Sunday, 9 November 2014

Rare pictures of Nepal Gadimai

This was found some 30 meters away from the Temple on 27th of Bhadra. There was a vertical tunnel kind of thing that looked like if it was made by some fire, in the bamboo grove, at the bottom of which the Statue and the scripture was found- Local People. The local people believe that it must have come there with some Divine power as no one can make the statue fall from the sky on a bamboo grove and burn its way down to the bottom and not break.

The temple committee, as soon as they found it, hid the statue and the scripture and since then have kept it secret and have refrained from giving any comments on it. No one has been allowed to take any photo and even the local police and administration have been unaware of it. There has not been any official remarks made by the department of archaeology. 
The locals have demanded that they should be provided with further information on the subject.

A local passerby Rameshwor Mahato who is from the adjoining district of Rautahat managed to take some pictures at the bamboo grove when the statue was first discovered, before the temple committee people could shift the articles to a secret place. 

 The statue is of Gadimai goddess herself and the scripture has been confirmed to be Bengali and goes as আমার সন্তানের এক ফোঁটা রক্ত আমার সহস্র অশ্রু ফোঁটা হয়ে ঝরে। এই পাশবিকতা অবিলম্বে বন্ধ করুন নচেৎ আমার ক্রোধের সম্মুখীন হবার জন্য প্রস্তুত হোন। এই প্রসঙ্গে মানুষের দাম্ভিকতা বা অজ্ঞতা আমি আর সহ্য করবো না।

[English- Each drop of blood drawn of my children brings thousand drops of my tears. Stop this atrocity immediately or be ready to face my wrath. I will not tolerate human arrogance or ignorance on this.]

  Rameshwor Mahato in a phone call said, if the temple committee knows about the clear message that mother Gadimai has tried to give to people and is still trying to hide it from the public then it is the biggest sin that a temple committee could ever do. People should know that Gadimai wants them to stop the atrocity on this Festival which is only a month away, before it is too late. It is morally and legally wrong to hold such a divinely message that came from the Goddess herself. My family has always offered a goat to Gadimai in every festival but we are stopping it from this time and I will tell people in my circle about the message.

Asked about why temple committee is hiding the information Mr. Mahato said he does not have any idea why a Temple should do such a thing. There is no community in Nepal that speaks Bengali but according to the story of Gadimai, before she was picked from Makawanpur Gadi (fort) and established in Bara she came in from Calcutta with two of her other sisters.

Manoj Gautam who leads the campaign against the Gadimai mass sacrifice in Nepal said:  "Some local people have reported us about it but I personally don't believe in such things. It is all human made things, all the superstition, as is the sacrifice. But the important thing is if we believe in one person's dream and start hacking hundreds of thousand animals then why can't we take the message from this and stop the cruelty towards animals. It is the same message that animal activists around the world keep giving all the time, anyways.

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