Friday, 21 April 2017

Launch of most disruptive Acting Orientation Program –

'Acting Jaagruk Abhiyan'

Amid the presence of prominent award winning film stars at the launch of a Radical Digital Revolutionary Acting Orientation Program promoted by Fulcrum Films, the notable Casting Director Himalaya Agrawal announced his company’s foray in Digitization of the process of Casting for the Production Houses keeping in times with the Digitization initiative of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Claiming it to be the most disruptive Acting Orientation Program, and supposedly the first of its kind in the world, in the presence of prominent film stars, Himalaya Agrawal announced his venture to celebrate a decade of enjoying a reputation of the best casting organization providing professional casting services to the top production houses as well as for casting actors in feature films, Television commercials, corporate films and now web series too.

“It is managed by highly respected and reputed industry professionals who have eliminated various hurdles of production houses that also look for suitable artistes in a particular age group perfectly suited for the director's needs,” he added.

Yet the vacuum exists in form of lack of talent pool which has therefore made them come up with the novel idea of tapping the untapped potential of raw artists as well as the existing ones.

Therefore Fulcrum Films have initiated the 'Acting Jaagruk Abhiyan' the Acting Orientation Program pan India to bridge the talent pool of hidden talents in the interiors of India to the Production houses.
The advantages to a Production House of this Acting Orientation Program are that it will provide a realistic cast for the characters needed who can be made available at cost effective rates apart from saving its time and travelling cost with proper audition, makeup and costumes.

“Most of the benefits of this Acting Orientation Program will be available to the Artistes who need not worry about exploitation as well as get casted directly as per scripts requirement,” announced Himalaya Agrawal.

On the anvil are Road shows and Street plays arranged throughout India creating awareness amongst the raw talent instilling confidence in their children and even the retired persons who are much in demand with the new breed of production houses who otherwise spend huge amounts and time scouting for new talent.

To fructify the promoter's dream will be his team of professionally trained talent managers who would be identifying the requirements of Production House case by case while providing break to the otherwise skeptical talented individuals across India.

Highlights of the Acting Jaagruk Abhiyan  / Acting Orientation Program:
-         Preparing a non actor by identifying his hidden talent
-         Obliterate negative elements in the industry such as the middlemen and casting couch menace
-         Providing realistic casting to the Production House
-         Creating direct contacts between the Production House and the aspiring actors
-         Professional Environment with safe and sound process of selection
-         ‘Develop Your Talent’ awareness campaign by creating social awareness
-         Instilling confidence and uplifting the Morales of aspiring actors
-         Providing FREE INSURANCE to all the actors from the Company
-         Reach out to millions of people having hidden desire of acting in films
-         Provide facilities of local auditions in their hometowns all over India even in villages
-         Lifetime membership to all who join in the initial promotional campaigns
-         Enriching lives of old people and street children by providing them opportunity to try their luck on the silver screen
-         Himalaya Agrawal will be personally overseeing day to day functioning of each of the several departments like Street Plays, Auditions, Social awareness, nurturing actors, Acting Workshops, Data updates, Handling Production House’s demands and the Data updates via the State of the Art IT Department .