Friday, 6 January 2017

Is Modernity important or culture?

The modern era is the era of technology and fast, and with it the whole world wants to walk and walk is undoubtedly unclear. India is a country of different cultures, religions and lifestyles, which is made up of the course is its identity, Therefore the discussion in this country that is always the culture is important for any individual or modernism. There's a fork in this change is the law of Prkrati walk with better security is not only important.  At the same time it is essential to respect the values and traditions, this round should the person do? Change over time, should or should remain connected to their culture?

The go live at any one camp would not be profitable for the person, who took part in both Aniwaryit if some of it is not only the best option but also in the development of society will not be hindered. Let it be totally modern and rituals to forget that the person on time, so help him in looking like India away from the rest of society and the youth of today are generally seen. Similarly, by staying connected to their traditions and culture and not adopt any changes Wylti society and it is often seen that does not match the educated and modern people do not relate much with such people. Now it becomes necessary to have modern and tradition associated with it. Take a mixture of both matches go well with everybody and helps strengthen your identity is formed. 

Undoubtedly, the Gulf shirt with jeans, shirts painted over the cofferdam (Nehru jacket) or with fashionable clothes horses (Mojdi) wearing only a T-shirt jeans and funky shoes. Today, people tend to work better than the eminently. If a person is listening to English songs to the temple everyday, it would not be wrong to say man balanced. Such people are also changing with the rapid changes and their culture is also elan. Today, it is important that whatever is going on in the world in it maintained the balance. The only hang clothing or any of life's meaning is not right, his ideas, and society's awareness of the country's most important and inclination.

Man's identity is Hotoi based on several measurements on top of it there is a fair and considered thinking while Occupation, lifestyle, clothing, etc. can change colloquial thinking and spirit of the individual does not change so easily. India is the fastest developing country and young Ddunian the spine. For all sects of society is important to stay connected with the principles focused heavily on modernization. It is important now to shift the soil and not at all at the expense of values. 

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Gupta, a young writer and thinker who has the heart of the profession is Public Relations Officer | Journalism in Delhi after completing his career in the field of public relations Shurwat Currie | Currently in Chandigarh city is working in the field of public relations and research-based and fair consideration by focusing on various topics still remain stylus | Personally political, social, public, research-based and other topics that interest |

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