Friday, 19 June 2015

GourmetItUp is now WowTables – the fine dining revolution begins

Mumbai - Culinary restaurants reservations portal GourmetItUp is stepping up a notch.  Known for pioneering set menu curation in the food industry, GourmetItUp has always been synonymous with fine dining innovations across a diverse range of markets. Having conquered this space, GourmetItUp is now rebranding to WowTables, aiming to change the face of fine dining as we know it – by dispelling common myths and misconceptions of fine dining – and to bring about a fine dining revolution.

WowTables  is here to help bust the myths and break the clutter surrounding the fine dine industry, and make it more accessible to the discerning diner.

The culinary platform encompasses an end-to-end dining experience – from search to discovery to reservations and finally exclusively curated experiences.  Our food experiences and menu’s Pan India can all be accessed by simply logging onto

Deepa Jain, founder of Wow Tables says, “WowTables is all about ensuring that you’ve had the best food experience yet, through our services – from our choice of restaurants, to our carefully put together menus and food properties. There is something for everybody and we are just a click away from the best food experience that you have ever had! We are all set to lead the fine dining revolution and celebrate the gourmet in you.’’

Bringing to the gourmand the element of surprise and delight, this digital platform extends its collaboration with 200 of the best names in the fine dine industry - from the on-the-move businessman to the curious couple to the adventurous single, to name a few.

Kunal Jain, founder of WowTables says, “The diner of today is evolving every single day. It is a constant challenge to maintain and deliver that element of surprise and delight in our dining experiences . Through WowTables, we are looking to dispel myths about fine dining being inaccessible or not fun enough. We are bringing fine dining within the reach of people who have an evolved taste in food.The curated experiences have brought a difference to menus and added footfall to restaurant partners, building credibility and trust along the way.’’
There are a la carte experiences on offer too. By opting for a la carte reservations through WowTables, guests earn gourmet points which can later be exchanged for Rs 500 gift cards. WowTables also offers expert tips on cuisines and restaurants on the a la carte reservation pages on their website.

With its fast growing 50,000 members Kunal Jain says that as it has become increasingly clear that this industry has not been tapped to its full potential company, the need for a fine dining revolution is now more needed than ever. The country is ready for it and Wow Tables is poised and ready to lead this revolution.

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