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Benefits of Diversity & Ethics at Workplace

Rajeev Bhardwaj, VP, Human Resource

Our workplace is where we spend almost one half of our life. After our home (some would argue, even before), workplace is the focal point around which our lives revolve. In fact, a workplace should be like a second family where every member, no matter what his or her origin or background, must feel at home. It is also a place that should teach its members, who represent it in the outside world, the absolute importance of ethical behaviour.

Why ethical behaviour and respect for diversity is important for a workplace is a subject often talked about. However, very few organizations make a deliberate and concerted effort to imbibe these two values into their blood by formalizing policies around it.  Human resource professionals generally tend to be focussed on the short term ahead, target issues of immediate importance like hiring, retaining and placating. Not many reflect the foresight of looking ahead to construct an organizational fabric that cherishes diversity and make ethical behaviour the hallmark of its culture.

In today’s world of free flow of people and brain, work communities can no longer afford to be monolithic. The diversity that people of multiple origins bring to an organization is immensely enriching. The term diversity itself is an all-encompassing term that may be used to refer to the characteristics in individuals which make them all unique and different from each other. Not just race, color, gender, caste or sexual preferences, even individual personality traits add to the diversity of an organization. Some employees will be more adventurous, and advocate risk taking while others may be more cautious and may suggest safer routes. Some may be brilliant in ideation yet lax in implementation; others may be better executors.

The moral responsibility of an organization is to make sure each individual is respected for his or her abilities and not discriminated against for any reason whatsoever. The majority group should not be sidelining or undermining those in minority, men should not exercise an upper hand over women employees, or an employee’s sexual orientation doesn’t become the subject of ridicule! An organization’s work culture should be cultivated to ensure complete assimilation and acceptance so that the environment is congenial for all.

The question of assimilating diversity and using it to advantage is a burning question in many countries of Europe like France, Germany, Cyprus, Sweden etc which have witnessed a huge influx of migrants from across the world. These migrants who are providing valuable workforce to people starved nations are undoubtedly an asset to these countries. Yet, often the growing diversity presents difficulties in the form of cultural differences and preferences leading to arguments. Socially, some of these countries have seen a rise of a radical right in response to an influx of immigrants. In debt-ridden Greece, for example, an anti immigrant radical right party attracted much negative attention across the world when it offered free food to hundreds of struggling people of Athens, but strictly excluded foreigners from their aid programme.

A workplace in some ways is a microcosm of a nation, representing multiple kinds of people all under one umbrella. India is not new to diversity, yet our behavior often reflects tendencies of racial discrimination. The problems faced by people from the north eastern states in Delhi, is a case in point. An organization however should ensure that its employees do not carry such attitude to the workplace or when amongst their colleagues outside workplace. Similarly an organization’s reputation in client and customer circles has got a lot to do with work ethics and moral guidelines followed there. If your organization works by ethics, its reputation is bound to reach places much ahead of it.

An all assimilating work environment enhances productivity: If your workplace has good assimilation policies where people from all backgrounds are treated well, it will have a positive bearing on the total work environment. The more belongingness your employees feel with the organization, the more wholeheartedly they will contribute to it. Having a diversity-friendly set-up therefore helps enhance the productivity of individual employees and the entire organization.  

Cultural Diversity Enriches Individuals & the Organization: Diversity doesn’t just bring together apples and oranges; it also brings together their respective cultures, practices, beliefs and work ethics. This amalgamation provides a wonderful cauldron from where new ideas and systems will originate. Working and living in a culturally diverse place is always enriching for individual employees, and it stimulates the thinking and ideation process.     

Ethical Practices Mean Happy Customers: Apart from effective result delivery, what customers and clients look for in a service provider is reliability, trustworthiness and honesty. If a client trusts that you will be ethical and morally driven in whatever transactions are conducted, or whatever deals are struck, their trust will substantiate into their willingness for a longstanding and sustainable relationship.. Since, no organization desires to lose business it is imperative to understand that ethical practices help companies retain clients and produce a long-term relationship.

