Monday, 1 June 2015

An Indian breaks the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of longest speech

DR. Ajay Shesh set a New World Record…60 Hrs. 30 Mnts Marathon Speech

It is not easy to create a world record; and much more difficult to break one. Not many Indians have achieved this feat. Mumbai will witnessed one such rare event on 27th to 29th May 2015, when Dr. Ajay Shesh, renowned academician and inspirational speaker broke his earlier Guinness World Record of 49 Hrs. 39 Minutes as well latest Guinness World Record of longest speech by An American Paster Zach Zehnder for 53 Hrs. 18 Mnts. Dr. Shesh became World’s Longest Speaker by set a new record for 60 Hrs. 30 Minutes Nonstop Speech.
The event being organized by Mumbai based Kruti Promotion and Events held at Hotel Four Seasons at Worli, Mumbai. Dr. Shesh started his speech by 3:44pm of 27th May 2015 and finish at 4:13am of 30th May 2015.
“I practice daily 12 hrs for a year with controlled on diet, regular exercise for fitness, yoga as well as meditation to maintain stamina and to control over sleep. I have done what I want because I think, everything is possible in this world. If we set a goal, worked hard on aim and think and act positively on what we want to do. I did what every common man can do by practice.” Dr. Shesh addressed to Media while he broke 53 Hrs. 18 mnts. Record of Zach Zehnder.
Dr. Ajay Shesh, a Maharashtrian settled in Chhattisgarh has been a powerful speaker since his childhood. A medical doctor by training, 44 years old Dr. Shesh, after completing his MD in Pathology, shifted to Management for his academic pursuits.  After acquiring MBA (Marketing) and M. Phil. Degrees, he is currently busy with his Ph.D. in Management. He aims to continue his pursuit of knowledge in various disciplines throughout his life in order to understand human life in all his dimensions. His sole motive in life is to inspire people for positive thinking and positive life. He has been using all his knowledge, reading and oratorical skills for this purpose. He has been counselling people suffering from frustration, depression, aimlessness through his inspirational speeches and writings.
During his 60 Hrs. 30 Mnts. session, Dr. Shesh speak on 20 different topics encompassing the human life from birth to becoming a successful component of social life. To witness such unique event, along with the collegiate many guests of Hotel Four seasons were attend the session. .
His aim is to grabbing the world’s attention for the need to fight negative thoughts and frustration and rekindle the positivism and humanitarianism latent in all human beings. The income generated through this event will be used for starting a social movement through Shraddha Humanitarian Society against atrocities against women such as sex-selective abortions.
1.      7 Habits of Highly Effective People
2.      Personality and Attitude : The Success Receipe
3.      Managing Opportunities in the time of Change
4.      Productivity Maximiser
5.      The Professional Attitude
6.      Talent and Team Acquisition
7.      Customer to Client - Service Maximiser
8.      Leadership
9.      Students - The YES Factor
10.  Time Maximizer
11.  Beyond Time Management: Energy Management
12.  Eleven Commandments
13.  Teamwork Dreamwork
14.  Sambhog se Samadhi tak
15.  Problem Solving
16.  Stress: Winning in Tough & Uncertain Times
17.  Health Multiplier
18.  Good to Great, Built to Last
19.  The Parenting Factor

20.  Meditation and Prayer

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