Monday, 20 October 2014

Kingdom of Kids –A new age concept learning for young minds launched in India

Aims to open 500 preschools across India in next five years, starting with Delhi 

New Delhi, 18thOctober 2014:Shri Ram Study World today announced setting up of chain of Pre- Schools under the brand “Kingdom of Kids” in partnership with renowned and highly reputed Shri Ram Education Trust, with a view to bring world class education and personality development practices for every young child across India. The company will launch the first pre-school in Delhi at GK 2 followed by key cities across India. The company plans to open around 50 pre-schools in the first year, taking up the number to 500 in next five years.   

The launch was attended by Chief Guest Hon’ble Sh. DharmendraPradhan, Union Petroleum Minister, as well as several stalwarts from the political and business community, including Sh. SatishUpadhya, Delhi State President for BJP.

Through Kingdom of Kids, Shri Ram Study World has a vision to combine conventional bricks and mortar education system with cutting edge technology to provide holistic development of learners and make them champions of tomorrow.
Speaking at the launch, Hon’ble Sh. DharmendraPradhan, Union Petroleum Minister said, “Children are the foundation of a nation and if they get an enriching and encouraging start in life, there is no end to the success they can achieve for themselves and the country. I wish the company all the best in their endeavor to set up preschools wherein an atmosphere of trust, care and love will catapult children into confident, successful and contended adults.”

Said Mr. Anurag Sharma, Executive Director, Shri Ram Study World,We at Shriram Study World are very happy and proud to partner with Shri Ram Education Trust in the field of early child education and care. We are confident that in 5 years we will set up 500 centers of excellence across India”

Kingdom of Kids will follow the ”TALLER” kids approach with aims to make the child Talented, Achiever, Learned, Leader, Explorer and Responsible.Teachers will be trained at par with internationally acclaimed standards to provide the child with a high quality educational experience.

At Kingdom of Kids, opportunities will be provided for children to enhance their unique and individual strengths to realize their hidden potential. The preschool will follow a distinct model, that’s breaks away from the current industry practice of clubbing a group of students together and judging them with a common, mechanical yardstick. The curriculum will be designed to enhance the identity of the child leaving him with motivation and learning power that last for a long time. Mentors at Kingdom of Kidswill encourage the child to learn subject by himself by helping him devise his own methods of learning and of organizing the knowledge which he gathers or discovers. Children will be facilitatedto explore their potentials and focus on making children better communicators at an early age, as well as impart better learning skills that can help them throughout their lives.

Salient features of the Kingdom of Kids approach:

1. The structure is oriented towards the meeting of the varied needs of the child, each one of whom has his own special pace and process of development.
2. It is not merely the ‘subjects’ of study that should count in education; the aspiration, the need for growth, the experience of freedom, the possibility of educating oneself, of self-experimentation, the discovery of the inner needs and their relation with the programme of studies, and the discovery of the aim of life and the art of life—these are much more important and the structure of the organisation must provide for them.
3. Great stress is laid upon the individual work of the students. This individual work may be the result of the student’s own choice to follow a particular topic of interest; or it may be the result of a suggestion from the teacher but accepted by the student. It may be a follow-up of something explained by the teacher or it may be an original line of inquiry. The essential aim is to encourage and stimulate the student to find genuine interest and joy in work.
4. This individual work are pursued in several ways such as self reflection, reading age appropriate stories, working on specific exercises/texts prepared for the student by the teacher and exploring and experimenting with freedom in a safe trusted and supervised ambience
5. Structured schedule of discussion between mentors and students and among themselves centred around the Childs’ expression and needs of growth
Flexibility will be one of the cardinal virtues of the pre-schools and there are no mechanical promotions taking into consideration a certain average performance of the student. Hence, if a student is observed to be better than expected in a particular subject at his level, he can very well be in a higher class in that particular subject.

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