Thursday, 11 December 2014

Book on Spiritual Success by Gopika Kapoor and Mohit Kapoor

Apart from Gauri and Mohit, 5 other Authors have contributed to the book including Author Amish Tripathi, on how spiritually we can overcome every battle at workplace and life.

The Book Spiritual Success :

The sole endeavour is to enable you to define success as a holistic concept covering not just material success, but also intellectual growth; personal enrichment; development of a compassionate view of serving the society and community you live in; and the evolution of your own chosen spiritual practice that simultaneously invigorates and calms you.

The team of 5 Authors who have contributed to the book includes:
Amish Tripathi -Author of Best-Selling Shiva Triology

Arzan Khambatta, sculptor and artist

Dr Najma Heptullah, Ministry of Minority Affairs

Anu Aga, Padma Shree Awardee

Ajay Piramal, Chairman Piramal Group

Authors Gopika Kapoor and Mohit Kapoor wants to change the definition of success -
We are both ‘successful’ professionals, excelling and making a name for ourselves in our individual fields. And yet, if you were to ask us what we consider our greatest successes, our answers, individually and collectively, would be non-material and intangible things that enrich our lives and make them successful.

Spiritual Success hopes to share this vision with you, and inspire you to develop your own idea of success and what it means to be successful.

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