Saturday, 27 December 2014

Pitter Platter by Alchemy De Luxe

Pitter Platter

With a flare of festivities and party season doing its rounds, Alchemy De Luxe has added some more to the fun. The Pitter Platter collection showcases some of the exquisite sterling silver platters on marble and Venetian murano glass that is surely to raise mercury and grab attention of your guests.

Snack platters recently are a creative affair. The quirky look and mix of chirpy colours have taken it all. This royal assortment is an offbeat to the trend in go. Amalgamating elements with sterling silver to form a snack platter is a theory invented. 

The Venetian Murano glass is an ancient marvel. Its origin lies back in ancient Venice. The Murano glass has often been used for its opulent look. This collection is another fortunate craft to be designed with the Murano glass. The contrast of Green and fuchsia on sterling silver is simply ecstatic. 

Alchemy de Luxe, with the urge to surprise us has always been successful, & so be it. The Pitter Platter collection is another toping to spruce up the party season.

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