Friday, 6 November 2015

Four Pillars of BASEMENT - film review

Rating: ★★.
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Directed and Written by: GIRESH NAIK K 
Cast & Crew: Dillzan Wadia, BRUNA ABDULLAH (Promotional song), AALIYA SINGH, 
Zakir Hussain, Sanwar Ali, Anant Jog, Imran Khan, Ehasan Khan, Shiva RANDHANI.
There are movies which are shot in One Location in one Room Like Bheja Fry, Club 60 and are totally loved  by Viewers for its simplicity. Now entire movie shot in Basement (Car Parking area) comes for the first time with a thrilling twist.
What happens when you get get locked away in Basement, How scary it could be - Reveals our Film Four Pillars of Basement in a Thrilling manner.
Four Pillars of Basement is a Story of Riya who is workalcoholic and Dure wo work winds up late on Festival Day of Diwali , and mall gets closed early & She is left inside Parking lodge. While she was going , Her Car tyre punctures and Surprisingly Security   Guard Sameer comes for help. Now will be shocked to hear that Sameer is working since Four years and noticing Riya since then & is madly in Love with her.
Falling her Alone , Sameer tries to take advantage of his feelings and tries every bit of getting her. When she tells that she is Engaged , He becomes violent and threatens her that he will kill her fiancy.  Weather she protects herself , or Kills the Sameer is Rest of the story with Full of Suspense.
Direction is really terrifying with thundering dialogues, and especially songs like  Main Yahan hoon Yahan hoon, Jeena hai Marna yahan - said in form of dialogues. Dilzan 's Acting is terrifying and reminds of Shahrukh Khan in DARR.  
Synopsis : Four pillars of basement is a psycho thriller tht shows human frailties and capricious nature. The protagonist samir is a conniving person. He works as a security officer in a mall and has a big crush on riya working in one of the offices in the mall. His twin brother a lunatic and a mad person elopes the mental hospital to add more confusion to the plot. The movie unfolds dramatically as the heroine is trapped in the basement and is unable to get out of it... Whosoever comes to help her meets with a tragic death. In  climax will the hero of the movie- as the twin lunatic is held responsible ? will the security officer is left Punished? For That you need to Watch FOUR PILLARS OF BASEMENT.
Review : Ratings indicates on those who love to see Horror films , with Violence on one sided love 

The Four Pillars of basement Releases on 6th Nov , in almost 700 - 800 Screens all over


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