Saturday, 20 June 2015

Iccha Foundation Founder's Open Letter to Mayor of Mumbai

Founder - Trustee  of  Ichha Foundation Anand Chavan has written an ‘Open Letter’ To The Mayor & Deputy Mayor of Mumbai

Potholes are a universal problem in Mumbai. Monsoon comes and driving down city’s roads as almost equivalent to taking a risky adventure ride. 

Mumbai might be the financial capital of the country but isn’t spared from pothole-ridden roads. Mumbai's Monsoon time of the year in which residents dread - wading through waist-deep water and maneuvering pothole-ridden roads. 

Recently Mumbai seen heaviest rain of about 24 hours which has paralysed the city. Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter on Friday to talk about the heavy rainfall of Mumbai, Riteish Deshmukh: Worli to Film City – highway- 35 mins – No clogging – No jam #JustSaying, Shatrughan Sinha: Pray for those who are suffering and whose lives are disrupted by the #MumbaiRains, Farhan Akhtar: I think the Mumbaikar tax-payers money is used to block the city’s drainage system. #everyyearsamestory, Juhi Chawla: I love the rains .. But how come the traffic quadruples during a downpour…?? Very pakaoed in the car!, Richa Chadha: Late for shoot because … #MumbaiRains. 

Founder - Trustee  of  Ichha Foundation Anand Chavan who got fed up with this situation every monsoon has written an letter to the Mayor Snehal Ambekar and Deputy Mayor Alka Kerkar asking about the potholes that Mumbaikar's has to face every year. He had asked many questions regarding Budget that has used every year to fill the potholes.

Anand Chavan said, " As a citizen of Mumbai, I am sending this letter.  Every year, Mumbai Municipal Corporation prepares hard to face the coming monsoon. In summer, the dug-up roads are filled with mud and sand, potholes are filled with ‘Paver Blocks’, Nallahs are cleaned - these tasks are performed year on year as an ‘Annual Festival’. 

However, the measures taken by team is washed away by the first rains of the season. We understand that if there is a natural calamity or excessive rainfall, your infrastructure and machinery are affected, but we have noticed the failure of infrastructure and machineries during the normal rains."

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