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Rating: *** 

- by Abhishek Bhatnagar 
Infamous Critic 

As the film starts Rakul Preet pops up in the isolated life of Ajay Devgan like a cherry on a melting ice cream to begin a very unconventional relationship. 

Rakul works in a so called ‘Bar’ somewhere in UK, as a waitress where she can take as many free days as she want and can always join back. Both of them have an age difference of twenty four years according to the film but that’s how a modern love in a modern society needs to establish. 

The new cult cupid does everything which a bollywood regular couple takes as their duty. They dance, they sit on a bridge and look at the lake until one among the lovers throws some cheesy romantic lines, they eat in fancy restaurant and as it always happen to bollywood love stories happening in foreign land, as usually they gets attacked by lunatic foreigners including a creepy black criminal until our hero doesn’t do some herogiri to impress the heroine. And if you have a hero from Singham franchise no matter how old and pitiful he is in the story, he can still punch a bunch of bad boys in a spell on high note background score of his old franchise. 

However, all these terrific moments develop their innocent modern love to its pinnacle. But one day when they woke up from the scripted romance they realize that this relationship is weird and has no absolute future. Then what, they departs but as according to bollywood theory of love, in the immense force of their scripted memories they badly miss each other and Rakul Preet being a young, gorgeously hot, carefree loner goes back to daddy hero. 

Eventually, both of them decide to continue in their romance and to move the story Ajay Devgan decides to go back to his hometown in Himachal where his ex wife Tabu lives with his parents and two psychedelic children. 

When the platonic lovers reach to family house, we get introduced to agitated daughter of Ajay Devgan. She hate her father quite bad as audible in her high pitched screams while his son fall in love at first sight with his father’s girlfriend. 

Beside Tabu gets in a sweet cold war with Rakul Preet meanwhile certain well written humorous scene in the film moves the weak story. 

Apparently in the end Tabu get laid with her ex husband and when it comes in the knowledge of Rakul, for the first time in her life poor twenty six year kid get really serious, so she leaves Ajay Devgan and goes back to her so called ‘Bar’ but surprisingly Tabu being a melancholic nymphomaniac and ex-wife still flew on a high speed trip to UK and clears the concept of true love to Rakul by explaining the valid reasons of getting laid while being in modern love. 

Therefore, in the next shot Tabu gets this chick back from UK for her one and only, lovable ex-husband. 

And now it’s Ajay’s chance to visit Rakul’s family but before that, good movie ends. 

Film is a series of scenes with only tons of situational comedy. No special directions or cinematography skills are considered in the film. Like all other films from the makers this one is too a Rajdhani Express of well written scenes. 

Ajay Devgan appears immensely cute in his character and it always felt that a simple, shy, separated old guy like him deserves this completely mad younger girl. 

Friday, 17 May 2019

BLINK - Short Film Review

by Abhishek Bhatnagar

Genre: Sci-fi
Running time: 15 Minutes
Directed by: Atmaja Bopardikar

Blink is a short sci-fi film that immediately creates a labyrinth in the brain to slowly sneak you inside a complex situation where main protagonist is casually tele-porting in time. 

He chooses to travel in the future to his little daughter in the alternate reality of parallel world and at the same time he is with his wife in the actual present. His wife after a period of time starts taking him as a complete lunatic because she can't understand his gateway into the future.  

Beside it is a sci film which heavily runs only on a sci-fi story and rather not being fueled by unwanted heavy after effects. 

Blink is a clever sci-fi film of an innocent filmmaker who want to play around with the brains of her audience. Film closes with an open end to left its awestruck audience in the void between real and unreal. 

This short film was presented simply and it lacked production design. However tight frames and camera angles have blessed the arc of the film. 

Background score worked as a catalyst to the film as I didn't felt it much but I still knew that it was always there. 

The beauty and the strength of the film is its narrative which will be always different for every single audience. 

A sweet little experiment which opens the surreal realm of filmmaking at a blink. 

Monday, 29 April 2019

Tarpan - hindi movie review

- By Abhishek Bhatnagar

Genre: Drama                
Rating ****                      

Directed by Neelam R Singh.

