Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lifespan’s statistics unveils that 30% Hyderabadi’s below the age of 40 years are diabetic

·        India is a home for 10 crore diabetics and 20 crore pre diabetics

·        10% diabetics are from Hyderabad out of the total diabetic population
·        30% diabetics are below the age of 40 years.

Mumbai: Diabetes is rapidly increasing in India prevailing in both men and women. In India, the statistics reveal that there are 10 crore diabetics and 20 crore pre diabetic people. Rise in number is a huge concern in this rapid growing developing nation because diabetes can cause many other diseases related to heart, kidneys etc.
Taking Hyderabad city into consideration with a largest sample size of more than 692 unique patients, nearly 10% of Hyderabad’s total population is diabetic in which 30% population is under the age of 40 years. It is seen that heredity or due to poor lifestyle choices at an early age (below 40 years) leads to diabetes. An astonishing figure of 68% diabetics suffers from one or more co morbid conditions.
Nearly 40% diabetic population in Hyderabad has high blood pressure (HBP) while 15% diabetics have hypercholesterolemia. Apart from such dreading figures of HBP and hypercholesterolemia, lifespan also revealed that 80% of diabetics have abnormal cardio metabolic risk and 75% have Autonomic Nervous System Dysregulation.
Supporting the lifespan’s revelation, Dr. ABC said “Diabetes is a long term condition that causes high blood sugar levels. The Main Cause of diabetes is still unknown but can be heredity. Apart from family history, the resulting reasons of these dreading figures could be due to sedentary lifestyle, stressful work conditions, growing age, obesity and unhealthy consumption of food. It can deteriorate lifespan of a human being if not monitored regularly.”
These numbers are really dreadful and the rate of occurrence is tremendously growing and should be taken care with proper preventive measures.

About Lifespan:
Lifespan is India’s first chain of comprehensive diabetes and cardiometabolic clinics. Lifespan is a caring endeavour that brings in a new level of organised support and state-of-the-art medicare for the treatment and management of diabetes and metabolic disorders. 
Lifespan’s specialist doctors prepare an individualised management plan based on your unique lifestyle, dietary preferences, nature of work, family history, personal medical history and current fitness.
Lifespan provides a unified solution with expertise, diagnostics and guidance under one convenient roof.
Lifespan follows uniformity of standards across its entire chain of clinics across the country offering ample client support and implementing the latest approaches and technologies. It is designed to maximise convenience, therapy effectiveness and continuity of client support.
Lifespan empathises with, and strongly encourages its clients to lead healthier, more productive and longer lives.

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