Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pause wines uncorks a gift of good times this festive season

Pause Wines, for this gifting season, offers a range of gifting selection from its vast portfolio of classic, real and refreshing wines.

Rewinding a few years back in time, an upswing of foreign wines to the local shores was considered good news by a handful of wine connoisseurs in India. This time around there is better news as the local wine makers are up for some serious wine making in the upcoming wine hubs of Nashik and Bangalore. The niche and premium Indian wine maker, Pause wines nurtures the best varieties of wine grapes at its sun-kissed vineyards in Dindori near Nashik and has an array of nine classy varietals to choose from.

With the wine craze catching on especially in the major metros followed by tier II cities, a new bevy of wine enthusiasts is emerging. Experimental at heart, the new age Indian wine lovers welcome the pleasure and pros that a bottle of wine packs together. Encouraging wine lovers, old and new, to engage in a conversation over a glass of wine this festive season, Mr. Rajesh Patil, Chairman and Managing Director, Pause Wines says, “Diwali is just round the corner followed by Christmas and New Years. What can be a better way to mark a celebration with friends and family than over a bottle of wine? It is the best way to pack joy, good times and a promise of good health all in one. Nearly 250 ml of wine a day, that’s roughly a glass, works wonders with our heart, health and happiness. So pause, take a sip and enjoy the festive season with Pause wines this time.

  • Pause’s award winning varietal, Shiraz, a tangy fruity flavoured wine makes a perfect present for those who yearn for a hearty deep red wine. 
  • Besides, the intense and rich Cabernet Sauvignon appeals the classic, black currant characteristic seekers. 
  • Also, there are medium-bodied Tempranillo to full-bodied cherry-flavoured Merlot that make enriching choices in red. 
  • For those who prefer whites, there is crisp and rounded Sauvignon Blanc, demi-sec and fruity Chenin and also the classic medium bodied Chardonnay
  • Another easy drinking wine is the lustrous white, Indian Pearl which is also a Pause speciality. 
  • The sweet and mellow Indian Nectar is for the dessert wine lovers and mild and sweet Ruby Red for the sweet and fruity flavour seekers. 
  • Not only that, the premium Port wine and Puro are some rich and intense classic port wine options for the discerning few who seek the rewards of a well-aged wine.
Conversations over a glass of wine are becoming an interesting way to bond with friends and family. So this festive season, gifting loved ones a delightful encounter with a good wine and great times is the trend of the season. And while picking up a bottle of wine, it is time to pause, look around and pack along some fine, refreshing and aromatic choices from the Pause ‘wines and ideas’ portfolio.   

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