Monday, 14 November 2016

Technology takes over: The beauty of Human Interaction written by Teja Gudluru, CEO & Founder, UDO

Virtual Reality is playing a very important role in today’s world.  It gives a scope to leap miles of distance, make communication better and save time. Humans are also taking the advantage of virtual reality to the fullest extent. To all our surprise, the thin line between virtual and actual world is getting blurred day by day.

Due to this excessive growth of Virtual environment, the scope of human interaction has become very limited. If we go back for five years, we can see that we used to solve every kind of difficulties by our own, where as in today’s world, we tend to look to search engines to solve even the most minor problems. Issues were solved on face to face interaction, career counseling, was done through physical visits, field trips etc. Now, we just confined ourselves in a computer-based online community environment. We are spending our times in reading others unwanted feeds and information in social media pages, rather than utilizing the time to cultivate something beneficial for our lives and society.

Due to ease in accessibility and lack in filtering information, we are bombarded with solutions, most of which are of questionable nature. If we are looking for any solution, thousands of bloggers and experts are giving different solution to the same problem, so we are in a confused state. Sometimes with a unique demographic and geographic nature, our problem is different from others and we need an unique solution to this problem, but in reality finding genuine answers has become complex as most of the help around seems to come through blogs, similar problems posted by other people or commercially driven posts. Although we are enjoying the huge growth of technology, but we cannot ignore the need and beauty of direct human interaction, that seems to take back seat now a days.

Text based communication has become a habit of people. Often the communication gap sustain and misinterpreted emails, text, creating further problems in the efficient functioning of the organization and in personal life as well. Personal relationships tend to lose their familiarity, with Whats App messages replacing daily practices such as phone calls and visits. There should be a balance between textual and human interactions.  The emotional need of a person get fulfilled when a person can interact with, other over a phone call. The communication become very easy and it also help to overcome state of confusion, misinterpretation that is lacking through text communication. A phone call to follow up an email, an actual conversation in a coffee shop with your loved one instead of talking it out in WhatsApp, talking to an actual person for advice rather than scoping the net out for blogs. Gathering inferences from face-to-face conversations tends to bring out greater insights, in comparison. In workplace, appreciation through e-mail maybe a faster route, but it lacks the feel-good factor. The feeling of being appreciated has a greater impact. This maybe because humans are a visual and when one gets to see appreciation; it has a more positive effect on him/her. Through electronic modes of communication, a wise feedback can come across as something offensive. However, if the management takes out time to approach the employee and discuss their areas of improvement, the employee is sure to take it in a positive way.
Technology makes our lives easy, but in term of communication, there is a great need to bring back humane touch. A conversation can open up multiple paths for refinement and progress and its significance in both workplace and personal life shouldn’t be ignored.

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