Saturday, 26 November 2016

Glimpses of Tradition and Culture at Jharkhand Day celebration

Glimpses of Tradition and Culture mark Jharkhand Day celebration at India International Trade Fair 2016,New Delhi

A cultural evening on Jharkhand Day was Inaugurated by Jharkhand Governor DraupadiMurmu

The extravaganza of tribal folk music and dances witnessed more than two hundred visitors at Hasndhwani Theater

New Delhi, November 24, 2016: Visitors of India International Trade Fair IITF 2016 in the city were mesmerized by several groups of tribal dancers and musicians on the occasion of Jharkhand Day that was celebrated today here. The celebration of Jharkhand Day was inaugurated by the Governor DraupadiMurmu at the Hansdhwani Theatre at PragatiMaidan hat witnessed a plethora of traditional and cultural activities showcasing the art and dance forms of different regions of Jharkhand state.
This cultural evening at hansdhwani theatre was a worth visit for all those people who had passion to learn and know about the culture of this State. Its unique touch of ethnic tribal collection, Santali dance, Paika dance, Manbhoomchhau mesmerize and allure hundreds of visitors at the theater.
The cultural activities at the Hansdhwani Theatre included by the popular dance forms from the state such as Santhali Dance, Nagpuri Dance, Oraon Dance, Paika DanceChau and collective group performance.The artists had come all the way from Jharkhand and their performance kept the spectators spell bound.
The governor also visited the state Pavilion in the fair where numerous artisans from the state are showcasing exotic handicrafts, tribal art forms apart from state government departments showcasing the progress made by the state in the field of health, education, employment and ease of doing business. The state is also focusing on its Momentum Jharkhand campaign to promote upcoming Global Investors Summit in Ranchi early next year.A

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