Adherence to Work Ethics Translates Into a Good Image: It is often stated that reputation – both good and bad – precedes a person. The same is true for an organization as well for which a good word of mouth is always desirable. In a world where unscrupulousness tends to be the norm, ethical behavior, in all streams, always impinge positively upon people. If your employees are ethical in dealing with the customers, the clients, and even fellow industrywallahs, this will translate into a good image for the company outside.   

Good Reputation Attracts Good Human Resource: While your dealings with customers and clients will determine your image as a service provider; the way your employees, present and former, associate with the organization, will determine your reputation as an employer. A good and enriching work environment is what most people look for, apart from remuneration. This means the organization will attract good human resource from across the industry. There is no doubt about good human resource being a company’s biggest asset.

We at Sun Life believe in acting ethically and fostering a work environment that reflects the vibrant workforce; unique and diverse but having oneness in the way they relate to the organization. We here celebrate the life journey of our employees that is to say, we believe in making the tenure of every employee one of the best days of his life, by ensuring that his/her individuality is respected and no discrimination is there on the basis of caste, creed, religion, place of origin and beliefs or any other aspect for that matter. We have a robust Code of business conduct to guide our employees and also ensure that the managers by virtue of their position act as ethical role models. And because of this diversity of workforce and the emphasis on ethics, Sun Life is now going to complete 150 years: a glorious past and a bright future ahead. That is why we say, ’Life is brighter under the Sun.’

Saturday, 21 March 2015

D&M presents its Woven Image summer collection

March 2015: D&M presents the Woven Image Summer collection that promotes a playful addition to EchoPanel introducing a tessellated tile story of three shapes including Square, Oblong and Delta. Evolving from the Woven Image Hex Tile product, this collection promotes inspiration to create your own personalized wall art. The three shapes allow for a variety of combinations across an array of colours that can be previewed utilising the EchoTile tool via.

EchoTile is easy to use with each individual tile being supplied with a self adhesive backing. EchoTile Square, Oblong and Delta is available in 10 colour ways cut from 12mm EchoPanel.  Each shape has been designed with subtle rounded corners that will create an additional pattern when placed next to each other. Square is available in a box of 10 tiles. Oblong and Delta are both available in a box of 20 tiles each.

The EchoTile Square, Oblong and Delta collection are a playful, interactive concept that allow for bespoke commercial interior wall designs.

Introducing EchoPanel Tile Vee, an extension to the Woven Image interior finish tile story. The tile is a 500x500mm square with a custom chamfer cut design. It was designed and is cut in-house using Woven Image's cutting machine. The design of the tile offers different pattern creation options with a 3D effect. The inspiration behind the EchoPanel Tile Vee is architectural structures, mosaics and the trend of cut crystals. The tiles are sold in boxes of 10 tiles.

About D&M

D&M is India’s premier brand of integrated interior solutions. We offer a bouquet of iconic international brands, and a wide selection of products to create impressive commercial spaces, and creative workplaces. Some of the world’s most admired; designer-led brands belong in our portfolio. The D&M promise is a commitment to creating unique interior experiences, supported by an extensive national footprint, rapid delivery system, and a host of value-added services.

Space Odyssey - Jewellery Launch by Minawala

Minawala, the bespoke jewellery brand launches its futuristic jewellery line aptly named the ‘Space Odyssey’ collection.               
                                             The collection is mainly crafted in rare colored stones like the black onyx,
                                             black diamonds, amethyst besides the classic diamonds in pink and white gold.
 Inspiration:   Featuring pieces with geometric and edgy patterns, the collection is inspired by space - the universe, comets, stars, planets and other
                           elements from the galaxy.

