized medicine’, ‘expert doctors of Naaz India health care company have made Naaz cut granules for complete fat reduction & it is approved by Government Ayurveda department of India’.
·         Sagar Dispensary’s advertisement claimed that ‘Dr. S.A. Ali is an expert in STD’. ‘Treats patients with problems like less sperms, impotence & provides complete and permanent cure’, ‘our successful treatment has cured lakhs of disheartened patients and given them new life’.
·         Anant Clinic’s advertisement claimed that it ‘provides successful cure of male infertility’, ‘internal weakness’, ‘premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction’, ‘childlessness’, ‘skin disease’, ‘psoriasis and tumour in breast’.
·         GM Pharmacy: Sadabahar Sugar Free’s advertisement claimed that ‘Sadabahar sugar free is a diabetes killer powder’, ‘most effective medicine in diabetes’.
·         Nature Green Herbal Care’s advertisement claimed that, ‘it increases time of your sexual activities’, ‘made with miraculous desi herbs’, ‘100% result, and no side effect’.
·         Herbal Icon India: Trugesic’s advertisement claimed that it ‘helps to get rid of kidney stones in just 9 day course’, ‘magical ayurvedic medicine’.
·         Alshifa Churna’s advertisement claimed that it gives ‘result in 10 days of extra fat reduction on stomach’, ‘gets you relief from constipation, sugar, high blood pressure, gas, acidity and piles without operation’.

·         Sarkar Dispensary’s advertisement claimed that it ‘is the Best Ayurvedic clinic of 2011’
·         NCP Herbal: Sovolin Ayurvedic’s advertisement claimed that it ‘gives soft, smooth and silky skin with the touch of Sovolin which other cannot give’.
·         IPSA Labs Pvt Ltd.: Eraser Ayurvedic Skin Cream’s advertisement claimed that it ‘is a mixture of 8 essential herbs which removers every kind of spots from your face and skin’.
·         Musli Sakthi Herbals Pvt Ltd.: Musli Sakthi’s advertisement claimed that there’s ‘no need of Viagra now’, ‘first time in the world Musli Sakthi in silver colour powder form’. ‘Complete result within 7 days’, ‘happiness in sex and immediate solution for the sex problems’.
·         Gogaji Hair & Skin Care Centre: Gogaji Hair Oil’s advertisement claimed that ‘Gogaji Hair Oil stops baldness, stops hair fall.’
·         Stammering Cure Centre advertisement claimed that the centre ‘Partha Bagchi (world leader in stammering cure since 22 years) cures stammering in 12 days.’
·         R K Herbals Pharmacy’s advertisement claimed that this formula is 400 years old and has been used by the Nawabs and the Maharajahs to enhance their sexual life.’ ‘It improves vitality, increases volume and quality of semen, helps in treating erectile dysfunction.’
·         Raj Power Capsules’s advertisement claimed that ‘relief to sex weakness in males within 2 hours’, , ‘nervous weakness’, ‘quick disposal of sperms’, ‘inability to enjoy long time sex’, ‘sex effects due to diabetes to cure all these problem’.
·         KPR Herbals’s advertisement claimed that ‘Sex weakness in men and all sex related diseases can be cured by Power Booster’, ‘not interested in sex’, ‘couldn't achieve complete satisfaction in sex’, ‘erotic  problems’, ‘fast disposal of  semen while on sex’, ‘couldn't satisfy sexually your mate’, ‘weakness of sperms all these can be cured through our herbal medicine treatment’.
·         Lotus Granges (India) Ltd: Scent Soft Bio’s advertisement claimed that ‘it is made to eliminate objectionable odour with helpful microbes, which digest bad smell’.
·         Naaz India Company: Naaz Hair Up Oil’s advertisement claimed that it ‘stops hair fall’, ‘provides successful cure of baldness’.
·         Kamboj Foods Pvt Ltd: Kamboj Proper Diet’s print advertisement claimed that ‘Benefits of Kamboj Proper Diet 100% Natural QPM grain are that, it helps you rid of obesity and weakness, increases IQ and immunity power, makes your married life happy, keeps IT professionals away from stress.’


