Monday, 21 September 2015

Crazy Love for Cricket by Pocket News Alert

20 September 2015 India is a cricket crazy country. Our passion for Cricket is such fthat no other nation can match. We do anything and everything that one can think of as a cricket fan to show our love for cricket. Pocket News Alert also loves Cricket. Cricket forms a part of our life. Yes we are cricket fanatics !

Here is list of craziest things we do for the love of cricket :

1) My Lucky Charm

We including Pocket news alert all have it, we feel it makes india win if we have it with us be it a cap, a tshirt. We go to such extremes such as changing the position of the TV as per vastu so as for India to win. Sometimes it works, the other times we say the match was fixed.

2) Pray for Cricket

No match of India can begin without a prayer.They say "Pray and it will be answered". We take it to the next level, Fans actually conduct special poojas and havans before India plays a match. We may not be all that religious in daily life, but when it comes to cricket we’ll worship anything and everything that can assure us a win.

3) Get Glued to TV

When India is playing we get glued to our TVs and nothing can seperate us, even natures call can wait for an inning untill drinks are served. If we are out on the road we get glued to electronic stores where cricket matches are displayed and we dont mind standing out there for hours at a stretch.

4) Copy Their Style

Be it your favourite cricketers hairstyle, or his clothing style or even his playing style- we love to follow it all, and whenever we get a chance we also show off the style.

So that was list of craziest things we Indians do for cricket, dont forget to comment the craziest things you'll do for the game.

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