Price:  On Request

Available at:  Mumbai (Bandra, Santacruz and Heera Panna) and Bengaluru

About Minawala:  Speaking through every extravagant piece, the jewellery is the real hero in the world of jewels for Minawala. With decades of experience, each collection incorporates innovative designs in diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones with high quality gem stones. The perfect combination of cutting edge designs and new technologies is the how each jewel evolves. Each design is conceptualized keeping in mind a woman’s strong personality traits and charm. Continuing its legacy of enchantment and imagination Minawala offers its jewels in  three stores in Mumbai (Bandra, Santacruz and Heera Panna), and another at Bengaluru. It employs close to hundred artisans, designers, executives, sales & marketing teams that will showcase the uncompromising collection.

Know more about the brand through the following:

Launch of Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.

Recently in the city a new production house cum talent hunt company, Radhee Radhee entertainments pvt. Ltd. was launched. The production company launched with a mission to bring new talent to the platform with low budget movies & serials.

Radhee Radhee entertainments pvt. Ltd is co- founded by two cousin brothers Nikhil Jakhar & Manish Olan. Both the young has a good background and experience of Film industry. Despite being from a very conservative family Nikhil’s interest in films & serials brought him to Mumbai. He learnt movie making there and got to work with the team of serials like Crime patrol, Pavitra Rishta. Manish’s interest in modeling made him to work for talent acquisition and their eagles eye of view choose good talent and works to make them best talent.
The idea to create Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. came last summer. The idea transitioned to the two beginning a production company together. The purpose of the company is to give platform to fresh faces in the film industry. The first production to come from Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd will be a serial.
Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd hopes to hire a crew of young and enthusiastic. Through the film and the work done through the production company, Radhee Radhee Entertainments Pvt. Ltd hope to ignite a change in the film industry.
Their films are not yet in production but they are coming with 3 back to back movies in 2015 only for which shoot will start in the last week of March. They are planning to make one serial as well which will most probably start in the month of May or June.

Koenig Becomes Cloudera Connect Partner for IT Training

New Delhi, 

Koenig Solutions, India’s leading offshore IT training company, has become the authorized training partner of Cloudera in India. Koenig can now offer Cloudera trainings and certifications to its global customer base from more than 60 countries and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

“We are pleased to announce that Koenig is now Cloudera authorized training partner and will provide trainings to customers who need to unlock the value of Big Data. This new partnership will enable Koenig to access valuable resources from Cloudera, and to offer unmatched service around the Apache Hadoop ecosystem,” saidMr. Rohit Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Koenig Solutions.

Cloudera is a platform for Big Data and a leading enterprise solution for Apache Hadoop. The courses on offer by Koenig cover topics and skill sets on Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop.

The company provides Cloudera training with a short course duration of 4 days, through online and classroom modes of learning. Aspirants who wish to work on Cloud and make a future in Big Data technologies, can look forward to these courses as a career launch pad in the IT industry.  

About Koenig solutions
Koenig Solutions Ltd. is a leading offshore and onshore IT training organization which provides certified IT courses to students and enterprises all over the world. Koenig was established in the year 1993 by Mr. Rohit Aggarwal in New Delhi, India.
Koenig is an authorized training partner for some of the world’s best certifications such as Cloudera, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, SAP, Apple, Saleforce, SAS, PMI, IIBA, Autodesk, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, Check Point, Prince2, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Linux Professional Institute, SCRUMstudy and CompTIA. Along with certifications, Koenig also possesses authorized testing centers for Prometric, VUE and Novell.
It is the fastest growing IT training provider in India. Over the years, Koenig has catered to IT training needs of the global workforce from several Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world.

The IIHMR University conducts a study tour for Management, Media and Finance students

An orientation conducted for students of Chetna’s H.S. College, University of Mumbai

Editor’s Synopsis:

·         The IIHMR University, Jaipur is a WHO Collaborating Centre for Primary Healthcare
·         Offers a unique programme – MBA in Health Economics, Finance and Insurance
·         157 Students of Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelor of Accounting & Finance and Bachelor of Financial Markets visited The IIHMR University campus
Jaipur March, 2015: 

India’s globally recognized and leading healthcare research institutions’ of the country, The IIHMR University, organized an orientation program that included a study tour for students of Chetna’s H.S College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. The study tour was conducted to share additional information on the operations and management of the organization.