Tarpan is a mumblecore independent film with a innocently average cinematic skills, directed by Neelam R Singh.

The film deals with the sensitive topic of friction between the upper class and the dalits of the hinterland of India. Finally it is the victory of a lower caste who avenges years of atrocities of the upper caste meted out towards his kin and his society. 

Independent filmmakers are the rebels of mainstream cinema because they fight for the betterment of cinema within the country therefore small budget independent film are a responsibility rather than just filmmaking. 

This film however doesn't matches the benchmark but for being a debut film of a rookie filmmaker it is almost a fine piece of work only because of subtle writing and strong narrative. 

All the actors in the film seem focused and hardworking and honesty in their acting is the beauty of the film. 

Neelam is a smart director who shot the film with whatever she knew of filmmaking and she too did it honestly. 

Though for an indie film, it completely lacks creative direction, metaphoric frames, lightwork and cinematic narrative. 

Indie filmmaking is like a movement in the country and so its flag bearers have to be more than average, if they actually want to uplift the condition of cinema in their country. 

Unfortunately this film is just a good film like all the other films in the country and not a rebellious piece of art work. 

While watching the film I read the name of Ashok Purang in the credits as creative head. However I din't actually felt his acquaintance with the film. 

Phew! maybe I am a man of high expectations. 

EaseMyTrip Joins hands with Liberty General Insurance Limited

Offers Zero Cancellation Charges on flight tickets
New Delhi, 24th April 2019: EaseMyTrip, one of the leading online travel aggregators has tied-up with Liberty General Insurance Limited, one of India’s fastest growing general insurance companies, to provide its customers with a unique proposition of Zero Cancellation charges on flight tickets.
When a customer cancels a flight, a significant portion of the ticket amount is deducted as penalty by the airlines. The refund is usually meager in comparison to the overall ticket price. EaseMyTrip has tied up with Liberty General Insurance as group policyholders for its customers to provide zero cancellation penalties to its customers to reduce their cancellation worries.
Commenting on the same, Mr. Rikant Pitti, Co-Founder & COO, EaseMyTrip said, “With the skyrocketing ticket prices, customers these days book their tickets well-in-advance, sometimes even 2-3 months prior to their actual date of journey. Also, many customers look for various offers and discounts following which they book their tickets. Many-a-times these tickets are subjected to last-minute cancellations in the wake of change in their plans. It is then that the customer realizes that they hardly get anything in refund. With this partnership, we plan to ease out all those worries for our customers and offer seamless and full refund.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amit Jain – President - Personal Lines, Bancassurance & Affinity and Marketing, Liberty General Insurance Limited said“We are extremely upbeat about our association with Being one of the leading online travel aggregators, EaseMyTrip is aiding in increased reach of our travel insurance product offerings to a large consumer base. Now, customers only have to pay a nominal amount that will allow them to get their flight cancellation fees (up to Rs.5000) from Liberty General Insurance post filling a form and submitting few documents. This is an exclusive product which we are providing as cancellation cover to the users based on their own reason to cancel. We believe that our product will give confidence to the customers to plan their travel without any worry.”
In view of this service, EaseMyTrip has introduced no cancellation penalty for its passengers. A customer can opt for Zero Cancellation Offer by paying a nominal amount, thus enabling them to avail seamless refund on the cancellation of their flights. To claim the refund, one will need to fill a form and send a few documents to the insurance company.
For more details on this, please click on below link:

Monday, 8 April 2019

Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) - Hindi movie review

- Abhishekh Bhatnagar

Rating: ** (2 out of 5) 

Like most Bollywood films RAW is also a cliche which is driven by over explanatory dialogues rather than a self explanatory narrative. John aka RAW is almost hateful in the character of Romeo with swollen no beard deadpan face and the blame not only goes to his clean cheeks with seventy's dead locks but also to his frozen acting skills.  

Though he is quite acceptable in the avatar of Akbar but again in the end you only see John acting. On the day of the release of trailer of Joker by DC we in audience get to meet another Joker of Bollywood Walter. A character on whom even director of the film haven't had much of the interest, it seems he was created to somehow give a stupidly-surprising finish line to the impossibly cool exaggerated narrative.

