Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 - movie review

Kya fooool hai hum

That's what I will say to myself to have even gone and seen the movie and even worse that I am writing about it what an ignominy but what has to be done has to be done. 

In comparison the previous two installment of the franchise would look a work of art its that bad. 

A very flimsy storyline supported with over the top nonsense acting. It is the usual drama of two friends Rocky (Aftab Shivdasani) the stud who can sleep with seven women in a night and his bum-chum Kanhaiya (Tusshar Kapoor- aging) who is on a look out for a BP (beautiful patni) - unfortunately that's the depth of dialogues Dada Kondke was better with his vernac double meaning dialogues let alone double meaning there is no meaning in the same. 

Well Kanhaiya's father Mr. P K Lele (Shakti Kapoor) throws his son out his house for indecent behavior in the office and then at home (look who's talking). 

Both the boys straight land in the open arms of thir third bum Mckey (Krushna- energetic but wasted) who it turns out is a maker of soft porno short films for the web and wants his friends to work in them after a bit of dilly dallying both agree. Both the guys are enjoying all of it till our BP boy finds his BP Shalu or something like that (Mandana Karimi- hot in bikini but wasted none the less).

After a few misunderstandings both the BP boy and the BP want to get entangled in a lifelong relationship, but she has a problem: the bikini babe's sanskari father wants only a 'Sanskari Damaad' who has an equally sanskari family and would like to meet the folks. 

This when the whole movie goes bonkers and senseless. Even the past badly made Indian slapsticks were masterpieces compared to this no-brainer.

As regards acting there was none all the actors were hamming and what not over the top OMG. 

Mandana Karimi was better in her two bit role in Bhag Johnny, if this is the choice of her movies I am afraid she won't last in Bollywood. 

And what was Meghna Naidu doing in this movie, what with her thunder thighs, and what happened to the woman of substance roles, anyways she was unrecognisable as BP boy's stepmother. 

This movie is soft porn in the name of sex comedy. God save the Queeeeeen!!!!

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