Monday, 29 September 2014

Ranbaxy releases the findings of a pan-India study which reveals growing prevalence of dyslipidemia

September 29, 2014: 
This World Heart Day, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, amongst India’s largest pharmaceutical company, released the findings of a pan-India study, revealing that more than 27 percent of patients with one or more cardiovascular risk factors had high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL> 130 mg/dL) while 42.8 percent have elevated blood triglycerides (TG > 150 mg/ dL). Highlighting the mounting prevalence of dyslipidemia in Indians, the study was conducted on patients who visited the clinic during study period.

Dr. G. P. Ratnaparkhi, Cardiologist, Mumbai explains, “Needless to say, Challenges are multifaceted in curbing the burden of CVD in India sedentary lifestyles, wrong eating patterns, lack of regular physical activity and noncompliance to therapy when diagnosed with dyslipidemia have led to a steep rise in the number of people suffering from CVDs. While India is already known as the diabetic capital of the world, at this rate we will be soon be on the road to the highest global incidence of CVDs. Unfortunately, there is a lack of published reports on Indian patients which acts as a roadblock for doctors when it comes to creating awareness among people about the risks of heart disease. ”

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