Cinematography in the film seems updated but lack of good creative shots makes it void. 

Unnecessary in-comings of back to back songs was felt like a disease which corrupted the already sick narrative. 

A failed and another unnecessary attempt to create a romantic buzz between John Abraham and Mouni Roy. In fact the entire character line of Mouni has no purpose and still she was sent to Pakistan as an Ambasador, maybe just to romance with our RAW hero. 

Whatever action happens in the film, Jackie Shroff has to necessarily explain it to his junior colleague because maybe Raw chief think audience is dumb enough. Phew!!!

Pakistan cops, army and politicians are so imbecile to be easily puppetered by RAW as when John aka Akbar after being a fugitive entered into head office of Pak Police , he was easily accepted as a member and permitted to conduct Badlapur operations. Seems like Pakistan have never had confidence on its own officer. Just to drop a bomb why the hell they need an ex raw Muslim agent. 

Lot of banal purposeless characters and scenes makes the film extremely slow and dead, after a point. 
John Abraham as Romeo Ali / Akbar Malik/ Walter Khan (RAW) Agent
Mouni Roy as Parul/Shraddha Sharma
Jackie Shroff as Shrikant Rai of RAW
Simandar Kher as Colonel Khan (Pakistan)
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi as Rehena Kazmi (Newspaper Editor)
Raghubir Yadav as Mudassar (Indian agent in Pakistan)
Anil George as Isag Afridi (POK Terrorist Head)
Rajesh Shringarpura as Awasthi
Gyanendra Tripathi as Captail Adil
Parnendu Bhattacharya as General Zorawar

Produced by
Viacom18 Motion Pictures
Dheeraj Wadhawan
Ajay Kapoor
Vanessa Valia
Gary Grewal

Directed by Robbie Grewal
Written by
Robbie Grewal
Ishraq Eba
Shreyansh Pandey

Sunday, 3 March 2019

“Phir Ussi Mod Par” to hit silver Screens this Women's day

This women’s day film based on Triple Talaq “Phir Ussi Mod Par” to hit silver Screens all over India

This year the Women’s Day (March 8, 2019) shall assume special significance as the last cinematic creation of legendary director Lekh Tandon“Phir Ussi Mod Par . . . Talaq” which emphatically espouses the cause of Muslim Women will hit the Silver Screens all over India. It is an avant-garde motion picture based on singularly the most hotly debated topical subject in current times in India, the issue of “Triple Talaq” which features in social and media circles regularly ---- a tidal wave of public opinion which refuses to ebb.

Much before the “Triple Talaq” became the flavour of drawing room gossip and the street corner chats “Chai pe Charcha”, Octogenarian veteran Director Lekh Tandon had toyed with the idea of making an avant-garde motion picture on the subject and launched the film in the name and style of“Phir Ussi Mod Par (Back to Square One)”. The uniqueness of the subject so captivated the veteran Director that he not only completed the script in record time but also commenced shooting at a break-neck speed in association with Kanika Multiscope Pvt. Ltd. (KMPL) and completed the film in a record time of six months. This path breaking movie promotes the expedient social cause of doing away with “Triple Talaq” so very adroitly promoted in current times. The thematic treatment of “Phir Ussi Mod Par . . . Talaq” effectively ensures that “Content is back” on celluloid.

The film is now being released by producers Trinetra / Kanika / Anshula Bajpai under the auspices of their banner Kanika Multiscope. The Producers are well-known names in their respective fields – Trinetra Bajpai is an internationally renowned Technocrat and Author, Kanika Bajpai is a celebrated theatre / television and musical artiste whereas Anshula Bajpai is a writer of repute. The songs sung mainly by Kanika Bajpai and Javed Ali create captivating sonorous music reminiscent of the era “When Melody was Queen” with a post-modern touch and are a major highlight –“Melody Returns”.

