Friday, 26 September 2014

The perfect travel gear from Him and Her is here

The launch of American Tourister’s latest collection- Nimbus

IMG_0248_3 copyThere is nothing more exciting than planning a romantic getaway. All you need is your perfect someone, a perfect destination and the perfect travel gear to carry along to look amazing on your vacation.
The search for the perfect gift for couples ends with this vibrant travel gear, in colors for ‘Him’ and ‘Her’, launched at the house of American Tourister- Nimbus Collection!

American Tourister suggests a few ‘must have’ travel accessories for every ‘him’ and ‘her’ to compliment your stylish travel gear:

·         No matter where you spend your holiday, with the large compartment space available, you can pack enough of clothes and shoes to help you and your perfect someone look amazing throughout your trip and bring back souvenirs for all
·         For your emergency stuff, a stylish handbag for the ladies and a cool backpack for the men will perfectly compliment your travel suitcase

·         Invest in a good brand of eyewear that is stylish but also keeps your eyes well protected from the sun
·         A stylish watch for the men and funky hand and neck accessories for the ladies will complete your fashionable avatar
·         Most importantly, a good camera is a ‘must have’ to capture those beautiful memories to reminisce later on

The price range for the Nimbus collection is as follows:

Nimbus SP 55
Rs 4,750
Nimbus SP 66
Rs 5,750
Nimbus SP 77
Rs 6,650

Available at leading American Tourister stores in India.
Log onto for more details.

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