The CCC found following claims in print ads by 12 different advertisers were not substantiated violating the ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions and hence the complaints against the ads were UPHELD –

·         Lakhani Academy advertisement claimed that ‘Lakhani Academy will give 100% fees refund, if students fail in IPCC/CPT.’
·         Indian Institute of Learning & Advanced Development’s advertisements claimed ‘100% assured placement’, ‘earn back upto 100% of course fee’.
·         Maharishi Basant Tutorials in its advertisement claimed that ‘guaranteed success program for IIT-Jee, else 100% fee refunds’.
·         Alchemist’s advertisement claimed that ‘it has more than 22 students in 99 percentile and 78 students in 95 percentile’.
·         Mukils English Academy’s advertisement claimed that it ‘provides 100% job guarantee on all courses’.
·         IT’S THE Education Group, Sai National Intuition of Technology (SNIT)’ & Tulip India’s advertisement claimed that they ‘provide 100% placement’.
·         Fastrack Institute of Technology’s advertisement claimed, ‘100% Job Guarantee’ & ‘100% Course Completion Guarantee’.
·         Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology’s advertisement claimed that it ‘provides 200% placement.’  
·         Saffron Eduworld Pvt Ltd: Saffron Eduworld Coaching’s advertisement claimed ‘JEE 100% guaranteed result or money back.’  
·         INPTC advertisements claimed ‘100% placement’ & ‘INPTC-
·         Mahatma Tutorials: The advertisement claimed that Mahesh Tutorials ‘provides 100% success guarantee’.
·         Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management: The advertisement claimed that ‘273 out of 273 students were placed in 2012’ by the institute.
·         Amity University: In the ‘MBA 2013 Admission Notice’ print advertisement, the Amity University is showing its rankings given by ‘Business Today’ and ‘The Economic Times’ without providing the details of the years of ranking which is misleading.


Ganesh Wheat Product Pvt Ltd: Ganesh Atta’s print advertisement claimed that they are ‘processed through reverse osmosis, Ganesh bajra Atta and Ganesh Makkai Atta, prevent several health hazards and give you more nutritious and delicious rotis every day, Bajra (pearl millet) and Makai (Maize) are processed through water purified by reverse osmosis which makes the rotis more wholesome’. These claims need to be substantiated. In the absence of comments from the advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the advertisement were not substantiated.  The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.    The complaint was UPHELD.


Aqua Corporation: Aqua Pure Guard Water Purifier’s print advertisement claimed that it is ‘World's No.1 water purifier’. This claim needs to be substantiated. In the absence of comparative data from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claim, ‘World's No.1 water purifier’, was not substantiated.  The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.


Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd: - McDonald’s promotional SMS shows ‘McVeggie or McChicken FREE on order of Rs. 200/- above with McDonalds. Mention coupon code MCD07 while ordering, valid till 7/1/13. Call Now 66000666. T & C.’ The complainant was at the McDonald counter at the Food Court, Inorbit Mall, Malad(West) on 6/1/2013  and was informed that this SMS was sent purely for home delivery ONLY.

According to the complaint, (The) the SMS advertisement that McDonalds sent was totally misleading. It simply said “call now” and not that it applies only for “Home Delivery”. The CCC concluded that the advertisement - SMS was misleading by omission, as it did not mention that the offer of a free McVeggie or McChicken applies only to Home Delivery. The advertisement - SMS contravened Chapter I.4 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Pernod Ricard India P. Ltd: Jacob’s Creek, the print advertisement is a promotion of a liquor brand.  Advertising of liquor is prohibited is prohibited by most States. The CCC concluded that the communication was an Advertorial pertaining to a Surrogate product. The complaint was UPHELD as it contravened the Brand Extension Guidelines as mentioned in Chapter III.6 of the Code.

