Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dermal fillers and skin boosters: The new age revolution in instant beauty

The world is innovating! And what comes first to the mind is how science is improving every aspect of our lives. The beauty front has not stayed away from the touch of science. The quest for beauty is an age-old concept. The difference in the two eras is highlighted by the different methods we used to remove the stumbling block restricting one’s appearance, writes Dr. Geetanjali Nandini, Cosmetologist & Dermatologist, Skin Nirvana Clinic, Mumbai. 

The big brains are trying to process methods which will require less human efforts and at the same time ensure results’ guarantee. What is it that cannot be cured? We have solutions for almost everything. Can’t you delay the signs of ageing? You can. Restylane fillers and skin boosters seem like a blessing of scientific interventions. These methods are well tried and tested by new age technology researchers to relieve people of all the skin woes.

While fillers range is designed to add volume to the facial features, skin boosters hydrate the skin from inside to treat the overall problems related to skin. They can be used to give pout to lips and redefine them. They help provide volume to sagging cheeks and remove fine lines and wrinkles away. Restylane skin boosters work effectively on exposed skin areas such as neck, hands and skin scarred because of severe acne.

An added advantage to the usage of dermal fillers and skin boosters is the procedural ease and the long lasting flawless skin features they gift you with. In comparison to professionals offering topical facials and massages, skin boosters take lesser time to improve skin texture and also the effects last for longer --  for over a year. The time investment required for the skin treatment depends majorly on what type of procedure suits the best to cure your skin trouble. Generally, the estimated time taken for a procedure is about 15-20 minutes for a session.

The popularity of such treatments is rising. To begin using dermal fillers, 20s is the suitable age. Any dip in glow and youthful sheen often leaves youngsters, especially girls, worrying about their appearance and scouring for distinguished skin treatments. The benefits of effective fillers and skin boosters’ usage have not attracted only women, but also grabbed the attention of men. Men are amongst the beneficiaries who undergo the less time consuming sessions with the added advantage of less or almost no pain.

They are non-surgical methods requiring no loaded check list of the pre-operative and post-operative precautions to keep in mind. When compared to the complex cosmetic surgeries for skin improvement and facial readjustments, these treatments are a hit among people because of the successful results. The demand graph of these products is continuously rising to new heights because of the success ratio achieved.

Restylane is non-animal sourced acid-based dermal filler. It is a natural constituent of our skin which depletes due to various factors. Restylane absorbs water and provides firmness and hydration to the skin. Restylane fillers contain different quantities of the Hyaluronic acid that cures growing skin roughness and blotchiness. Ageing ages your skin in a way that it starts to home fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, loosened skin, saggy cheeks and smile lines. And these ageing results combine with other unwanted skin issues like skin harm caused due to UV rays resulting in edema, pain, blistering, tanning and peeling of the skin.

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