Tuesday, 26 July 2016

CORE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. Announces Collaboration with Star Health Network

  • CORE will launch the Celsee Liquid Biopsy test for oncology throughout India

July 25, 2016 New Delhi: CORE Diagnostics, the clinical diagnostics laboratory focused on bringing advanced diagnostics techniques and expertise to India, announced collaboration with Star Health Network, Inc., a New York-based healthcare company. The agreement extends to the use of the Celsee diagnostics’ liquid biopsy test in India. CORE Diagnostics will add the CTC test to their expanding list of tests, and market the product to the patient population across India. Primary and metastatic tumors shed cells into the bloodstream. These are called circulating tumor cells [CTC]. The Celsee CTC test detects cancer cells in the blood stream and determines whether cancer treatment is working, or the disease is spreading. The test is a valuable aid to oncologists in evaluating prognosis of metastatic breast, colorectal, prostate and lung cancers.

“We are happy to partner with Star Health Network, and to add this state-of-the-art CTC test to our growing menu. Oncology is a rapidly developing field with a focus on research and early detection. We sincerely hope that this diagnostic test will help oncologists plan the best possible targeted treatments, for the most successful patient outcomes,” said Zoya Brar, Founder & Managing Director, CORE Diagnostics.

“CTC is an instrumental technology in aiding cancer treatment. Star Health Network is helping commercialize Celsee CTC technology across India and is excited to forge the collaboration with CORE Diagnostics,” said Jamal NaiyerM.D., CEO of Star Health Network.

CORE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian clinical diagnostic laboratory specialising in high-end esoteric tests in the spheres of Oncology, Reproductive health, Cardiology, and Endocrinology. For more information, visit corediagnostics.in

Star is a New York City-based company that has launched a global health network of hospitals connecting centers of excellence in the United States to centers of need around the world. Star’s Connected Health Network provides unparalleled and unprecedented access to US hospitals, their medical expertise and advanced care capabilities. For more information, visit starhealthnetwork.com

Celsee Diagnostics, a privately held Michigan-based company, has developed automated systems to detect CTCs from blood. The company’s technology allows healthcare professionals to determine prognosis of cancer patients and efficacy of drug treatment. For more information, visitcelsee.com.

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