Dr. (Col) Ashok Kaushik, Dean Academics, The IIHMR University said, “We at The IIHMR University, feel honored to be chosen by Chetna’s H.S College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai for  a study tour at our campus. We are delighted to conduct this orientation visit for students of Management, Media and Finance and allow them to interact with people to broaden their outlook and widen their spectrum on their fields of specializations. The objective of this orientation was to enable students to access the management, operations, infrastructure and co-ordinate with the growth and missions of The IIHMR University which would further allow them to relate to their streams.” 

Speaking about one of the MBA programs conducted at The IIHMR University, Dr. Kaushik said, “We at The IIHMR University offer a unique education program under the name MBA in Health Economics, Finance and Insurance. The primary objective of the MBA in Health Economics, Finance and Insurance is to facilitate integrative learning in the deepest sense of the term, so that graduates are able to walk into professional roles with ease, and play a vital role both at the operational and strategic levels in their jobs. The programme is designed to promote efficient and equitable allocation of resources and development strategies to promote public health and cost-effective healthcare. Health Insurance being the actively debated subject in India and abroad will provide the students an insight into health insurance systems.”

The Orientation also included a discussion by Dr. Monika Choudhury, Associate Professor at The IIHMR University by discussing, challenges and the roles of a health economist, importance of health economics in the growth and the development of the economy.

Bonita awarded for Product Innovation at IHA Chicago fair

Bonita gets Finalist Award for Product Innovation at IHA Chicago fair; becomes first Asian brand to get the coveted recognition

  • Bonita’s Alpha Ironing Mat gets awarded under the Home Organization and Storage segment
  • The award comes Bonita’s way in its first-ever participation in the Chicago Fair

New Delhi, March, 2015: In a first, an Indian brand -- Bonita, the country’s leading home utility product maker -- has been bestowed with Finalist Award for Product Innovation at the prestigious IHA Chicago Fair, becoming the only company in the Asian region to have got the coveted recognition since the inception of awards in 2012.
The company had forayed into the US market just three months back and the award will be a shot in its arm as Bonita faced tough competition from world-known brands from across the globe. The award is significant for Bonita as it participated in the fair for the first time and the recognition came its way, especially when the awards were dominated by big US and European brands.
Bonita has made product innovation its integral part, and it tries to implement pioneering ideas and concepts after understanding deeply the homemakers’ requirements and needs. The company tries to simplify the functionalities involved so that customers get easy-to-use products that have multifarious benefits, all of this is achieved without any compromise in quality.
International Housewares Association is a 77-year-old not-for-profit organization having over 1700 members across 49 countries and representing the world’s top houseware brands.

Altogether 63 finalists had been announced in different product categories and Bonita has been selected under the Home Organization and Storage segment. Thousands of entries were sent for the award, of which only 63 made to the finalists cut after being minutely judged by a panel of industry experts.

Bonita had submitted its product ‘Alpha Ironing Mat’ in the innovative product category and its unique features brought the company the esteemed acknowledgement.

“It is an honor for India as for the first time an Indian brand has got the prestigious recognition which no other Asian country has received so far. The recognition reinstates the fact that our quality is world class and can give tough competition to other brands in the home utility category. The award will give a push to Bonita to expand its footprints to other key global markets. Bonita by getting the recognition has gone one step ahead of the ‘Make in India’ concept to show that India not only has the potential of becoming the manufacturing hub, but Indian brands which are already manufacturing in India can be the best in innovation,” saidUmang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita.

The three-day fair featured more than 2,100 exhibitors from 49 countries and saw a participation of 60,000 total attendees.

The Ironing Mat, which is available in interesting colors and patterns, comes in a large size and can easily be used to iron larger clothes. But their large size is not a problem for storage as they are easy to fold and store. Besides, it is compact and durable ideal for daily use. A robust and compact easy-to-use ironing mat can be stretched out anywhere – on a bed, on the floor or on a large table.

