Saturday, 21 March 2015

Launch of Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.

Recently in the city a new production house cum talent hunt company, Radhee Radhee entertainments pvt. Ltd. was launched. The production company launched with a mission to bring new talent to the platform with low budget movies & serials.

Radhee Radhee entertainments pvt. Ltd is co- founded by two cousin brothers Nikhil Jakhar & Manish Olan. Both the young has a good background and experience of Film industry. Despite being from a very conservative family Nikhil’s interest in films & serials brought him to Mumbai. He learnt movie making there and got to work with the team of serials like Crime patrol, Pavitra Rishta. Manish’s interest in modeling made him to work for talent acquisition and their eagles eye of view choose good talent and works to make them best talent.
The idea to create Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. came last summer. The idea transitioned to the two beginning a production company together. The purpose of the company is to give platform to fresh faces in the film industry. The first production to come from Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd will be a serial.
Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd hopes to hire a crew of young and enthusiastic. Through the film and the work done through the production company, Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd hope to ignite a change in the film industry.
Their films are not yet in production but they are coming with 3 back to back movies in 2015 only for which shoot will start in the last week of March. They are planning to make one serial as well which will most probably start in the month of May or June.

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