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For Elysian, fashion, luxury and style have always been core aspects of a project that goes beyond production of clothes. Careful observation and interest in the world, society, and culture are at the core of Elysian’s creativity and modernity. This enables Elysian beyond the physical limitations of boutiques and showrooms, leading us to interact with diverse, seemingly distant worlds, and introducing, very naturally, a new way of creating fashion”. Pooja Bhutani Chief Fashion Cons ultant of Elysian Desirehas her signature collection for the label which represents the old world elegance but she’s clued into global trends, a fashion enthusiast. While Elysian’s forte is design, creative direction is the stronghold of Pooja, who comes in with a purist approach to the Label.
Talent can only be honed under a great master. We at Elysian do not endure restraint merely for its own sake, but for what lies beyond it. So we have come up with a calendar shoot named Elysian Desire Dazzling Global India Diva’s with photo legend Akash Das who is a path-breaking figure in Indian Advertising. Akash Das is an Internationally acclaimed photographer who has done more than 10 solo exhibitions in Paris, Miami, Hamburg, Montevideo and in India and has also won many prestigious awards and has been a pioneer in the art of visual communication and photography. Awarded one of the ’10 most influential people in photography industry’ adjudged by Ernst & Young for Asian Photography in February 2013-14. He is the only photographer whose black and white exhibition called ‘In Search of Asian Nudes’ got engraved in Limca Book of World Records as the first of its kind in the A Special Member of NIKON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES since 2016. A CANON Pro Panelist & Mentor from 2008 to 2015. He already has 4 large prestigious Coffee table books to his credit.  There is indeed, infinite learning in suffering and surrender, the kind when new channels are prepared and the barriers against the old methods more firmly fixed. 
This calendar will Features  most dynamic female ‘Global Indian’ divas of  Honk Kong and other Far East countries like Singapore who have ruled the roost in the past few years of staying away from their country in a foreign land.We bring out the fusion of Sweat , Glitz and Glam quotient of ‘Global Indian’ women and televise itfor the first time – Global Indian women Day out & Behind the scenes of Dazzling ‘Global Indian’Divas Calendar Shoot Their style quotient becomes great inspiration for all the Global Indian women and we televised this glamour part of these Global Indian women personalities on popular lifestyle National Television In 2016 @ Multiple Marketing Solutions, we bring The Elysian Dazzling 'Global Indian' Divas Calendar with a vision to blend fashion with Global Indian women

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