Friday, 26 August 2016

First-ever dog population census launched in South Delhi

Humane Society International/India and South Delhi Municipal Corporation to carry out dog census

New Delhi (26 August, 2016)-A dog census in New Delhi will be conducted in the wee hours of the morning beginning on 27 August in the areas that fall under South Delhi Municipal Corporation. SDMC commissioned Humane Society International/India to conduct a detailed dog population survey to understand the effect of its ongoing animal birth control program in the capital. SDMC has been running a street dog sterilization program for more than four years, but does not have an estimated number of dogs in the area to measure its effectiveness.

Dr. Amit Chaudhari, HSI's senior manager for monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, will be joined by a highly experienced dog census consultant, Dr. Lex Hiby from the United Kingdom. They will be assisted by a team of eight volunteers who will be conducting the census from 5 AM to 9 AM every morning. The volunteers will conduct the census in teams of two, wherein one volunteer will ride the motorbike and the pillion volunteer will use a specially designed mobile app to record the data. The volunteers will collect the data on pre-decided routes that have been created using the boundaries submitted by SDMC.

Dr. Chaudhari explains, "Through this survey, we will know the total number of free-roaming dogs in each of the SDMC areas. We will also know the number of dogs sterilized, lactating females and puppies. It is important to carry out such a survey because it will allow us to measure the progress of the Corporation's sterilization program."

HSI/India will compile and analyze the data over a period of eight weeks. A report will be submitted with SDMC in end of October that will estimate the number of dogs in areas under SDMC.

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