Dr. Nigam’s Health Pvt Ltd.: Dr. Nigam Hair Multiplication’s “Dr. Nigam” has been tarnishing the brand of RichFeel and maligning it in their ads. The brand has also been deliberately using RichFeel’s brand template colour and a misrepresented brand look alike logo (RichFeel’s logo has two E’s, one of which is a mirror image of the other) as well, besides picking up scientifically proven points pertinent to RichFeel in their communication and negatively portraying the brand. The CCC concluded that the advertiser has made unjustifiable use of the name of Richfeel and taken unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to its trade mark and goodwill acquired by its advertising campaign. The advertisement contravened Chapter IV.2 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Akansha Hair & Skin Care Herbal Unit Pvt Ltd: Akansha Sukhparash’s advertisement claimed that it ‘makes your face fair and removes wrinkles from your face’. After reviewing the advertisement and advertiser’s response, the CCC concluded that the claim, “makes your face fair”, was not substantiated.  The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  This complaint was UPHELD. After reviewing the advertisement, the CCC realized that the ad does not claim to remove wrinkles from face, this complaint was NOT UPHELD.

During the month of April, the CCC also received complaints against 11 other advertisements. The complaints were received against the advertisements of Aviva Life Insurance Company India LtdEuro Fashion Inners International (P) Ltd - Euro Briefs, Great Eastern Management School - GEMS B School, Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Comfort 1 Rinse Fabric Conditioner, Keya Seth’s Ayurvedic Solution - Keya Seth’s Umbrella Sunscreen Lotion,  Kaleesuwari Refinery Pvt Ltd - Gold Winner Sunflower Oil, Mankind Pharma Ltd -Manforce Condom, McNROE Consumer Products P. Ltd - Wild Stone Deodorant, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd– Vespa, Times Business Solutions Ltd - Magicbricks.com, United Spirits Ltd – Kingfisher. However, as these advertisements did not contravene ASCI’s codes or guidelines, the complaints were NOT UPHELD.

About Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) - Advertising Standard Council of India is a voluntary organization self-regulating advertising content for the advertising industry. The Role and Functioning of the ASCI & its Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) is in dealing with Complaints received from Consumers and Industry, against Advertisements which are considered as False, Misleading, Indecent, Illegal, leading to Unsafe practices, or Unfair to competition, and consequently in contravention of the ASCI Code for Self-Regulation in Advertising.
For further information, please contact -
The Advertising Standards Council of India
Alan Collaco - Secretary General, ASCI 9324091072/23513982

Day Three at Asia’s first India Non Fiction Festival

 Festival containing fascinating healthcare session from holistic health and wellness coach Mr. Mickey Mehta
 Gripping non-fiction session between actor Mr. Rahul Bose and Australian author Mr. Gregory David Roberts
Mumbai June 2013: 
The conclusion of the India Non Fiction Festival is underway; the third day has just begun with a long lime up of gripping sessions, which are an apt send off for the historic festival.
The last day kicked off with dual sessions, the first session being a wellness session with celebrity yoga guru and author Ms. Payal Gidwani Tiwari based on the theme ‘Healthy Weightloss not a Fad’. Renowned nutritionist, fitness consultant and author Ms. Suman Agarwal conducted an informative assembly on healthy lifestyle, titled ‘Unjunked-Healthy Eating for Weight Loss’.

