Wednesday, 15 October 2014

1-2% men also have Breast cancer: Dr Amit agarwal

Pledge to be awareness ambassador

·        Form a group to create alertness on breast health issues

October Is Celebrated as Breast cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer is one of the fastest growing fatal diseases of the world. India ranks at number 3 in the world after America and China in number of cases reported but unfortunately proportionate deaths in India are much higher. Most of the cases reported in India are found to be in the age group between 40 to 50 years, while in western countries this is between 60 to 70 Years. The latest stats show an alarming rise in the breast cancer cases in India, in-fact cancer happens to be amongst top terminal illness in Indian women. 

“If detected early, any cancer is treatable thus It is in our hand to know the problem and to deal with it early on. Almost 60% of the women suffering from breast cancer reach doctor in the last stage when treatment is almost impossible.. It is thus recommended not to overlook any change or cist in the body. With a little awareness breast cancer can be detected early and is one of most treatable disease in cancer.”

According to Dr. Amit Agarwal Sr. Consultant, Medical Onchlogy(BLK super specialist hospital): In India the major cause of this grave illness is lack of awareness amongst women. Being an issue largely of females this can be conquered only if our ladies can join together and fight as a united front. A lot of women survived of the disease face problem in claiming self-dependence. A little motivation and self help exercise regime can help them in kicking back to their regular life. This also helps them in pulling out of post-illness mental trauma. 1-2% men have also been diagnosed with breast cancer in India.”

Mamta Goenka, a two time breast cancer survivor and now a warrior against the disease, motivate the Cancer patient with her experiences and also took an informative session on exercises to be done post treatment. it is necessary for all of us to be conscious of our own health and body. Ratio of patients is drastically high in urban areas than rural and this is because of the lifestyle and diet we have adopted. One should always have a proper diet and a balanced lifestyle to avoid brings such critical burden on us. She further added it should be made self-mandatory by each one of us to do self examination regularly, this ensures early detection and higher chances of treatment.

A cancer patient turned awareness campaigner Sita Pental said "I know I am suffering from an incurable Disease but it doesn't dishearten me. For sure I will die one day but I don’t want to die every day. I have only one mission to improve lives of cancer patients and make people aware of this fatal disease. I have taken up this noble cause and its gives me happiness and keeps me busy. At 84 I am completely fit and don't have any other ailments even the one associated with age. I drive myself, fly to places in India and abroad and live my life to fullest."

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