Without bothering to spend precious time in signing a huge star cast Lekh Tandon had opted for assembling a team of dedicated artistes who fitted the respective powerful roles like a glove. The carefully selected artistes included many Lekh Tandon regulars viz. Kanwaljit Singh. Parmeet Sethi, S. M. Zaheer, Govind Namdeo, Smita Jaykar, Kanika Bajpai, Rajeev Varma, Arun Bali, Haider Ali, Vineeta Malik, Sanjay Batra, Diveeya Dwivedi and newcomer Jividha as the main protagonist. Renowned Cinematographer Jehangir Chowdhury (who had been associated with Lekhji in six films), accomplished Choreographers Madhav Krishan / Jojo, Editor Awadh Narayan Singh, Art Director Chokkas Bhardwaj and Co-Director / Writer Suresh Premvati Bishnoi etc.



Will Virat win the World Cup?

Michael Clarke ,Sunil Gavaskar MSK Prasad, Matthew Hayden at India Today Conclave 2019

New Delhi, March 2, 2019: India and England will play the cricket World Cup final where England will be bowled out for 115 runs and India chases it in 15 overs without losing a single wicket. That's how batting legend Sunil Gavaskar hopes to see the outcome of the cricket World Cup 2019, scheduled to be held in England later this year. The former Indian captain was speaking at the India Today Conclave 2019 held in Delhi Today. He was participating in a session titled How’s the Josh: Will Virat win the World Cup?. Former Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke, head of Indian selection board MSK Prasad, and former Australian cricketer Mathew Hayden were the co-panelists in the session which had some exciting analysts by these stalwarts.

While Gavaskar rooted for a India England final, Hayden and Clarke said that they would like to see an India Australia final. "Australia will win by one run," said Clarke. Hayden felt that Australia would beat India by 2 runs.
Prasad was more diplomatic and said that the team with the right mix and intensity would win the world cup. "The Indian team has it at the moment," he sair. He however said that IPL would not adversely affect the preparation of the players who would play in the World Cup. "IPL is an Indian international tournament which offers so many complex situations. It's better than the training ground and creates a competitive environment," he said.
Clarke, however, criticised the Indian team's approach in the last two T20 games against Australia that India lost. "The team was experimenting without thinking much about winning or losing. I personally believe that it's important to win every game and build the momentum," said Clarke.
Gavaskar said that MS Dhoni's presence in the team as wicketkeeper batsman gives Virat an edge. Prasad said that the country should appreciate the chemistry between Dhoni and captain Virat Kohli as the captain allows his former skipper to set fields. Gavaskar added that Kohli also had the advantage of world class bowlers.
"Virat has a kind of attacking bowlers who keep taking wickets that no Indian skipper had in the past," said Gavaskar.

The former Indian skipper felt that if India play Pakistan in the world cup the players would not get bogged down by the current tension prevailing between the two countries. "Our players are professional, they will not be swayed by the current political situation. That's the sign of a great team. They forget every other thing and focus on the game," he said. Clarke agreed adding that players do feel the emotions but they have to do the job. "Cricket is a silly game. No matter what happens outside, players focus on the job at hand. Batters focus on batting, bowlers on a good delivery and fielders on chasing the ball," he said.
Gavaskar's secret: "I always took the first strike a Test match because the first ball was a loosner and always had the opportunity to score. Scoring the first run was important because I was scared of getting a pair in a Test match which means getting out for zero in both innings. I never got a pair in my career. "

Sonali Bendre at India Today Conclave 2019

New Delhi, March 2, 2019: In January, Sonali Bendre Behl returned to Mumbai from New York where she spent six months undergoing treatment for cancer. On her first flight since her return, she said that she was scared to address a public gathering to overcome the disease that acclaimed author Siddhartha Mukherjee described as the ‘Emperor of Maladies’ and which afflicts 1.1 million people in India alone. “I wanted to be in charge of my narrative,” said Bendre on her decision to attend India Today Conclave. 

On the origins of the hashtags
Sonali credited her husband, Goldie, who motivated her through the treatment by asking her to take it one day at a time. Once technologically challenged, Sonali embraced social media where she coined the now famous hashtags #onedayatatime and #switchonthesunshine to reach out to millions about her experience. Sonali’s sister, Rupa Ranadive, was the other primary caregiver, putting her own life on hold to be there for her in this daunting battle.