The best part of the product is that it minimizes the chances of freak accidents like a bed sheet catching fire or children getting hurt as it comes with a Silicone Mat where the iron can be rested safely.

The company had forayed into the US, Australia and New Zealand last year. The home utility product maker is aiming to enter Italy, Russia and the UK soon, and Bonita looks to increase its presence to 35 countries by the end of 2015.

About Bonita
Bonita comes from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd and Aristos Brands Inc is its subsidiary. Bonita means beautiful in Spanish. The brand was envisioned to help Indian consumers experience convenience and comfort in their household work. Apart from being attractive, the most important aspect of Bonita products is their unsurpassable quality.
Bonita’s talented team takes utmost care to ensure that only the best quality products reach you. This attribute comes from their parent company which is preferred partner for all major American and European brands of these products. All products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines by using excellent quality raw material and state-of-the-art machinery like German Automatic Powder Coating machines, Robotic Welding and many other automated machineries.

Manish Gupta's 'Rahasya' Hits A Sixer!!!

The cast and crew of film ‘RAHASYA’ got together at the film’s lead actress Tisca Chopra’s Andheri residence to celebrate the acclaim that their film has gathered and the long theatrical run it is currently enjoying inside theatres.

Director Manish Gupta was ecstatic, “These days films don’t last inside theatres beyond a week or two. And ‘RAHASYA’ has gone into its 6th week in theatres, that’s a great achievement” 

The film’s lead actor Kay Kay Menon said, “This proves that real acting can prevail over so-called star power.” 

Tisca Chopra, “The film has sustained because of the audience’s appreciation. What better compliment can an actor get?” 

Viacom18 COO Ajit Andhare said “It’s been a long and arduous journey due to all the issues we faced while releasing this film but we are glad that audiences and the film fraternity have unanimously liked the film. Manish’s tenacity had a large part to play in the film’s quality standards” 

To which the director blushed and said, “It’s only because I received Ajit’s and his team’s support, was I able to churn out a good product.” 

Also present at the party were the film’s supporting cast – Ashwini Kalsekar (with hubbie Murli Sharma), Mita Vashisht, Major Bikramjit and newcomers Sakshi Sem and Kunal Sharma.  

Infinite Ideas Interiors makes its grand entry in Pune!

Infinite Ideas Interiors, India’s leading interior design company makes its grand entry in Pune!

   Eyes 50 cr business in Pune market

·         Launches its new office at Magarpatta City
·         Pune Population has grown over 145% from 2001 to 2011 and growing 12% annually now.
·         82% of Pune Total demand is in Low and Middle Income Group
·         Infinite targeting 1 million of Sq ft area in Pune.
·         Customised solutions to range from Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 1 Crore

Pune  March, 2015:  Aiming to design interiors measuring up to 1 million of Sq ft area and profit up to 50-60 crore over the next three years, Infinite Ideas Interiors, India's leading interior design company, announced their entry into the Pune market today with the vision launch of their office at Magarpatta City. 

With intention to make every home beautiful, Infinite Ideas Interiors will focus on bringing world class designs fuelled by their technology solutions to Pune citizens. 

Infinite Ideas Interiors is an integral part of JBR Interio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is supported by Brick Eagle, a leading financial services company based out of Singapore that focuses on affordable housing industry. With a vision to create the most functional, beautifuland affordable spaces by constantly raising the lock, stock, barrel and bar in design, technology and professionalism; Infinite Ideas thrive to deliver absolute customer delight.

A renowned brand with services in new home designs, renovations, commercial spaces, model apartments and villas; the company offers reasonable and custom made (end-to-end) solutions from interior designing, space planning, execution, landscaping and light designing to furnishings. Infinite Ideas Interiors team comprises of Architects and Designers from top Institutes in India, USA, Singapore and Italy, and leaders from the country’s most premier institutes.

