Friday, 17 May 2019

BLINK - Short Film Review

by Abhishek Bhatnagar

Genre: Sci-fi
Running time: 15 Minutes
Directed by: Atmaja Bopardikar

Blink is a short sci-fi film that immediately creates a labyrinth in the brain to slowly sneak you inside a complex situation where main protagonist is casually tele-porting in time. 

He chooses to travel in the future to his little daughter in the alternate reality of parallel world and at the same time he is with his wife in the actual present. His wife after a period of time starts taking him as a complete lunatic because she can't understand his gateway into the future.  

Beside it is a sci film which heavily runs only on a sci-fi story and rather not being fueled by unwanted heavy after effects. 

Blink is a clever sci-fi film of an innocent filmmaker who want to play around with the brains of her audience. Film closes with an open end to left its awestruck audience in the void between real and unreal. 

This short film was presented simply and it lacked production design. However tight frames and camera angles have blessed the arc of the film. 

Background score worked as a catalyst to the film as I didn't felt it much but I still knew that it was always there. 

The beauty and the strength of the film is its narrative which will be always different for every single audience. 

A sweet little experiment which opens the surreal realm of filmmaking at a blink. 

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