Friday, 17 October 2014

Clocks Turned Back This Karva Chauth

Women increasingly opted for dermal fillers to defy their age. Karva Chauth was the perfect time for women to fulfill their desire to look youthful, writes Dr. Siddhi Chavan, Dermatologist, Dermatherapie Centre, Mumbai.

Women were all set to look their stunningly best this Karva Chauth– be it with their attire, jewelry, or a touch of glow on their skin. For a newly bride, the revelry and excitement is at its peak, something which is natural and obvious. But it is not just the newly-wed for whom the festival is special, it holds significance for all the married women, presenting them with a chance to shop, visit parlors and do whatever they want without any manning or interference.

With changing times and availability of flurry of opportunities to look good and youthful, cosmetic treatments have taken over the traditional parlour settings. From getting a radiance on face to beating the age blues, these cosmetic treatments have been creating a lot of buzz and during festivities like Karva Chauth, which is ‘the’ moment for married women, their popularity have begun to go through the roof.  

Women are now progressively starting to opt for customized skin treatments to don that perfect look which does not get duller even when they are fasting. The customization gives them a chance to fix their particular skin problems, thereby lifting their facial features. The ‘one size fits all’ is no more a consideration for women who are conscious about their looks, and there is no better chance than Karva Chauth to enhance their features as per their own wish and desire.

Among all the cosmetic treatments, women were especially choosing dermal fillers, including Restylane, hands down to perk up their looks this Karva Chauth. The very reason for its popularity is that treatments involving dermal fillers are non-invasive and hence safe. The outcomes are long lasting for as long as a year and the non-permanency is another reason why women are more inclined towards these procedures. Permanency is not welcomed as women have fear in the back of their minds that if anything goes wrong, they will have to live it. In case of dermal fillers, such a doubt does not arise as the result subsides in due course of one year time.  

Of all the benefits dermal fillers offer, customization and safety are the main reasons why women opt for it. At my clinic, I have been seeing patients who had different needs and requirements on this Karva Chauth. Women went the extra mile to address their pain areas than just going for facial to add glow on their face.

Recently, an Interior designer, Simon, 37, came to us for getting rid of her pale, dull appearance. It had been 10 years to her marriage and her skin looked dull and blemished. She was determined to fight it out this Karva Chauth. We suggested her a Restylane Vital procedure that was painless and provided amazing results. The outcome left her in awe as she herself could not believe that a simple treatment could so drastically change her own personality. There were others who wanted their fine lines to vanish while some were looking for cheek upliftment. So the requirements vary and Retylane and Restylane Vital are used accordingly.

Dermal fillers like Restylane and Restylane Vital are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the skin that is responsible for giving the skin its elasticity. While Restylane is used to give volume to facial features, Restylane Vital skinboosters are used to for providing glow. With age, the natural reserves of hyaluronic acid start depleting, and slowly give the skin an ageing look, taking away the sheen.
A hydrophilic substance, Hyaluronic acids also promote water absorption and retention underneath the skin. When injected into the skin, dermal fillers start providing the skin its much-needed hydration by retaining moisture content. The dermal fillers replenish the lost reserves of moisture and not only makes women look younger, but also more radiant and bright. It improves skin tone by restoring hydro balance and increasing skin elasticity.
And it’s not just women, but their husbands too have their minds opened about these treatments and support the decision of their wives dotingly to go for Restylane jabs. Many husbands this Karva Chauth gifted their wives such beauty treatments.

Such gifting practices have always been continuing in the West, but to see Indian couples too opt for these with romantic aspirations is overwhelming. And the peak time of the year for these women to carve out time from their busy schedules is without a speculation is around Karva Chauth.

Most women that came for these treatments were between 35 and 55. While these women generally came for anti-ageing treatments to bring their youthfulness back, younger ones too walked-in to get that faultless appearance  to be able to show off their perfectly glowing skin with the help of Restylane Vital skinboosters. Other than anti ageing treatments, women have been visiting us to treat frown lines, crow feet, forehead lines, as also for eyebrow lift and gummy smile.

So, if you too want to flabbergast your man with your bedazzling looks , a jab of Restylane can help you big time.

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