Commenting on entering the Pune market, Brinda Goswami, Founding Director, Infinite Ideas Interiors said; “Interior design as a segment in India is roughly growing at a rate of 60% per annum, and is no more a luxury available to the elite few; but is an emerging trend with the double income, nouveau riche, young Indians. Considering this industry trend, we have customised our solutions to range from Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 1 Crore.”  

We are also proud to announce that we have completed many projects in Pune and our target is to beautify more than a 100 homes by the end of this year", she further added. 

Vishal Sharma, Head of Sales and Business Development said, “Our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has promised housing for all by the year 2022, when India completes 75 years of its Independence. Furthermore, Real estate body CREDAI says there is a strong correlation between housing and economic growth and a revival in the housing sector will also boost the country's GDP. We are a company tied strongly to this vision and have set our business goal in line with the Prime Minister’s ambition.”
Real estate growth in Pune will be a key driver to our business and we expect significant growth in revenues in next three years. We aim to expand and grow into 6 new cities every year in India”, he added.

As a group, we are aiming to complete a million home interiors by 2022,” Brinda concluded.

Infinite Ideas Interiors provide high quality products that are sure to greatly improve the look and feel of any home within affordable price. They have successfully redefined over a million sq. ft. of residential and commercial projects in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

73% Indians Read Online Reviews For Selecting A Restaurant, the New Delhi-based restaurant finder and a gateway to great savings in your food bills has launched their highly anticipated mobile app in support of more than 2000+ participating restaurants spread across major Metro cities.

This app enables users to find the best restaurants nearby with attractive discounts and deals with a rich collection of information about where to go and what to eat.

What’s also new and innovative is the Vid View feature in the mobile app where customers can now upload Live Digital Audio-Video Review of the favourite restaurants they visit through their mobile phones. This is the easiest and most intuitive mobile deals app in the market where one can find honest restaurant ratings and reviews by consumers and food critics.

According to the survey by, majority of the Indians read online reviews for selecting a restaurant where consumers trust online review as much as personal  recommendation. Consumers usually prefer to check menu, reviews, information, map, photos and many users today are unable to express their thoughts in writing. Hence, we have introduced Vid-Video feature in our mobile app and allowing people to discover restaurants in a way that was never before possible.

This app is also great for travellers where users can compare food choices by rating, distance and cuisine, browse menus and restaurant locations. Hence, is the best app to find best food fast with best deals.

With specific reference to the Indian market, Mr. Kartik Saboo, Founder of commented, “Vid-View is a very unique and fascinating feature which we have integrated in our mobile app and customers can now give a Live Video Review on restaurants they visit. Also, if we talk from a restaurant owner prospective, Vid-View would add more authenticity and reliability to restaurants. As mobile market is penetrating in the Indian market very strongly, we expect around 10 Lakhs downloads of our app by end of March.

Further he said, the change that we have noticed after launching our app is tremendous since many of our customers have now shifted from Web to Mobile.

As mobile app is more crisp in working and easy to navigate, people take that as advantage. Moreover, mobile is with the user every time, thus having a mobile app can benefit business in terms of monetary by around 20-25% growth. As a restaurant discovery portal, usage of app is on a higher side as compared to any other sector app. People do look for great restaurants near them along with discount deals to save money.”

73% Indians Read Online Reviews For Selecting A Restaurant:

Sunil Grover aka ‘Gutthi’ joins Gigstart

Aims to expand his fan base with engaging gigs and comedy acts through the first-of-its kind artist booking platform

New Delhi, March, 2015Gigstart, the marketplace that facilitates quick and transparent connections between entertainers and party planners has versatile and talented comic artist Sunil Grover on board. Known for his currently popular character of ‘Gutthi’ on Comedy Nights with Kapil, Sunil will be looking to entertain people with his comic skills and artistry at corporate and campus events as well as private occasions through Gigstart.