‘Spirited Women. Spirited Relationships’ was a moving session where authors and women achievers Ms. Gopika Kapoor, Ms. Rinki Bhattacharya and Ms. Janaki Krishnan discussed the many facets, relationships surrounding the fairer sex along with women empowerment with a difference. It was an emotionally charged session discussing a gamut of prevalent issues such as domestic violence, not being put off by rejection, the pressure to get married along with the constant search for empowerment. 
Author and coach Ms. Anita Bhogle moderated a session, ‘Be Bold. Stay Aware: Lead and Win’ with inspirational speaker and author Mr. Azim Jamal alongside author and coach Mr. Ankur Gupta which raised questions about success and what it takes to be fulfilled. The panel talked about the process of self discovery, utilizing your gift and being the best you can be while taking charge of your life.
The energy packed event named ‘Heal Yourself’ was a fascinating impromptu session with holistic health and wellness coach Mr. Mickey Mehta subscribing to the timeless quotient in making an individual ageless and philosophizing about understanding the different elements of life, enabling creativity. During the delicious session ‘India: Food, People and Cultures’, renowned foodie and writer, Mr. Kunal Vijayakar was in passionate conversation with Ms. Tara Deshpande, author of A Sense For Spice talking about dishes of different cultures and customs which invariably show different versions and techniques.
Shri Swami Swatmananand of Chinmaya Mission was in deep meditative conversation with spiritualist, author and journalist Mr. R Sridhar around the topic ‘Spiritualism for Real’ conversing about inner strength, facing challenges of life and moving away from the unreal to the real. ‘Corporate Chanakya’ author Mr. Radhakrishan Pillai in cerebral conversation with former Maharashtra DGP, Mr. D Sivanandan on management the Chanakya way, discussing the problems of management of not giving credit when it is due, believing in individuals as well as using leadership and strategy in planning. Mr. Sivanandan talked about his police days, issues of tackling the mafia, police reforms and giving honest answers to a thrilled audience.

‘Fact is stranger (and so much more fun) than Fiction’, a fun filled session where actor Mr. Rahul Bose in conversation with Australian author Mr. Gregory David Roberts discussed the context of facts being stranger than fiction due to the fact that the world is bursting at its seams, as well as an interesting account on how fiction is getting factified and facts are getting fictionalized. ‘Believe in yourself. You are your Real Asset’ was an insightful and motivational session with Ms. Raksha Bharadia author, chicken Soup for the Indian Soul Series and other titles talking about interesting accounts of personal struggles of individuals, leading to their own personal triumphs.
Following the events closely was a thrilling and informative ‘Google Hangout’ session with Mr. Ravi Venkatesan, former chairman Microsoft India and author of Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere; addressing the issues of corruption and beaurocracy and why multinational companies are not taking India seriously, as well as the need for MNC’s to learn to adapt to India’s chaotic environment.
The non-fiction extravaganza sessions were trailed by a meet titled ‘Unleashing the leader within’ with bestselling leadership author, Mr. Prakash Iyer, MD Kimberley Clark India joined by Mr. Kumaar Bagrodia, Festival Director, India Non Fiction Festival in a psychological discussion about finding a winner inside all of us and spending our lives focusing on our strengths. The festival concluded with a rib-tickling event titled ‘Standup Comedy: Bold and Real’ with writer, columnist and standup comedian Mr. Rohan Joshi.
The event wrapped up, leaving the myriad of non-fiction fans with an immense feeling of satisfaction from finally getting their fix from the varied panel discussions, keynotes, speaker addresses and book launches; promising to come back with their favorite non-fiction literature.
Entry to the festival is free and will be on a first come first serve basis.
The partners of the India Non Fiction Festival consist of: Knowledge@Wharton, The American Center & Library, Harvard Business Review, Crossword Book Stores, IndiaSpend, Harper Collins, Sage, Jaico, Random House, Hachette, Penguin, Aiesec, Westland and the British Council.

