Monday, 22 June 2015

Bollywood babe Devshi Khanduri to play a burkha- wearing Muslim character

Like every Bollywood star works to do something special in every film, Devshi Khanduri is happy playing a Muslim woman in her next. Bollywood actress Devshi Khanduri, who was discovered by Dev Anand Sahab is currently busy shooting for her upcoming bollywood movie “Khel Toh Ab Shuru Hoga” opposite Ruslan Mumtaaz. 

The beautiful actress is in Lucknow city where she was spotted in a Burkha and a black laced Veil/Scarf while performing a scene.  This film is Directed by Kunal Singh and produced by Mahesh Narula which is based on a bank robbery. 

Devshi is often seen conversing in urdu off set and we must say these are signs of perfection. She has undergone training to understand the body language, dialogue deliveries, and personna of a muslim woman. Viewers shall also see a svelte Devshi in this film as she has also worked on losing weight for her character.

Devshi Khanduri said, "Since this is my first Muslim character on screen, I had to  prepare myself well to be able to carry it with ease. I'm thrilled to have received this opportunity.”

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