Having established a seasoned reputation for comedy and mimicry through his various stints in radio, films, television and live shows, Sunil Grover became a household name with the recent fame he received as the perky and coy Gutthi on Comedy Nights with Kapil. Mumbai based artist Sunil has revelled audiences with his superb comic timing, affable personality and tongue-in-cheek humour for over ten years now. A theatre artist earlier, he made his debut with the TV show ‘Chala Lallan Hero Banne’ and went on to star in other shows like ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain?’ and ‘Kaun Banega Champu?’

Atit Jain, Co-Founder, Gigstart, says, “Gigstart has always prided itself on offering a perfect assimilation of popular, talented and reputed performers from across the country. Sunil is a well-recognised name in the business of stand-up comedy which itself is a great market today. We are assured of great demand for this artist through our platform backed by his appeal across all ages.”
Sunil Grover will be available for bookings through Gigstart and can double up as anchor and stand-up comic for shows in Mumbai.

About Gigstart  

Gigstart is a marketplace that facilitates quick and transparent connections between entertainers and party planners.  Incepted in December 2013 in New Delhi, the company leads artists, performers and other organisers to their potential clients. It also aims to serve the customer-side by enabling them to make informed choices through verified listings, meaningful reviews and ratings. The main objective of Gigstart is to wipe out numerous interceding channels involved in a conventional event booking process.

On the platform one can find anchors, stand-up comics, singers, dancers, make-up artists and photographers amongst others. Gigstart is a one-stop destination for planning a party or a mega event of any sort. Starting from providing various options, guiding party planners to the best-suited artists and connecting them, to concluding with payment services and contract formalities, it’s a unified platform that offers comprehensive solutions for all entertainment needs.

Fun, patriotism at ITM University, Gurgaon during Club Fiesta 2015, ‘I Love My Tiranga’

Fun, patriotism at ITM University, Gurgaon as varsity hosts Club Fiesta 2015, ‘I Love My Tiranga’ events
·         Students make merry during Club Fiesta with play, cultural programmes, game shows and extracurricular activities
·         University’s social club, Yukti, brings ‘I Love My Tiranga’ programme to campus

Gurgaon, March 2015: Fun engulfed ITM University, Gurgaon campus as students gathered to celebrate the Club Fiesta 2015, while love for the nation became palpable among students and faculty members as the varsity conducted  ‘I Love My Tiranga’event.  

The Club Fiesta, organized by various student clubs, comprised of extracurricular activities and competitions. It saw huge participation from enthusiastic students who were willing to showcase their extracurricular skills.  

The day started off with a theatrical presentation by Abhimanch, the drama club of the University, followed by several cultural programmes and game shows. This year’s theme of the street play was ‘TRP in media’ and how it can divert the focus of the news, if not presented in a neutral way.

The photography club’s Lumiere – the photo exhibition -- got students awestruck, but it was the musical performance by college’s in-house band Encore that took their breath away.
“ITM University does not limit its students only to academics but also encourages them to participate and excel in extra-curricular activities helping them in their overall personality development. Social initiatives like ‘I Love My Tiranga’ would make students understand the social and moral values that are important for an individual as well as for the nation,”said Prof B S Panwar, Vice Chancellor, ITM University, Gurgaon.
‘I Love My Tiranga’ concept was conceived in 2012 when Mr. Khalid Qureshi, a Ticket Collector in Western Railways, started a marathon with the sole aim to encourage people of the nation to keep India’s tricolor at their homes.
This year the marathon was flagged off from Mumbai by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis on 26 January 2015, along with 65 runners.
The event at the ITM University was organized under the banner of University’s social club, Yukti. The students and staff of the varsity participated in the programme.

The Eternal Glory of Diamonds

Diamond Collection by Mirari

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, someone very rightly quoted. Mirari unveils an all diamond collection to allure the diamond lovers. This new collection from Mirari unveils a complete range of jewelleries that brings alive the traditional and contemporary ideals of the modern & classic Indian woman. It represents an unusual blend of geometric forms, floral motifs, pave and prong set of diamonds to offer an assortment that is truly made in heaven.