On breaking the news to her son
Sonali recalled how she and Goldie decided to come clean to their only child on the diagnosis. When Ranveer, an asthmatic, was informed he was quiet for a moment, took a puff of his inhaler and said that he was aware of cancer because of a book that he and Sonali had read together. He told Goldie, ‘Dad, it’s going to be difficult, we have to deal with it as a family.”

On coping with the physical ramifications of the disease
Sonali said that she had endorsed every hair product in the heydays of her career as an actress. Now with her hair shorn of its original glory she’s been learning to accept the changes in her body. While she is happy that her brows and lashes are back, the hair still remains short. She admits there is a plus side to it. “I’m quick to get ready. The baggage is gone and there’s no more hiding behind it,” she joked.

On the threshold of pain
While describing the pain that she underwent during the surgery and chemotherapy, she said the toughest time was post surgery which left her with a 20-inch scar on her midriff. “That’s when I realised that physical pain was tough but it was the mental [pain] that was tougher,” she confessed.

The biggest takeaways
Insurance is a must, she admitted. “Treatment is very expensive,” she added. More than spirituality, to help with the madness she needed logic. She wanted to understand what was happening to her. “I focused on what needed to be done,” she said. There’s a self-realisation that she arrived on too with regards to her professional life. “I have reached a stage where I don’t know whether I will work or not but I am not insecure about it,” she said. “Will I act in movies again? Maybe. I will wait for it to show itself.”


I wanted to be in charge of my narrative.

I’ll be comfortable someday with my body and my imperfections.

Every time I am fearful of something, I just go ahead and do it.

Best part is that I am alive, I am here and I am thankful for it.

I hope that someday some woman thanks me for raising a sensitive boy.

One thing I don’t want from anybody is sympathy. One thing I was certain of is that I don't want to be on a pedestal.
When the audience was asked if her new hairdo was better than the old, long locks, all hands were raised in spontaneous consensus. 

Friday, 18 January 2019

Exclusive collection of DROOL ON DUFFLE by Brune

Brune, a premium leather brand that produces handcrafted and hand painted shoes, bags and accessories, launches its trendy duffle travel bags’ collection.

This latest offering by Brune is available in striking vibrant colours for men and women both. Designed in modish patina technique these premium leather bags are hand painted with smooth zips and extra pockets to make it more spacious for smaller accessories.
Inspired from latest travel style leanings, the collection offers statement duffle bags that are available in arresting color pallets of electric blue, perky pink, olive green, purple, tan, burgundy, black and many more…

Mr. Tabby Bhatia, Founder of Brune says, ‘We always try to experiment to come up with something unique that is a step ahead of the trend. In this collection, we have used the chicest and latest patina technique making few pieces exemplarily attractive.’

Brune’s travel duffle collection is an ideal companion for weekend escape; this latest collection is apt for young travel enthusiasts. The bags can be designed in any color by the brand on customer’s request.

Price: Rs 7,999 – Rs 24,999/-

Available at:

About the brand
Brune, established in year 2015 captures the classic essence of style in an array of leather accessories and shoes with a tint of formal. The brand offers a wide variety in formal shoes ranging from brogues, oxfords, tassels to monk strap and varied choices in bags ranging from duffle, strolley, backpacks, messenger to laptop briefcase. The brand is setting new benchmarks for surpassing the latest techniques in the fashion industry like inculcating unique customization options of name initials and hand finishing. In this short span, the brand has carved a niche and is gaining wide popularity among celebrities. Recently the brand has also got the privilege of curating formal shoes and belts for the Indian Cricket Team. The brand has also customized an entire travelling range for the maverick youth icon and cricketer Virat Kohli with his name initials and hand painted moccasins for endearing persona from cricket industry, Yuvraj Singh for his wedding reception.

What caused the residential sales slowdown in Q3?