Gift the option of choices with Cristal De Roche

Cristal De Roche to exhibit products at The Brides of Mumbai, World Trade Centre

Mumbai: Whether you’re planning a wedding, or attending one, gifts play an important role on the “big day i.e the wedding day.” The wedding gifts bestow before us the grandeur of a wedding ceremony. Ease your confusion and delight your loved ones with the exclusive gifting option of pure crystal gifts from Cristal De Roche. The brand which means crystal rock is a Dubai based brand, dealing with decorative crystal sculptures, artifacts and murals. Crista De Roche is participating in the The Brides of Mumbai at World Trade Centre. The Brides of Mumbai is Mumbai’s Premier bridal/wedding show. You will be thrilled with its unique collection of wedding gift that will tell the true story of wedding in itself.
Crystals are a beautiful, mystical and magnificent part of nature, truly a thing of beauty; to dazzle your guests in a magnificent style. Cristal De Roche would exhibit the artistic crystal products with a multitude of natural shades are the next level in beauty and craftsmanship, which comes in various forms such as abstract images of love, wonderfully crafted clocks, candle holders and vases, images of loving togetherness, intriguing conceptual visuals, delicately crafted vessels, intricately stunning trays, simple but striking picture frames, detailed vibrant vases along with magnificent and graceful animal figurines. Most of the unique crystal designs are open to customization, detailing and molding the products, giving every piece its exquisite charm to suit the customers taste, needs and price range.
Date: 5th-6th-7th July, 2013(Fri-Sat-Sun)
Venue: World Trade Centre,Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Entry: Open for all/Free

About Cristal De Roche: The brand Cristal De Roche, which means crystal rock, has a 100% in-house production unit which is based in Dubai. It’s a Mumbai brand and first ones to introduce the Brand – NAKAWA in India. Nakawa consists of exclusive range of decorative crystal sculptures and murals and is a well-known name in the Middle East. Focusing on Indian culture along with modern and abstract art, the brand specializes in artifacts, sculptures, murals and provides a variety of gifting options. Their unique crystal designs are open to customization, detailing and molding the products, giving every piece its exquisite charm to suit the customers taste, needs and price range. They have around 25 crafts men from Asia, Africa and Europe who work on the minutest of the details on our products. A 2,000 square foot store in Andheri showcasing the myriad products is just the first step for the brands ambitious expansion plans in India.
Store Timings: Tuesday- Sunday from 10:30am-8:00pm.
Monday closed
Location: Shop 1-2, Krishna CHS, C D Brafiwala Marg, Juhu Gali, Andheri – 58.
You can also write to us at info@cristalderoche.co
 Call 022-26205595

Antec India introduces their new cabinets - GX 700 and V 1

Antec India Targets Gaming Enthusiasts and System Integrators with their new addition of Enclosures - 
GX700 & V1

Antec India introduces Perfect enclosures for gaming enthusiasts, new builders and system integrators. Award winning GX700 cabinet is designed with a unique flip access fan controller, tool-less mounting rails, click-on drive bay, washable dust filters, metal faceplates etc. and V1 comes with ample cooling technology. Antec showcased GX700 and V1 at BYOC 2013 gaming festival

NEW DELHI / MUMBAI / BANGALORE, India - June 25, 2013

Antec Inc, the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, showcased their latest addition in the gaming series - the award winning GX700 and the value series - V1 enclosures along with other gaming products at the BYOC Gaming Festival 2013 held at New Delhi. Antec GX700 is the military themed mid-tower chassis for the gamers and V1 is an aggressively priced entry level enclosure for new builders and system integrators. Antec received great response at the event.

Antec GX700
The bold design gaming enclosure features metal clasps and rugged drive bay covers.  Tool-less drive bays and customizable HDD trays in Antec GX700 allows enthusiasts to assemble and expand faster. Antec GX700 accommodates GPUs up to 11.5" and integrates a unique flip access fan controller situated next to easy-to-access USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectors. With two 140 mm top fans capable of mounting 240 mm cooling radiators provides cooling to the system and can be easily upgraded with the enclosure's five 3.5" tool-less HDD trays, each with SSD/HDD mounts.  GX700 is available in a unique black and military green color combination.

Antec V1
The Antec V1 Enclosure is the latest offering for new builders and seasonal system integrators alike. Antec V1 enclosure is designed with features any builder will value at an attractive price - ample cooling,USB3.0,tool-less 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays and bottom-mounted PSU intake with air filter - to keep the PC together with ease and get to the fun stuff. The Antec V1 comes in 3 color variations for the front LED Fan and mesh namely - blue, red and black.

