Saturday, 13 September 2014

Staring at Infinity’: Scouring For Answers From Life

 Author Vineet Vaidya’s book is a plain fiction touching different shades of life

New Delhi: 

 ‘Staring at Infinity’ (SAI) is a touching account of series of life incidents with which people cutting across age can relate to effortlessly. The story that unfolds in fast-paced metropolis keeps going back to the past events in a nondescript village, entwining the two sides of lives to serve painstakingly to its readers various shades of human emotions, struggles and challenges. 

The narrator, Radhey, who has retired after an illustrious corporate career is filled with guilt of not having spared enough time for his wife and children, thanks to his busy office schedules. To make up for it, he decides to spend some quality time with his wife – Sujata and three grandchildren, who have been called for a weekend stay with them.

It is during these two fun-filled days with his grandchildren that Radhey realizes he had not been able to give the most precious thing to his daughter, son and wife – his time, devoiding them of small pleasures of life like watching television together, playing hide and seek or even simply taking a family trip. Through his book, the author -- Vinnet Vaidya -- has touched upon various demands and responsibilities of life that have to be met while leading the family life.

After schooling from Shimla, Vineet did his B.Tech. from Delhi College of Engineering and then his Management course from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. Vineet's career spans in Automobile and Education organisations. He has worked with Tata Motors, Hero Honda, Career Launcher and Pearson VUE. His inclination towards writing made him come up with his first work in the form of SAI.

The author –– has tried to find a connect between the acts of accusation made by children of favoritism by their grandfather with similar issues rampant in corporate houses; and children doing whatever possible to win a game with employees going off limits in their jobs to outdo others. By quoting an instance where Radhey is offered a bribe by his grandchild to flout rules during a game, Vaidya has tried to highlight the malaise that our country is grappling with and the negative impact it is creating on the minds of children.

Radhey keeps revisiting his past which has undying memories of his own late grandfather, who was fondly known as Masterji in his village. From shaping his childhood and making him able to not only start a life in a metropolitan city like Delhi but also survive there, he recounts that Masterji had played a crucial role. The values that Masterji inculcated in him made him tread the course of initial phase of life without any swaying. However, as life progressed in the hustle bustle of city life and with the fight to make ends meet, Radhey gradually moved away from the values and teachings that were given to him by Masterji. At this point, the author has hit the stark reality of values, handed down by our forefathers, losing relevance amidst the fast-paced and hectic lifestyles.

Radhey himself is aware of the fact and his constant juggle to scour for answers turns out to be an endless journey. Aptly goes the title – ‘Staring at Infinity’. SAI, written in simple and lucid language, will stir the readers to take a relook at their own lives and make corrective changes before it is too late to find answers.

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