The style is unique and everlasting, yet constantly evolving. Exquisite designs with dazzling diamonds sprinkle a tinge of glamour to any day and attire. The collection offers innovative designs in white & yellow gold and diamonds in all categories namely bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants.

The purity, panache and elegant curvature manifested by the designing elements of this collection by Mirari adorn you with the charisma amalgamating the beauty of traditional yet classy facets.

Price on request

Available at:

The Longest August by Dilip Hiro

“Brisk and clear history of partition and its effects... Mr Hiro has written a highly readable account of a complicated history... A dispassionate chronological narrative, it is an excellent introduction to a bitterly contested topic.”  The Economist

Dilip Hiro’s ‘The Longest August’ gives the most comprehensive look at a global hotspot that has played an important role in the many of the major global struggles of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from decolonization to the current War on Terror.

Perseus presents
the excellent
The Longest August
Dilip Hiro

The long running one-upmanship between Pakistan and India continues. To get even with Delhi for hosting US President Barrack Obama as the chief guest for India’s Republic Day parade on 26 January 2015, Islamabad invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to be its chief guest at the Pakistan Day parade on 23 March.

The rivalry between the two South Asian neighbors dates back to 14 August 1947 when British India was divided into independent Pakistan and India. This occurred in the midst of communal holocaust, with Hindus and Sikhs on one side and Muslims on the other. More than 750,000 people were butchered, and 12 million fled their homes – largely in caravans of bullock-carts – to seek refuge across the new border. It was the largest exodus in history. Sixty-eight years later, it is as if that August never ended.

In a riveting account of the relationship between India and Pakistan, renowned historian and journalist Dilip Hiro traces the landmark events dating back to 1888, and rooted in Hindu-Muslim tensions, that led to the partition of the sub-continent. To this day, lasting amity between Hindus and Muslims has proved elusive, and the Line of Control in Kashmir remains the most heavily fortified frontier in the world, with 400,000 soldiers arrayed on either side.

Since 1947, there have been several acute crises between the neighbors, including the secession of East Pakistan to form an independent Bangladesh in 1971, and the acquisition of nuclear weapons by both sides resulting in a narrowly avoided confrontation in 1999 and 2002. Hiro also illustrates the geopolitical importance of the India-Pakistan conflict by chronicling their respective ties not only with America and the Soviet Union, but also with China, Israel, and Afghanistan

Hiro weaves these threads into a lucid narrative, enlivened with colorful biographies of leaders, vivid descriptions of wars, sensational assassinations, gross violations of human rights-and cultural signifiers like cricket matches. The Longest August is incomparable in its scope. It presents the first definitive history of one of the world's longest-running and most intractable conflicts.

The Longest August contains many startling revelations.
·         For example, it was Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan who organized the armed tribal recruits’ raid on Kashmir in October 1947 (p. 115).
·         As early December 1948, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru decided against holding the promised plebiscite in Kashmir (p.151).
·         To find out why China suddenly declared unilateral ceasefire on 20 November 1962 when its troops were winning, see p. 172.
·         And what made Pakistani President Field Marshall Ayub Khan change the operational commander in mid-stream during the Indian-Pakistan War in Sept 1965, thereby giving India a chance to bolster its forces, see p. 183.
·         An unvarnished description of the debacle that Pakistani military faced in the Kargil War in May 1999 was published in October 2013 by Lt-General Shahid Aziz in his Urdu-language book How Long This Silence? (p. 297).
·         It was in late September 1999 that Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf finalized his clandestine plan to oust Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (p. 304).

The Author:

Dilip Hiro is one of the world's leading experts on the Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian, and Islamic affairs.  His 34 books include Inside India Today, The Timeline History of India, Inside Central Asia, and Apocalyptic Realm: Jihadists in South Asia. He contributes to the New York Times, Guardian, Observer, Nation, and Los Angeles Times as well as Salon, TomDispatch, and YaleGlobal online magazine. He is a commentator for CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera English.