Kevan Li, Business Head - India at Antec Inc, said "We are happy to announce the widely acclaimed award winning bold and rugged GX700 cabinet which is much awaited among the gaming enthusiasts in India, also the V1 cabinet which is a very appealing combination of features, aesthetics and value. These two cabinets encompass a very wide spectrum of gamers, high end users and system integrators"

Technical Specifications:

Antec GX700:
  • Cooling System:
-          Includes 2 x 140 mm top fans Capable of mounting 240 mm radiator for water cooling
-          Includes 1 x 120 mm rear fan
-          Optional 2 x 120 mm front intake fans
-          Optional 120 mm side fan mount to cool graphic cards
  • Maximum CPU cooler height: Up to 172 mm
-          Water cooling support: Rear water cooling grommets
  • Drive Bays    -
-          3 + 1 x 5.25" tool-less drive bays
-          Click-on 5.25" drive bay clasps
-          Top bay designed for controls
5 x 3.5" tool-less HDD tray each with 2.5" SSD/HDD mount
  • Front Ports   
-          2 x USB 3.0
-          2 x USB 2.0
-          Audio In/Out
-          Fan controller
  • Expansion Slots / video card size:
-          7 x PCI-E with thumbscrew access / up to 293 mm (11.5")
  • PSU:               None
  • Motherboard Support: Standard ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX
  • CPU Cutout  Enlarged: CPU Cutout
  • Cable Management:
-          13 mm of cable routing space behind motherboard tray
-          Cable routing holes
  • Side panel features:
-          Side Panel Window (Right side)
-          Two 120 mm fan mounts (Right side - Optional)
-          One 120 mm fan mount behind motherboard (Left side - Optional)
  • Dimensions:
-          19.7" (H) x 7.9 " (W) x 17.7"(D) /
-          500 mm (H) x200 mm (W) x 450 mm (D)
  • Weight :
-          Net Weight: 13.8 lb / 6.26 kg
-          Gross Weight: 17.2 lb / 7.82 kg
Antec V1:
  • 8 drive bays: 3 x 5.25" / 4 x 3.5" / 1 x 2.5"
  • Motherboards: Standard ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX
  • Maximum graphics card length: (290 mm)
  • Maximum CPU cooler height: (165 mm)
  • Cooling system:
-          1 x 120 mm to LED exhaust fan
-          1 x 120 mm rear exhaust fan (optional)
-          1 x 120 mm side intake fan (optional)
-          2 x 120mm overhead fan (optional)
  • 7 expansion slots
  • Maximum-sized CPU cutout
  • Water cooling support: rear water cooling grommets (support ½-inch tubes)
  • Bottom-mounted power supply with intake filter
  • No power supply included
  • Front I/O ports:
-          1 x USB 2.0; 1 x USB 3.0
-          Audio In/Out
  • Unit Dimensions:
-          16.5" (H) x 7.3" (W) x 16.5" (D)
-          420 mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 420mm (D)
  • Package Dimensions:
-          20.9" (H) x 9.4" (W) x 19" (D)
-          530 mm (H) x 238 mm (W) x 483mm (D)
  • Net Weight: 10.4 lbs / 4.7 kg
  • Gross Weight: 12.2 lbs / 5.5 kg


About Antec Inc.
For 27 years, Antec, Inc. has been the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, being the pioneer and market leader for quiet, efficient and innovative products such as the P280 and SOLO II enclosures as well as for their award-winning PSUs having the lowest returns in the industry.

Antec continues to further the industry with performance-rich enclosures, efficient power supplies, reliable cooling components, the cutting-edge Antec Advance accessories line, and the Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P).

Founded in 1986, Antec is headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in The Netherlands, Germany, China and Taiwan.

"We are happy to announce the widely acclaimed award winning bold and rugged GX700 cabinet which is much awaited among the gaming enthusiasts in India, also the V1 cabinet which is a very appealing combination of features, aesthetics and value. These two cabinets encompass a very wide spectrum of gamers, high end users and system integrators"

Kevan Li
Business Head - India  
Antec Inc.