Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Celebrate this festive season with a trunk full of memories with Paper Boat

Gift box front view

Remember the first time you opened a gift?
The long wait for everyone to leave?
The rushed unwrapping?
The happy awe of it all?
Well, here is a gift. A gift of golden, thick, mangoey Aamras.

Celebrating the festive season has been a tradition of ours for several generations. A time we spend with loved ones, share stories and laughs, reminisce good times past and make new memories. A time we feast and indulge in meals that our parents and grandparents lovingly prepare.

With the festive season just around the corner, take a journey down memory lane with the ones you love and create new memories that you¹ll fondly remember in the years to come.
This festive season share a trunk full of you favorite memories with your friends and family. The gift trunk includes 9 packs of the delightful mango drink, Aamras and is priced at Rs. 300 each (with an additional Rs. 100 for shipment). And when they're done with the Aamras, they can use this box to keep other things. Things that matter to them. Little things that they collect for no reason at all. Things that remind them of other things.
Things like the jalebis you hid and ate during Chhoti Diwali. Like the old comics that nani kept under the bookshelf. Like the red and yellow kite that I lost five minutes into trying to fly it. Like the 'secret' crackers we kept for weeks after Diwali. Or just physical photographs (the kind you can touch) of all these memories.
And that’s not enough, while you gift a trunk to your loved ones; Paper Boat also lets you identify a happy memory of both of you from your Facebook album and includes the photograph with a personalized message inside the trunk. You know, like one of those things.

To gift this personalized Paper Boat gift trunks log onto www.shoppaperboat.com

This initiative by Paper Boat also supports the less fortunate. On getting gift trunks, the receiver can simply fold his/her personalized letter into a paper boat, take a picture of it, upload it on the Paper Boat Facebook page and tag the sender; this small gesture will provide an underprivileged child with a notebook worth Rs.20.

Paper Boat’s Aamras is the perfect gift for this festive season; it is usually enjoyed with milk, chapattis and poorie. But the best way to go about Aamras is to have it directly, as is. Paper Boat brings to you the authentic flavour of Aamras from back in the day, from your grand-mom’s home. Paper Boat’s Aamras is extracted from farm-fresh mangoes, blended to perfection that can be enjoyed at any season. All Paper Boat variants are without any preservatives, colour and carbonation.
Let’s celebrate and enjoy this trunk full of drinks and memories! Life is still beautiful!
About Paper Boat
Paper Boat is the fast growing brand of Indian ethnic drinks from Hector Beverages. The company is led by seasoned beverage industry professionals and have offered consumers a brand which is creative, innovative and quirky and offers a classic Indian flavour that transports the consumers back in time. All Paper Boat variants are without any preservatives, colour and carbonation. Currently available in seven variants: Aamras, Jaljeera, Jamun Kalakhatta, Aam Pana, Kokum, Imli Ka Amlana and Golgappe Ka Paani across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Lucknow. Paper Boat is also available online at shoppaperboat.com

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