NBFC liquidity issue caused residential sales slowdown in the quarter; still 30% up over last year: PropTiger report 

National, January 16, 2019–, part of Elara Technologies Pte Ltd which also owns and, today released the findings of its ‘Realty Decoded Report’ for Q3 FY’19. As per the report, a total of 73,691 units were sold in Q3 FY’19 in the top 9 cities, 8% lower as compared to 79,894 units sold in Q2 FY’19. However, on a YoY basis, sales improved in all the cities other than Gurugram, which witnessed a slowdown due to non-approval of affordable housing projects. Cities in Maharashtra, namely, Mumbai and Pune led the growth pack showing more than 50% improvement in sales year on year.

Q3 FY'18
Q3 FY'19
YoY Change
Grand Total

Notes: * Noida includes Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway.
            ** Mumbai includes Navi Mumbai and Thane.
            ^ Gurugram includes Bhiwadi, Dharuhera and Sohna.
            Analysis includes apartments and villas across the regions.

Ankur Dhawan Chief Investment Officer, said, The growth momentum typically seen during festival seasons was not seen during the last season due to the liquidity crunch caused by the snowballing of the IL&FS issue, which slowed down home loan disbursals and new sanctions by large Home Finance Companies. However, if we compare the numbers with the same quarter of FY’18, sales are 30% higher which is good news for the industry.”

Launches at the national level improved by a mere 3% year on year, primarily due to a 48% drop in new launches in Mumbai. Cities where launches improved significantly include Bengaluru, Gurugram, Chennai and Pune.

Q3 FY'18
Q3 FY'19
YoY Change
Grand Total

Notes: * Noida includes Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway.
            ** Mumbai includes Navi Mumbai and Thane.
            ^ Gurugram includes Bhiwadi, Dharuhera and Sohna.
            Analysis includes apartments and villas across the regions.

Reduced launches and improved sales brought down unsold inventory by 10% to 7,99,081 units. Inventory overhang has decreased to 31 months as compared to 34 months from last quarter. Ahmedabad has the highest inventory overhang of 45 months followed by Kolkata at 41 months. Hyderabad witnessed the lowest inventory overhang of 20 months followed by Chennai and Bengaluru at 22 and 24 months respectively.

Unsold Inventory as on quarter end
Q3 FY'18
Q3 FY'19
YoY Change
Grand Total

Notes: * Noida includes Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway.
            ** Mumbai includes Navi Mumbai and Thane.
            ^ Gurugram includes Bhiwadi, Dharuhera and Sohna.
            Analysis includes apartments and villas across the regions.

The study covered nine key Indian cities of Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.
About Elara Technologies Pte. Ltd.
Elara Technologies Pte. Ltd is a Singapore-based technology services company and is the owner of and The company provides digital real estate marketing and transactions services.

Founded in 2012, is India’s most innovative real estate advertising platform for developers, real estate brokers & home owners and for consumers searching to buy and rent homes. The company offers the largest selection of verified listings in India through a trained team of data collectors, analysts and auditors. The one-of-a-kind Data Sciences Lab at analyses a significant body of information to allow buyers and sellers to make intelligent decisions. is India’s leading digital real estate advisory firm offering a one-stop platform for buying residential real estate. Founded in 2011 with the goal to help people buy their dream homes, leverages the power of information and the organisation’s deep-rooted understanding of the real estate sector to bring simplicity, transparency and trust in the home buying process. helps home-buyers through the entire home-buying process through a mix of technology-enabled tools as well as on-ground support. The company offers researched information about various localities and properties and provides guidance on matters pertaining to legal paperwork and loan assistance to successfully fulfil a transaction. Since inception, the team has facilitated the sales of close to 25,000 homes worth nearly US$2.2 billion. was acquired by Elara in May 2015, with a vision to establish a true "marketplace" in real estate. With consumer ratings on more than 30,000 sellers, credible listings data and real-time intelligence on property search, has quickly emerged as the preferred partner for consumers looking to rent, buy or sell a home. With its unique post-paid advertising fees model and value proposition of no upfront fees for sellers, has grown to have more than 45,000 active sellers with over 15000 active brokers in a short span o