Monday, 29 April 2019

Tarpan - hindi movie review

- By Abhishek Bhatnagar

Genre: Drama                
Rating ****                      

Directed by Neelam R Singh.

Tarpan is a mumblecore independent film with a innocently average cinematic skills, directed by Neelam R Singh.

The film deals with the sensitive topic of friction between the upper class and the dalits of the hinterland of India. Finally it is the victory of a lower caste who avenges years of atrocities of the upper caste meted out towards his kin and his society. 

Independent filmmakers are the rebels of mainstream cinema because they fight for the betterment of cinema within the country therefore small budget independent film are a responsibility rather than just filmmaking. 

This film however doesn't matches the benchmark but for being a debut film of a rookie filmmaker it is almost a fine piece of work only because of subtle writing and strong narrative. 

All the actors in the film seem focused and hardworking and honesty in their acting is the beauty of the film. 

Neelam is a smart director who shot the film with whatever she knew of filmmaking and she too did it honestly. 

Though for an indie film, it completely lacks creative direction, metaphoric frames, lightwork and cinematic narrative. 

Indie filmmaking is like a movement in the country and so its flag bearers have to be more than average, if they actually want to uplift the condition of cinema in their country. 

Unfortunately this film is just a good film like all the other films in the country and not a rebellious piece of art work. 

While watching the film I read the name of Ashok Purang in the credits as creative head. However I din't actually felt his acquaintance with the film. 

Phew! maybe I am a man of high expectations. 

EaseMyTrip Joins hands with Liberty General Insurance Limited

Offers Zero Cancellation Charges on flight tickets
New Delhi, 24th April 2019: EaseMyTrip, one of the leading online travel aggregators has tied-up with Liberty General Insurance Limited, one of India’s fastest growing general insurance companies, to provide its customers with a unique proposition of Zero Cancellation charges on flight tickets.
When a customer cancels a flight, a significant portion of the ticket amount is deducted as penalty by the airlines. The refund is usually meager in comparison to the overall ticket price. EaseMyTrip has tied up with Liberty General Insurance as group policyholders for its customers to provide zero cancellation penalties to its customers to reduce their cancellation worries.
Commenting on the same, Mr. Rikant Pitti, Co-Founder & COO, EaseMyTrip said, “With the skyrocketing ticket prices, customers these days book their tickets well-in-advance, sometimes even 2-3 months prior to their actual date of journey. Also, many customers look for various offers and discounts following which they book their tickets. Many-a-times these tickets are subjected to last-minute cancellations in the wake of change in their plans. It is then that the customer realizes that they hardly get anything in refund. With this partnership, we plan to ease out all those worries for our customers and offer seamless and full refund.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amit Jain – President - Personal Lines, Bancassurance & Affinity and Marketing, Liberty General Insurance Limited said“We are extremely upbeat about our association with Being one of the leading online travel aggregators, EaseMyTrip is aiding in increased reach of our travel insurance product offerings to a large consumer base. Now, customers only have to pay a nominal amount that will allow them to get their flight cancellation fees (up to Rs.5000) from Liberty General Insurance post filling a form and submitting few documents. This is an exclusive product which we are providing as cancellation cover to the users based on their own reason to cancel. We believe that our product will give confidence to the customers to plan their travel without any worry.”
In view of this service, EaseMyTrip has introduced no cancellation penalty for its passengers. A customer can opt for Zero Cancellation Offer by paying a nominal amount, thus enabling them to avail seamless refund on the cancellation of their flights. To claim the refund, one will need to fill a form and send a few documents to the insurance company.
For more details on this, please click on below link:

Monday, 8 April 2019

Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) - Hindi movie review

- Abhishekh Bhatnagar

Rating: ** (2 out of 5) 

Like most Bollywood films RAW is also a cliche which is driven by over explanatory dialogues rather than a self explanatory narrative. John aka RAW is almost hateful in the character of Romeo with swollen no beard deadpan face and the blame not only goes to his clean cheeks with seventy's dead locks but also to his frozen acting skills.  

Though he is quite acceptable in the avatar of Akbar but again in the end you only see John acting. On the day of the release of trailer of Joker by DC we in audience get to meet another Joker of Bollywood Walter. A character on whom even director of the film haven't had much of the interest, it seems he was created to somehow give a stupidly-surprising finish line to the impossibly cool exaggerated narrative.

Cinematography in the film seems updated but lack of good creative shots makes it void. 

Unnecessary in-comings of back to back songs was felt like a disease which corrupted the already sick narrative. 

A failed and another unnecessary attempt to create a romantic buzz between John Abraham and Mouni Roy. In fact the entire character line of Mouni has no purpose and still she was sent to Pakistan as an Ambasador, maybe just to romance with our RAW hero. 

Whatever action happens in the film, Jackie Shroff has to necessarily explain it to his junior colleague because maybe Raw chief think audience is dumb enough. Phew!!!

Pakistan cops, army and politicians are so imbecile to be easily puppetered by RAW as when John aka Akbar after being a fugitive entered into head office of Pak Police , he was easily accepted as a member and permitted to conduct Badlapur operations. Seems like Pakistan have never had confidence on its own officer. Just to drop a bomb why the hell they need an ex raw Muslim agent. 

Lot of banal purposeless characters and scenes makes the film extremely slow and dead, after a point. 
John Abraham as Romeo Ali / Akbar Malik/ Walter Khan (RAW) Agent
Mouni Roy as Parul/Shraddha Sharma
Jackie Shroff as Shrikant Rai of RAW
Simandar Kher as Colonel Khan (Pakistan)
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi as Rehena Kazmi (Newspaper Editor)
Raghubir Yadav as Mudassar (Indian agent in Pakistan)
Anil George as Isag Afridi (POK Terrorist Head)
Rajesh Shringarpura as Awasthi
Gyanendra Tripathi as Captail Adil
Parnendu Bhattacharya as General Zorawar

Produced by
Viacom18 Motion Pictures
Dheeraj Wadhawan
Ajay Kapoor
Vanessa Valia
Gary Grewal

Directed by Robbie Grewal
Written by
Robbie Grewal
Ishraq Eba
Shreyansh Pandey