Thursday, 6 June 2019

BHARAT - movie review

BHARAT (Hindi movie)

Rating: **
(2 stars out of 5)

Review by Abhishek Bhatnagar

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover
Director : Abbas Ali Zafar

Isn't it ironical that just when a Korean film 'Parasite' bagged the highest honour award Palm D'or at the Cannes 2019, here in our country our filmmakers have created another 'Bollywood blunder' out of a decent Korean film ' Ode to My Father'.

In these times when Asian cinema is booming back on the World platform our so called big budgeted films are only limited to 'Bharat'. Sheepishly adapting (copying) a Korean film and translating into deshbhakti seems to be the formula of our Indian filmmakers, which is a slap in the face of the 'Make in India' slogan so earnestly framed by our Honourable PM.

White beard and cough voice can directly take you to a seventy year kickass oldman mode. In terms of acting and body language of an old man who gives a damn! Apna Sallu bhai aisa hi hai.

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Seventy year old Bharat narrates his story where we come to know that in 1947 riots little Bharat losses his sister and father and ran to Delhi along with his mother and other siblings. There they live at his buaji's place. Buaji runs an antic ration shop in the premise of the house.

Bharat now grow up and does what every hero has to style and at its best.

When he get a chance to be in circus, he was the best 'maut ka kua motorcyclist', when he gets a chance to be in middle east as a labourer, he was the bravest among all the labourers working in that poor oil field and when he get a chance to be in Merchant Navy on a ship, he was still the best because who else could sing and dance to Amitabh Bachchan's movie songs to befriend with pirates.

The zimmedar Bharat doesn't marry his love interest Katrina because he have to 'fulfill Babuji's promise to look after his family and see to it that it is settled.

Which actually, already seems settled but how can a family of bollywood can get settled without a hero interfering in it? Huh! Arey bhai, afterall behan ki shaadi, maa ka budhapa and all the siyapaa has to be managed.

However, Bharat with permission from his mom decide to be the first Indian boy to get into a live-in relationship with his 'madam sir' Katrina.

Bharat also leaves a decent railway job to save his maternal uncle's ration shop. Being a hero he ferociously fights against Old Delhi Association of Builders who wants to do some development by making a mall in the area.

The last and most beautiful portion of the film is when Zee TV network opens a show where lost folks of 1947 riots from India and Pak can find each-other. With due respect a few tears spread from my eyes and so from a few other benchers nearby me. That moment bit me.

In the end Salman finds his lost sister with the help of the show. She is played by Tabu in a special appearance. 

The film has lot of concocted stories running one after another but Bharat has to be in these many stories, to be a hero for his family and of course the audience.

Side heroes like Sunil Grover and Kumud Mishra have to surrender to Bharat. I precisely remember when Bharat saves Sunil from the oil field. Sunil has to say, "... bas Bharat ne bacha lia". Lolz... however I could pick it out from Mr. Grovers eyes that he was not comfortable (happy)  reciting that dialogue.

All I can say, Bharat doesn't deserve to be a new India film. Its rather a monopoly thrusted upon helpless audience coz of its dominance in releasing the film in majority of cinema halls across India.  

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