Friday, 7 November 2014

Five Decades of Advertising in India

Focus on Men & Women who shaped the Profession

New Delhi: 2014

Leading lights from corporate and advertising world attended the launch of Arun Chaudhuri’s new book Indian Advertising: Laughter and Tears at a glittering function held at the India International Centre, New Delhi today.  The book has been published by Niyogi Books.
The event was attended by among others, Shri Ravinder Zutshi, Dy. Managing Director, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Limited, who released the book, Shri Kishore Chakraborti, VP, Consumer Insight &HFD, McCann, New Delhi; Shri Mohit Hira, CEO & Publisher Open Magazine and Shri Monojit Lahiri, renowned communication practitioner specializing in advertising, cinema and popular culture.

Indian Advertising: Laughter and Tears captures the evolution of the advertising profession from 1950 till the present times.

Advertising is often regarded as a glamorous profession that thrives upon personalities. This book draws pen portraits of people who have given shape to the profession. Leaders of advertising have one common trait. None can be disregarded. Almost all of them seem to thrive in being different in their attitude to life from their neighbours, friends or ordinary women and men they meet every day.

It has been a profession that has at times seemed suspect in the eyes of leaders of governments that have ruled in Delhi after Independence. Indian Advertising covers the socio-economic aspects that influence the profession since governments in India wield enormous clout upon all business activity. The book also showcases advertising— the good and not-so-good—through each decade covered.

The views of men and women who have given shape to the profession find expression through their own words from excerpts of speeches delivered long ago. The book begins at a time when companies looked for full-service ad agencies that presented creative, media and PR services. It ends at a time when companies are no longer interested in full service agencies. The business has disintegrated into Creative, Media and PR; each area now offers companies with their respective specializations. Indeed, advertising has come a long way.

The author, Arun Chaudhuri began his career in advertising in the mid-1970s in Clarion McCann Advertising Services. He then worked in other leading agencies such as OBM and RK Swamy before setting up Campaign, a Calcutta-based agency. He divested his stake in the company in 1997 to start BRAND, an organisation that specialises in Marketing Research, Rural Marketing and Creative Services. He has been associated with a number of universities, where he has taught Advertising and Public Relations since the early 1990s. His other works include Eleven New Plays (2013), Indian Advertising 1780 to 1950 (2007), ITC versus BAT (1997) and Revaluation (1992).

The publisher, Niyogi Books has over 250 books on its active list. It is recognized for its high-quality illustrated books on a range of subjects from art and photography to heritage, culture and history of South Asia. It has bagged many awards at national and international levels for excellence in book printing. Its publication ‘Chai, The Experience of Indian Tea’, was adjudged the best ‘Art Book’ (English) published during 2014 by the Federation of Indian Publishers. Another Niyogi Books publication ‘Megha Meets Vishwakarma-The Story of Indian Crafts’ won the first prize in the General Books Category (English).

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