Saturday, 30 May 2015

India Marches for Animal Liberation tomorrow

For the first time in India, a nation-wide march is set to take place across 15 cities (and counting) to sensitise people to the fact that animals are individuals like us who deserve freedom, not commodification; when we use animal products and services we rob them of their deeply cherished freedom. India Against Speciesism, a volunteer network, is pleased to invite you to the march, 'India Marches for Animal Liberation', on Sunday evening, 31 May 2015. 
The participating cities include Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Jammu, Wardha, etc. The city-wise details (
contact info, timings, routes) can be found here as well as pasted below for some major cities.

The aim of this march is to spread awareness about speciesism, which refers to discriminatory actions that exploit sentient beings on the basis that they are not human. Justice and kindness should not be confined to humans alone when we know that animals too can suffer acutely. When it's not fair to discriminate against or hurt members of other genders, races, castes and religions, we ask how it is fair to exploit or hurt animals merely because they belong to other species.

Our use i.e. exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, etc. is unnecessary. We can live healthily without breeding sentient beings into an existence filled with cruelty and oppression. In doing so, we can also realise many other benefits in the areas of human health, environmental sustainability and hunger. Plus, given the alternatives that exist today, giving up animal products does not mean giving up tasty food, comfortable clothing, enjoyable entertainment, etc.

The march will also mark the launch of a pan-India effort called India Against Speciesism, under which awareness sessions will be conducted in public places and forums across many cities. For more information or to confirm your participation, please use the information below. 
Contact info: indiaagainstspeciesism@gmail.comPulkit (7893165919,,
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